Men's Bottoms


Whether its casual jeans, work pants, or summers best mens shorts, UNIONBAY takes pride in creating a quality products at affordable prices. From travel chinos to men's cargo shorts, UNIONBAY offers the best color and size variety.

When choosing men's bottoms, you want to be sure that comfort means quality.  If you are going to be wearing them often (and believe us, you will), you will expect a certain level of quality and style. Unionbay UNIONBAY hosts a range of looks that will suit both a leisurely barbeque with friends or a more formal social engagement. For effortless fashion in fall, spring, or summer, our premium collection of men’s cargo shorts can’t be beat. The key to our success is in the quality of our products. 

UNIONBAY’s Bottoms for Men 

For men, bottoms that look and feel good can be hard to find. But whether you need a gift for a loved one or you’re treating yourself to the latest style, UNIONBAY offers high-quality materials and stylish design in every pair. If you’re ready to find a new pair of men’s bottoms you’ll love, shop our collection today!

Not sure which men’s bottoms are right for you? Here’s our quick guide to finding the perfect pair:  

Cargo Pants for Men

Simply put, cargo bottoms are utility-style pants with plenty of pockets. For the always-on-the-go male, bottoms should prioritize practicality and comfort. A pocket for everything makes these pants equally great for all-day wear at work and lazy days at home. They also come in various neutrals, from green tones to beiges. 

Some quick styling tips include:

  • Loosely tuck a shirt into these popular men’s bottoms for a universally flattering look.
  • Sneakers are the perfect type of shoes to wear with casual cargos.
  • Avoid any formal shirts or coats. Opt for collared shirts worn unbuttoned or T-shirts and layer with a hoodie or a fleece shirt jacket.

Men's Travel Pants

These pants are aptly named: their versatile design makes this popular style comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time in a plane, train, or automobile. For those days when you’re on the move, you’ll look fit for first class.

Some quick styling tips include:

  • Travel bottoms are especially convenient for vacations and business trips because they pair well with so many kinds of shirts: button downs, basic tees, polos, athletic gear, and even sweaters or blazers. Just pack one pair and it’ll last your whole trip. They dry quickly, so wash as needed, and switch out the tops daily. 
  • Just because you have limited space in your suitcase doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style for comfort. For the most comfortable work-related travel outfits, look no further than chino travel pants paired with a classic blue collared shirt. 
  • Keep it casual with slim fit travel joggers and a zip-up hoodie over a t-shirt while traveling. A zip-up hoodie is easy to take on and off during those mid-flight temperature fluctuations. And joggers will keep you comfortable while wicking away any sweat. 

Tech Pants

Similar to travel pants, these pants are stylish men’s bottoms that are made of technical material that wicks sweat. The material has a bit of stretchy give for optimal movement, and they are machine washable. With its water-repellent finish and UPF 50 fabric sun protection, active tech material is perfect for outdoor excursions. 

Some quick styling tips include:

  • Chino tech bottoms can be worn belted or unbelted. Whether you tuck it in or leave it loose, a short-sleeved button down shirt keeps things cool. 
  • Tech pants are the ideal pants to wear for a round of golf, sightseeing, or heading to the farmer’s market. Pair with a polo shirt and you’re good to go! 
  • Wear a non-wrinkle long-sleeved tech shirt with these pants. Perfect for working indoors or outdoors, both tech shirts and pants are everyday staples that are equally appropriate for work, home, and travel. To complete the outfit, toss on a quilted vest.

Jogger Pants

When it comes to men’s clothing, pants should always be comfortable. And what’s more comfy than joggers? With a drawstring waist and straight leg cut, they are indeed ideal to jog in (and walk, run, or dance in!). Can’t choose between cargo and joggers for your loungewear? Our cargo joggers offer the best of both worlds – with pockets, of course. 

UNIONBAY joggers have a tapered leg and come in stretch twill, cargo, and active tech versions. Joggers offer the comfort of lazy day sweatpants, but with a more sophisticated look. They can pull triple duty for date nights, travel, and loungewear. 

Some quick styling tips include:

  • There’s no footwear off limits with joggers. Wear sneakers for peak athletic performance, hiking boots for a stroll in the woods, or even flip flops for a walk on the beach. 
  • A bomber jacket complements a jogger pant: both have laidback streetwear vibes. The tapered sleeves of a bomber jacket mirror the tapered legs of the jogger.
  • For a cool and casual vibe, you simply can’t go wrong with a fitted tee to accompany any type of jogger pants. 


When you shop for men’s bottoms, don’t forget about shorts! They are a must for the summer, spring, and sunny vacations to a tropical paradise. Throw on a pair of stylish sunglasses and you’re set for the day.

Cargo shorts may hit above, at, or below the knee. They are made of breathable yet durable material, perfect for a day out in the sun. Note that while cargo pants are casual, cargo shorts are super casual. 

Some quick styling tips include:

  • Though they absolutely come in handy, try not to overfill shorts pockets for daily use. It’ll create a bulky, possibly lopsided look. 
  • Sneakers, sandals, loafers, and boat shoes go great with all shorts. 
  • While they are meant for casual use, cargo shorts can be dressed up with a belt. That’s why UNIONBAY’s Survivor Cargo Shorts and Cordova Cargo Messenger Shorts come with a D-ring belt to match.
  • Remember, a drawstring on any pair of shorts can help give a more casual feel. Even a traditionally more elevated fabric like corduroy is dressed down with a drawstring waist, making it comfortable as loungewear. 

Shop Stylish Bottoms for Men

Whether you’re in search of casual shorts for the beach or you need a pair of men’s bottoms for a formal occasion, you’ll find the perfect pair in our collection. Discover the newest trends from UNIONBAY with a wide selection of bottoms for men: cargo pants for men, men's cargo shorts, jeans, & joggers. At UNIONBAY, comfort and a great fit best describe our men’s bottoms collection. Our most popular bottoms for men are our Survivor Cargo Shorts and Cordova Cargo Shorts. Our newest offering is in big and tall sizing