Men's Tops


Shop UNIONBAY men's tops for $40 and under! Pick from a variety of men's flannels, men's hoodies, and sweaters om UNIONBAY.

Shopping our affordable men's shirts is a great way to give yourself plenty of outfitting options because you can afford to get more of the styles you love. You can never go wrong with cool and casual styles in this ultra soft fabric, since they're easy to layer. Pair yours with men's cargo shorts or casual mens pants, and keep it laid-back with sporty sneakers. Our inexpensive styles mean you can treat yourself to more, so you never have to settle for less because you're on a budget.

Variety is the spice of life, and we prove it with our assortment of men’s tops and shirts. Patterns like allover stripes, bold color block prints, and solid colors keep your look fresh every day of the week so you can change things up.

Designed to fit most body types, these men's shirts are comfortable and provide a flattering cut. UNIONBAY men’s tops are made to last for many seasons to come.

Find Your New Look

UNIONBAY is the go-to for any man looking to freshen up their wardrobe. It may be time to update your look, or maybe you're just in need of the perfect piece to complete an outfit. Either way our collection of men’s shirts online will dress you up just right. 

Enjoy a one-stop-shop for all fashion trends—funky street style, men's shirts that can crossover from casual to the boardroom, and men's tops for when you need to stack up on the basics. Whether you’re just a jeans and tee kinda guy or like to look dapper whenever you go out, our fashionable yet affordable shirts for men will have you dressing better for less.  

Shop For Any Style and Occasion

Dressing for the occasion is not just about dressing up. It’s about wearing the appropriate outfit, whether for a casual party or fancy event. When it comes to shirts, men's options are numerous, but there are some essential styles that every man should have in their wardrobe. 

Casual or Dress Shirts 

Casual shirts are a lot more flexible to pair and be creative with. They have a looser and more relaxed feel and are usually made with a lighter, more breathable fabric. They are perfect for that weekend barbecue, giving you the smart look while not being too uptight. 

Dress shirts on the other hand are perfect for the formal look. Layer them with a blazer for work, or a jacket for that evening event. The perfect dress shirt is well structured, with a comfortable fit and made of quality fabric. Cotton shirts for men are the most popular and even work with the smart-casual look.

Pocket Tees and T-Shirts

The ultimate weekend-wear item. Pocket tees are growing in popularity and aren’t about to go out of style soon. T-shirts give you more freedom to express yourself with your style. The latest fashion trend is to have a color-contrasting or alternate pattern pocket, which gives a trendy twist to what used to be a basic clothing item. 

Our t-shirts for men come in attractive colors and prints for those laid-back, summer outdoor parties. The perfect fit and color will have you looking well put-together even when you are casually dressed. Keep in mind that a V-neck T-shirt tends to look more dressy than a round-neck tee. 


Wearing a hoodie is not just about protection from the cold. They have evolved into a fashionable piece of outerwear that can be worn in all seasons. YouTube stars and social media influencers are responsible for this wardrobe staple making a comeback. It’s a common trend to have branded hoodies as part of their merchandise.

But young fans and techies are not the only ones who favor the hoodie, even big-name designers have brought them back to their shelves! 

Being a staple piece of clothing does not mean it has to be basic. Many stylish options give the hoodie versatility. UNIONBAY carries a deep collection of fashion-forward hoodies, from versatile grey or black to bright colored sweatshirts with bold patterns. 

Men’s Shirts for Any Season

Dressing for the season is not just about layering up when it's cold then taking the layers off in summer months. Men’s shirts also come in seasonal wear. 


You can’t go wrong with a short-sleeved shirt during warmer months. Both collared shirts and tees go well with summer wear like shorts and lighter khakis, though they would look out of place in a formal setting. Different styles like polo shirts and V-necks are great for a bit of edge.

The short-sleeved collared shirt has made a comeback with a fresh, trendy look. Think bright colors, whimsical prints, and different patterned pockets. There’s a lot that can be done with a dressy short-sleeved shirt. 


Perfect for that in-between weather. If you want to change up your style go for something with a bit of an edge around the collar. There are some nice shirts for guys with different styles of collars like a crew-neck, henley, and polo-shirt collared long-sleeve. 

The best thing about these men’s t-shirts is that you can stay warm and comfortable without compromising the desire to look laid back and casual. 


Each type of fabric has its pros and cons, and when it comes to seasons some do better in the heat and others are a go-to for the cold. 

Cotton is touted as the best material for summer months, but can still excel in cooler temperatures depending on thickness. It’s softness and breathability make it a favorite for different styles. 

On the other hand, flannel isn’t quite as common a material for shirts, but every wardrobe should be armed with a flannel shirt for when the cold hits. When choosing a shirt, deciding on the right material for the season is just as important as the design. 

Finding nice shirts for men doesn’t have to be hard. Browse our selection that features a variety of styles in high-quality materials and stitching. And don’t forget about the bottoms like men's cargo shorts and men’s pants. Whatever you’re looking for in a new look, UNIONBAY has you covered!