Mens Pants

Mens Pants

Gear up for your everyday adventures and leave no essential behind with the newest stock of mens pants and cargos at UNIONBAY.  Whatever you need and want in casual mens pants is available at UNIONBAY. We offer cargos, jeans, utility, khakis, travel chinos and more. You’ll find the season’s latest trendsetting styles along with classic colors that are wardrobe basics. Our pants for men feature a slim-fit, classic-fit, double pocket, and straight leg style options. Shop our best-selling UNIONBAY casual pants for $35 and under!

UNIONBAY Cargo pants for men will become your go-to option in your regular rotation, bringing functionality together with the versatility to become one of the centerpieces of your everyday wardrobe. An outstanding choice for weekend wear, a quality pair of cargos can ensure your style stands out while your everyday essentials remain close at hand.  Cargos in subdued tones such as olive green, sandy tan, or charcoal gray make ideal neutral alternatives to jeans and can help the colors in a graphic or patterned t-shirt pop by creating a compelling contrast. The timeless flannel shirt is another effortless pairing with designer cargos, and you can put a twist on the understated feel of the ensemble with a pair of high top sneakers showing off vibrant accent color. 

UNIONBAY Men's Travel Pants

Rainier Travel Tech Pants has become the new fan-favorite with the slim silhouette and nylon-spandex construction. Easily washed and quickly dried, these men's travel pants are a year-round staple and these three neutral colors are perfect for frequent wear. A water-repellent finish and UPF 50 make these pants an all-around winner.

UNIONBAY’s best men’s pants

Shop the best pants for mens fashion and activewear from UNIONBAY. You can brave the wilds of nature and the city with UNIONBAY’s mens pants. These mens stylish pants are the perfect companion no matter where your adventures take you.

UNIONBAY’s fashionable mens pants are suitable for every occasion and every season. These trendy mens pants can be paired with everything from a button-down shirt to a casual tee-shirt for a stylish night out on the town. If you’re looking for mens bottoms that you can take on the trail, then you’ll love the comfort and ruggedness of our soft cotton twill cargo pants. These cargo pants come with extra compartments on each leg meaning that you’ll always have space for your every-day-carry. Whether you’re having a day-trip in a city’s old-town district or wandering through the markets of a foreign country, you’ll have room for your wallet, phone, and keys plus and souvenirs that you pick up along the way. 

Shop UNIONBAY’s range of mens pants styles starting at $18.99! If you’re looking for men bottoms that are crafted from soft cotton, twill or linen blends, then you’ll love UNIONBAY’s trendy pants for men. We have the style, size, and color to satisfy any man’s need for comfortable and reliable pants.

How to style the Travel Pant

UNIONBAY’s best mens pants are versatile and adaptable to a variety of looks and styles. One of our most popular styles of pants, the Rainier Travel Tech Pants, takes this to heart. 

The Rainier Travel Tech Pants sports a slim silhouette and is made from nylon-spandex. This allows these pants to be the perfect addition to your year-round wardrobe. For the globe-trotter, these pants are easily washed and dried, allowing you to get back to exploring the world. Coupled with a water-repellent finish and UPF 50, you can wear these mens pants no matter the weather forecast. 

UNIONBAY’s men's travel pants are incredibly easy to style. For a more comfortable and casual look, you can pair these travel pants with a tucked linen shirt for those immaculate sunny days. If you feel like dressing up a bit, then you can throw on a blazer with a pocket square and a knitted tie to bring it all together.

The Rainier Travel Tech Pants comes in three neutral tones, allowing you to combine them with either dark muted shirts that will allow you to blend in with the locals, or you can put on a bold vibrant shirt if you want to make a statement. Whichever style you choose, these pants will compliment you.

How to style Jogger Pants

UNIONBAY is giving the classic jogger a huge upgrade. While joggers have been traditionally relegated to exercising, our Neo Ripstop joggers have been overhauled to offer streamlined, slim fit mens pants that can be worn every day and stylized in countless ways.

While they haven’t been elevated to formal wear, yet, they can certainly be dressed up or down to fit a numerous variety of dress codes. The most obvious, and most comfortable, is to keep in line with the tradition of joggers and go casual. By wearing them with either tee-shirts or hoodies, you feel comfortable lounging on the couch just as easily as having a coffee at a cafe. You can also dress your joggers up as well. By pairing them with a blazer or a button-up shirt, you can feel confident as you walk about town in this smart outfit.

If you’re looking to retain that athletic look while maintaining a more classy flair, then you should look to combine your UNIONBAY Neo Ripstop Joggers with a polo shirt. Whether you go for a plain polo or a patterned one, you can maintain that classy look while being comfortable.

How to style Men's Jeans

UNIONBAY's Lounge Knit Slim Jean is the best mens pants for those looking to add to their year-round wardrobe.  Our slim-fit men's jeans come in three blue hues, making them the perfect pants to combine with any top. 

UNIONBAY slim utility pants are perfect for any situation that you’d be willing to wear denim jeans in, but you want to stand out and give yourself an upgrade in style.

Our slim utility pants are easily converted to a dressier look. By adding a button-up collared dress shirt and a simple tie, you can go from casual to business casual in seconds. You can even take it a step further with the addition of a pocket square or a vest to really bring out your own personal style. These mens pants are the ultimate option in versatility and every wardrobe should have a pair or two. 

How to style the Survivor Cargo Pant

Explore the possibilities with UNIONBAY’s best selling cargo pants, the Survivor Cargo Pants. These mens pants can be used for almost any event or occasion. Wear them with a classic buttoned shirt and enjoy the night out at a business casual event. You can then toss on a tee-shirt and hit the streets, for a night out with friends. 

UNIONBAY’s Survivor Cargo Pants for Men come in three colors; black, true navy, and grey goose. This means that you can combine them with any style and color top giving you the flexibility to blend in with the crowd or stand out, showing off your personality. 

If you’re exploring the world and want to make a bold statement, you may consider pairing your cargo pants with a Hawaiian shirt. You can also just throw on a graphic tee-shirt and you’ll fit in no matter where you find yourself in the world.