Women's Shirts

Women's Shirts

Complete your outfit with UNIONBAY women's shirts! Pair them with our signature solid & ripped jeans for women or summer shorts for women. Discover the newest trends from UNIONBAY with a wide selection of women’s shirts, from graphic prints to solid design, made in our soft washed cotton.

We offer mid-sleeve, long-sleeve and sleeveless shirts in many designs to give you the most flattering fit. Enhance your wardrobe and stay current in modern fashion with shirts for women from UNIONBAY.

 Looking for something to go with your tops? Check out our women’s comfortable sweaters and trendy jackets to complete your look.

Styling Shirts for Women

We’ve all been there — you want to spice up your style but you’re not sure how to do it. Luckily, there are a few basic style rules that will elevate your wardrobe in no time. That includes learning how to style mid-sleeve, long-sleeve and sleeveless shirts for a flattering look every time. This will not only keep you looking good, it’ll keep you feeling good too. 

How to Style Mid-Sleeve Women’s Shirts

In transitional seasons like spring and autumn, it’s always hard to predict the weather and your outfits accordingly. But mid-sleeve shirts for women are the ideal autumn and spring shirts because the sleeves are not too short and not too long – they’re just right. For many long-sleeve shirts, you end up rolling up your sleeves anyway. With a mid-sleeve shirt, they’re already at the perfect length! 

  • Cutoffs or capri pants are the bottom-half equivalent of a mid-sleeve shirt, and the two pair well together — especially when worn with sandals or sneakers. Capris and mid-sleeve shirts are great on days when it’s cool in the morning and night, but warm in the afternoons. This look is perfect for a casual, laidback look.  
  • A classic crewneck T-shirt style shirt is perfect for everyday wear. Want to follow the latest fashion trends on social media? Try one of our waist-cinching Classic UB logo crewneck mid-sleeves with a pair of shorts for women for that cool girl look. 
  • An interesting neckline in a mid-sleeve shirt brings a formal flair, elevating it for events beyond casual everyday wear. A deep V, a wide scoop neck, or an off the shoulder neckline invites the wearer to feature a dazzling necklace. For formal occasions or work, pair with a pencil skirt or trousers.
  • Need a little extra warmth, but still want unencumbered sleeves? A vest is your answer. Pair a mid-sleeve shirt with a vest, boots, and distressed jeans.

How to Style Long-Sleeve Women’s Shirts

If you’re looking for nice shirts for women that have a slightly more refined look, long-sleeve is the way to go. Or perhaps it’s just winter, and you need shirts to keep you stylish even when the temperatures plummet. As always, with a few adjustments, you can personalize any long-sleeve shirt to match your individual style.  

  • Long-sleeve button up shirts for women can be left unbuttoned and untucked with a sleeveless shirt underneath. In this look, the shirt functions as a light jacket. Or, do a half tuck and leave the shirt half unbuttoned for a casual look. All forms of this loose-fitting, comfortable look have an effortlessly cool vibe that works well with nearly all bottoms: from straight-leg jeans, to comfy shorts for women, to cozy corduroys
  • To create an hourglass figure, tie the ends of a button-up shirt in a knot to cinch at the waist. Roll up the sleeves, and layer it over your favorite bottoms. This look is great with tight-fitting or looser jeans.  
  • Other long-sleeve shirts for women, such as warm knits or flowy shirts, can also be layered underneath a blazer for the workplace. Pair them with uniform pants and you’ll be giving off serious boss vibes!  
  • Long-sleeve doesn’t always mean fall or winter — it’s totally possible to wear a long-sleeve ladies’ shirt in warmer temperatures! Just pair a monochrome shirt with denim shortalls for that 1960s Flower Power look.

How to Style Sleeveless Women’s Shirts

Naturally, the best summer shirts for women are sleeveless. They give room to breathe in hot temperatures, while still giving off style. But sleeveless shirts aren’t just for the warmer months — they’re also ideal layering pieces under sweaters and jackets. We love sleeveless because they’re not just cute shirts for women, they’re incredibly versatile for any season!

  • For more a chic and elevated look, a loose sweater vest goes great with a pair of skinny jeans and black booties. 
  • For that effortlessly cool look, do the complete opposite! Pair a form-fitting sweater vest with high-waisted mom jeans and white sneakers.  
  • A patterned or flowy sleeveless blouse shows off your personality for a girls’ night out. Pair it with your favorite style of jeans: wide leg, skinny, bootcut, or straight leg.
  • A sleeveless or short-sleeved white shirt for women worn under denim overalls is a classic and casual ensemble. Wear it for a walk in the park, annual spring cleaning, or while tending to your garden. 
  • Don’t want to let go of your sleeveless shirts in the fall and winter? You don’t have to! Pair your sleeveless shirt with a warm scarf for those not-quite-warm but not-yet-cold evenings in the fall. Has winter come already? Add a cozy cardigan, corduroy pants, and warm boots. You’ll be ready for anything! 


At UNIONBAY, our mission is to help you find clothing online that you love. Nothing feels better than finding that perfect top, giving your wardrobe an upgrade and your confidence a boost. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or treating yourself, UNIONBAY has something for everyone. Browse our collections of women’s clothing and accessories today!  

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