Best Mens Shorts

The Best Mens Shorts

Shop the best mens shorts from UNIONBAY. Browse this collection of UNIONBAY men's cargo shorts and discover a great pair for your warm weather adventures. These comfortable shorts are perfect for a variety or activities.

The defining feature is the extra storage located on each thigh. This makes them ideal for situations like hiking and travel. Pack light and ditch the bag. Spend the day exploring a tropical town and have plenty of room for your wallet, camera, keys, sunscreen and other small necessities. Be prepared for a variety of situations with this extra storage. Buy that awesome keepsake from a local business without worrying about carrying it around all day.

Shop men’s shorts at UNIONBAY for $40 and under! Our UNIONBAY shorts for men are crafted from either soft cotton, twill or linen blends, the fabrics are breathable and deliver all-day comfort. We offer men’s shorts in a variety of lengths and colors. Our most popular men’s shorts are the UNIONBAY cargo shorts called the Survivor Cargo Short and the Cordova Cargo Messenger Short.

The Survivor Cargo Short:

These shorts for men offer an unrivalled level of functionality, providing plenty of pockets where all your essentials can be stored. Made from durable, highly weather-resistant cotton twill, the Unionbay Survivor Cargo Short is ideal for the outdoorsman who prioritizes practicality. But those who don’t want to sacrifice style need not worry— cargo bottoms are one of the most popular men’s summer shorts styles, so on trend that they made appearances on the runways at Spring/Summer fashion weeks this year. With both your functional and comfort needs covered, we’re confident you’ll be glad you added our classically stylish utility cargos to your summer wardrobe.

The Cordova Cargo Messenger Short:

Of all our men’s shorts styles, the Cordova Cargo Messenger Short is best-suited for outdoor summer hiking and exploration. The just-below-the-knee length is ideal for wading in rivers or lakes while fishing or backpacking, and the hemline drawstrings allow you to prevent insects (or even a chilly breeze) from getting inside. Plus, these top-notch cargos are available in fourteen different colors, so finding a pair to match your favorite hoodie or your newest kicks is a breeze. But don’t just take our word on how awesome they are— read the comment section to see why our customers say our Cordova Cargo Messenger Shorts are the best men’s shorts they own!

The Alfie Cargo Short:

We created our Alfie Cargo Short to be a smart, fashion-forward take on cargo bottoms. While they don’t offer as much pocket space as some of our other designs, they do feature six pockets in total, with more than enough room for your cell phone, keys, and basic necessities. They’re optimal for nights spent around a campfire or days spent cruising around the lake on a speed boat— whatever your version of summer fun may be. And don’t forget, these first-class cargos are made from our sturdy vintage twill fabric, so if you’re looking for shorts for men online that will stand up to even the most severe wear and tear, these are the right choice for you.

What Makes Unionbay Shorts So Great?

We approach all of our apparel designs with the same philosophy— the clothes we wear should be comfortable, cool, and thoughtfully-constructed. We use top-quality materials that allow our customers to wear our clothing for years, not just a couple of months. And we are always concerned about how the people wearing our clothes will feel in each one of our items.

As a lifestyle brand, we want to achieve more than just another pair of fashionable men’s shorts. We want to create summer bottoms that are satisfying to wear on every level because we believe that best clothing items are the ones that make us look and feel great, from the moment we put them off to when we take them off at night, and during all the adventures in-between.

About the Fabrics Used

We design the majority of our cargo shorts using cotton twill— and for good reason. Twill weave fabrics are more difficult to stain or chafe than traditional weave styles, and they hold their shape for much longer. Additionally, cotton twill doesn’t wrinkle easily, which is always music to the ears of our male customers who dread laundry day. And lastly, cotton is more breathable than other comparable synthetic materials, so our customers can wear their cargos all day and not have to worry about sweating or overheating. We know that the materials used to make our clothes are integral to the level of comfort and functionality they provide, so we choose each fabric carefully. Because that’s what it takes to make the best men’s shorts for our valued customers.

About Big & Tall shorts

When we say everyone deserves to wear clothes that are comfortable, cool, and thoughtfully-constructed, we mean everyone. That’s why we offer apparel items in an inclusive range of sizes, from a 28-58 in waist measurements, to tall bottoms for those with longer legs. We firmly believe that men’s fashionable shorts should be available to all, giving every dude the opportunity to feel his best. If you’re in need of trendy men’s shorts, we encourage you to browse our big and tall sizes today. We update our inventory regularly with designs that offer superior fit and function.

Fashion Tip: How To Pick The Right Size 

When it comes to buying shorts, men often guess their size and hope for the best, which, unfortunately, often leads to disappointment. Understanding the basic measurements for the clothes you’re ordering is the best way to guarantee you’ll receive items that fit. And even more importantly, it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run. 

When ordering shorts online, there are a few key measurements you’ll want to know:

  • The Waistline

To measure the waist of your shorts, make sure the zipper is up and the button is fastened, then lay the shorts down on a flat, smooth surface and measure along the back waistband from the left end to the right.

  • The Full Length

This measurement will tell you how long your shorts are from the waistband to the hemline and is needed to determine where your shorts will come to a stop (above the knee, below the knee, etc). Start by laying the shorts flat and then measure from the waist down to the leg opening.

  • The Leg Opening

This measurement is important for men who don’t like shorts that fit too snug around the leg. Simply lay your shorts flat and measure from one side of the leg opening to the other.

Fashion Tip: How To Style Your Shorts

Our trending men’s shorts can be mixed and matched to create a myriad of different looks. 

Below are some of the best men’s shorts styles for 2020:

  • Neutral Cargo Shorts With a Pop of Color on Top

By keeping your men's cargo shorts muted and subtle, you create more room for color in other parts of your ensemble. Try pairing your cargos with a bold graphic tee or a vibrant, patterned button-up for an eye-catching look.

  • Gray and Navy for a Nautical Look Your Friends Will Notice

Grays and blues always work together. By purchasing a few items within this color scheme that you can wear interchangeably, you’ll make it even easier to pick an outfit from your closet in the morning. Our gray Alfie Cargo Shorts, for example, pair nicely with our navy heather Suncadia Sweater Hoodie.

  • Pockets and Plaid for Casual Comfort

If you’ll be hanging out in your backyard or camping with friends, you may want to stick to shorts for breathability while adding a light jacket in the evening when temperatures cool off. Our Wilkinson Plaid Shirt Jacket looks great with a pair of classic beige cargos, like these Survivor Cargo Shorts in the shade “Rye”.