Earth Day DIY: 3 Ways to Recycle a Mason Jar

By Aidan Gabriel on

In honor of Earth Day, we are bringing you three ways to recycle that old mason jar you have sitting around.

1. Herb Mason Jars

Mason Jar DIY

You will need:

Mason Jars
Potting Soil
Soil Cover Rocks


Step One: Take your jars and fill the bottom 2-3 inches with the soil cover rocks.

Step Two: Fill the Jar about 2/3 of the way full with potting soil.

Step Three: Remove your herb from the container and crack the root. Sometimes the herbs can come in biodegradable containers you can plant but take them out and crack the root (loosen the dirt around the root).

Step Four: Gently shove the herb into your jar!

Step Five: Add more potting soil to the top. Pack it in there because when you water the herb the soil will settle.

Step Six: Water! If you look close you can see some seeping into the rocks… just like it is supposed too.

Now you are done and can enjoy fresh herbs all year long! Here I have planted Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Spearmint and Parsley.

DIY by… The Contractor Chronicles

2. Ombré Mason Jars

Mason Jar DIY

You will need:

Foam Brush

Classic Pint Mason Jar

Acrylic Pant

9″ X 11″ Sandpaper

4″ Round Porcelain Dish


DIY by… Darby Smart

3. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

mason jar diy

You will need:

Mason Jar

Small Round Chicken Feeder


Bird Seed


Step One: Start by trying the twine around the mason jar as pictured.

Step Two: Fill the mason jar with bird seeds.

Step Three: Place the jar on the feeder and screw on. Hang in your favorite place to watch the birds come and enjoy! You can also skip the twine if you don’t want to hang this and just secure it to a post in the yard.

DIY by… Little House Living

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