5 Tips for Transforming a Bedroom into a Dreamroom

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How to decorate your dream room…

Brand ambassador, Eleena Burgos, has one cool bedroom… So we asked her to share some of her decor styling tips!

dream room

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Tell us about yourself!

I moved into my space in Santa Monica, California in October and have been working on the space gradually since then.

I work during the week and usually spend my weekends road-tripping, hiking, camping, or surfing, so being able to come home to a homey-feeling space where I can unwind and relax is important to me.

How do you describe your at-home style and decor aesthetic? What types of pieces are you drawn to? 

I lean towards neutrals for my space. I love being outdoors, so we tried to make the space feel earthy and neutral. I’m drawn to fuzzy pillows and poufs. I kinda get tunnel vision whenever I see those two things and want to buy all of them. Don’t let me near Target!

dream room

dream room

Where do you find inspiration for your room decor?

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @thejungalow. I love being outdoors, so we tried to make our space feel like we are somewhere fun all the time, even on a boring Monday night.

dream room

Instagram: @thejungalow

What are your top 5 tips for transforming a bedroom into a dream space?

1.   If you find something that you would love in your space, see if there’s a way to D.I.Y. it. We made all of our shelves and tables in this space.

2.   Research your options! Don’t jump and buy the first thing you see, always research online to see if you can find something similar or even the same product for cheaper!

3.   Pick a color scheme.

4.   Start with buying the essentials first (couch, bedding, curtains, etc…). As time goes on, you will be out and about and just see things that will fit in your space and that’s what makes it feel homey and natural.

5.   Browse craigslist every so often and check out your local flea markets or second hand stores to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

dream room

“Add a conversation starter…. like installing a table & chair on the ceiling!”

dream room

A room is not complete without… Rugs & an overabundance of pillows!

dream room

Thanks, Eleena, for sharing your dream room with us!

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