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This week, we are featuring one of our favorite UNIONBAY brand ambassadors, Amelia Schley! We love following her on Instagram, where she documents her weekend adventures through the Pacific Northwest.

Makes us want to get outside & go!

Meet Amelia.

Amelia Schley UNIONBAY

Who is Amelia Schley? Can you share a quick bio with us — where you’re from, what you do, and how you got where you are?

My name’s Amelia Schley. I  am currently a Geology Major at Portland State with a love for photography and travel. I moved to Portland from California about two years ago and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. I have the travel bug, but only a college students’ budget. However, there is so much to see in Oregon and Washington that day trips really satisfy my wanderlust.

What gives you creative inspiration for your photography?

Nature, landscapes, and amazing views give me inspiration for photography. There are moments that happen as your hiking and you turn a corner and you see THE shot. It could be an overlook, a raging waterfall, or sun-rays peaking through the trees. To be able to capture that shot is inspiration in itself.

Amelia Schley UNIONBAY

As a photographer, you must love Instagram. What is your favorite account to follow and why?

Amanda Ciurdar‘s Instagram is one of my favorite accounts. Her account is full of PNW travel and beauty. I love her style of photography and all the photos she chooses to share. Amanda & her husband go on amazing adventures and he is just as talented. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

If you could photograph anything in the world, what would you choose?

After I graduate, the first place on my list to travel is Iceland to shoot the northern lights. I also want to see all the waterfalls, as well as the hot springs. Iceland’s such an geologic hot spot, that I would probably never put my camera down.

Amelia Schley

What is a piece of advice you’d give to someone trying to break into the world of photography?

Take photos of everything, from every angle, all the time. I also think playing with angles and lighting is a good way of understanding what looks good and what style appeals to you. I’ve made so many (great) mistakes that I have learned from. If you’re looking into photography as a living, I would say start shooting the medium that you would like to get into. If it’s portraits, then grab a friend who will let you practice on them. Fashion? Post photos of your outfit of the day. Coffee? Take photos of your favorite latte with the foam art and tag the coffee shop in the caption.

Amelia Schley

Amelia’s Instagram: @thecalifornianrefugee

My favorite part about fall is…

I love the vibrant colors and the feeling of change that fall brings. Everything looks so much more beautiful in the fall!
Favorite place to travel in the PNW on the weekend?

The Columbia River Gorge is hands down my favorite place to go on the weekend. It’s one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon and has many amazing hikes! There are also endless waterfalls on both sides of the gorge that I plan to visit.

When I go camping, I can’t last without my…

Junk food!! When you go on road trips, snacks are a must! Camping is a vacation for me. I have no regrets when it comes to eating a ton of s’mores!

Amelia Schley UNIONBAY

Thank you Amelia! Make sure you follow her & her travels on Instagram!

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