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This week, we are featuring an aspiring (& inspiring) fashion designer, Noa Sorrell! Noa is 11 years old and is on her way into 7th grade. She discovered a love for sewing & designing during a tough time in her life. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and since then has undergone 3 surgeries and 12 weeks of chemo. During Noa’s chemo, she started to do something that made her happy…. “Designing clothes took my mind off my chemo and focused it into doing something fun and amazing. I love designing and creating clothes!” Thankfully, Noa has recently gone into remission & now gets to focus ALL of her energy on the thing the loves, being a fashion designer! Recently, Noa created a website to showcase her creations, Noa’s Designs.

As it turns out, Noa is also a quite the model!

 N 10

Favorite Color

My favorite color is bright blue or teal.

N 2

Favorite Musician

My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

N 15

Favorite Clothing Item

Lately, I am really into denim.

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When did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I have always been interested in designing, but when I had to go through chemo, I started sewing and realized that I loved it!

 Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

What is your favorite kind of apparel to design?

I really like to make circle skirts and tank tops with creative straps.

Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

If you could pick a famous person to design for, who would it be and what would you design for them?

I would design a floral tube dress for Hilary Clinton, because I think it would be a challenge to make something she would wear and really like.

Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

Lia (Left), Noa (Right)

If you could design anything for your sister, Lia, what would it be?

I would design her a bright yellow, thigh length, circle dress that is fitted on the top.

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Thank you to Noa for letting us feature and share your amazing story.  Soon, we will post a fun D.I.Y. Noa has been working on with our UNIONBAY design team!



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