Feature Friday | Rachel Noe

By Aidan Gabriel on

This week we decided to feature our favorite model, Rachel Noe. She has modeled for UNIONBAY on many occasions because she is the down-to-earth & hilarious.

Rachel Noe

What (or who) inspired you to start your modeling career?

I actually never wanted to be a model. I never dreamed of it. I got approached one day by an agent in  Portland asking me if I was interested in becoming a model. I said no… My mother can be accredited for the start of my career. I was always an awkward shy child, and she thought that modeling would bring me out of my shell. And it did. I compare modeling to acting all the time. You’ve got to be able to put yourself out there and have thick skin because rejection is a very real, very painful thing. After being rejected from jobs for years and years, I learned that you have to just be yourself. The need to find oneself is huge, so I think that need is what has pushed me along my career.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot

     How would you describe style? How has living in Seattle influenced your look?

I’ve never viewed style as something you follow or a trend you keep up with. I think style comes from a place within, as cliche as that sounds. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why should we limit how we dress to what the magazines say are in style or not? If you think something is cool, then rock it! That’s one of the things I love about Seattle. Everything and anything goes here. Seattle is such a diverse area, that you see people from all walks of life. It’s not Beverly Hills or a small town in Montana. If you want to wear something weird and different, no one will look twice. Another great thing about Seattle is that music is such a prominent part of this city. When people ask me about “my look” I don’t really have an explanation. It’s constantly changing. A lot of that has to do with the music I listen to. One day I’ll be listening to Lana Del Rey and want to wear cut off shorts and jump into my car and drive off into the sunset! Another day I’ll listen to Nirvana and want to go throw on a flannel and stand in the pouring Seattle rain! I believe personal style should be flexible and changing 24/7.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot Rachel Noe

 Do you follow any fashion blogs?

I’m not really one for fashion blogs but if I had to say I follow anything religiously, it would be Nasty Gal. I love how they embrace the “bad girl” look without losing the essence of a girl. They are constantly coming up with wild new things that always keep me interested.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot Rachel Noe

   What is your favorite trend for the SS15 season?

Surprisingly, I am a fan of the white-out look right now. White everything. White has never really been my thing, but I love the freshness of it. It still says summer without having to throw on neon printed floral dresses and bathing suit tops. You do have to be careful though! I know from first-hand experience that white is a tricky color. I ruined my favorite white dress because I thought rolling down a hill, log style, was a good idea.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot Rachel Noe

What would you wear from UNIONBAY for a day in the sun?

Modeling in their summer campaign, I had the amazing opportunity to try on a lot of their product personally. I fell absolutely in love with the Loretta Cropall (pictured below). You know those specific items in your closet that just give you a boost of energy and confidence when you wear them? Those were like that! I felt like a little kid again, and during the shoot I was running all over the place and just embracing my inner spaz. This is definitely an item I’d recommend to anyone. My favorite accessory from UNIONBAY would be the Glamour Round Sunglasses. I actually own a pair of these and I get complimented ALL THE TIME.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot Rachel Noe

  If you could pick one celebrity to play you in a movie, who would you pick & why?

Oh gosh. Do I answer this honestly or do I answer with who I would want to play me? Haha! I would die of happiness if Emma Watson played me in a movie. But to be more realistic, I think I would have to be represented by someone far more crazy. I think that Helena Bonham Carter would be the best fit. Not only does she have curly hair like me, but she’s about as crazy as they come. I like to believe that if I knew Helena in real life, we would be best friends and also get into a lot of trouble together.

UNIONBAY Photoshoot Rachel Noe

Thanks Rachel! Make sure you follow her on Facebook & Instagram.