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Cozy Cardigans: The Ultimate Closet Must-Have

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in a soft cardigan at the end of a long day? There are many benefits of cardigans: these popular types of women’s sweaters are easy to style, super cozy, and multi-seasonal. Cardigans are a type of long sleeve (or quarter length sleeve) sweater that typically features buttons in a V-neck shape. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn open, half buttoned, or buttoned all the way. This gives flexibility to your style and lets you adjust based on how warm or cold you are. 

Some cardigans are light and airy, intended for fashion over warmth. They are helpful when the air conditioning runs just a little too low in the summer, or to add a layer of visual interest to any outfit. Thick cardigans, on the other hand, are cozy and warm sweaters for women in winter and fall seasons. 

Cardigan sweaters for women are practical to have on hand. They can tie a whole look together or complement an already existing look. Find women’s sweaters online that complement what you’ve already got in your wardrobe, or find a new one to inspire a fresh look.

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Sweater Vests for Every Occasion

Sweater vests are another trendy type of ladies’ sweater. They are sleeveless, often with a V-neck, and have no buttons or collars. These women's clothing sweater options can be dressed up or down, making them a stylish option for any occasion.  

Sweater vests are a great option if you’re looking for nice sweaters for women to wear at more formal events. By themselves, they are neither overly casual nor especially formal. But to dress them up, just toss on a collared-shirt, blazer, or some tailored slacks. 

Sweater vests are still a staple of the classically preppy look, which never truly goes out of style. For example, a classic preppy outfit includes a plaid mini skirt, heeled boots, thigh high socks, and a collared shirt underneath a patterned sweater vest. A much more casual variation would be a trendy goth-chic version of the same, but in all black. The goth-chic plaid skirt includes silver chains and the accompanying sweater vest would be worn by itself with no collared shirt underneath.

How to Style Cardigans

Need some tips on how to style your cardigan? Find inspiration with these quick styling tips!  

  • Buy women’s sweaters in colors you love. A cardigan in a neutral color (white, brown, gray, or black) is easy to throw on on top of an already existing outfit. Keep one of these at work or at school in case you get chilly, because it will go with everything. 
  • A patterned cardigan, or one with a particular color palette, requires some more planning when assembling an outfit. Ensure the colors go well together and that the pattern does not clash or compete with a pattern on the shirt or pants.
  • These women’s sweaters can be oversized and slouchy. This look is not only on-trend, it is perfect if you just want to feel and look low-key and cozy. A big, slouchy cardigan goes well with t-shirts, jeans, and even dresses. You can belt them to provide some structure. A thick belt goes well with a bulky cable knit or oversized cardigan. 
  • A form-fitting cardigan is more professional, perfect for the office or events that require a more elevated style. Wear it with sleeveless tops, otherwise sleeves will bunch underneath the fabric. 
  • An open, flowing cardigan looks good with all styles of dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops.
  • For fashion-forward women’s clothing, sweaters with an open front over a fitted crop top is a popular choice. This trendy look goes great with a mini skirt. Add a statement necklace to rock this outfit with confidence. 

Look Your Best in a Sweater Vest

Not sure how to style your sweater vest? This fashion staple may seem intimidating at first, but it’s super easy to style and can quickly be dressed up or down. 

Lightweight sweater vests are not so different from their summertime sister: tank tops. They can function both as a layer or as the main shirt. Sweater vests like the Lizzie Sweater Vest just have more coverage around the shoulders, but are still sleeveless. With a slightly cropped look that stops just at the belly button, this look creates an elevated, sophisticated look when paired with high rise bottoms. 

The fit of your sweater vest will also determine the fit of your women’s pants. If you wear a form-fitting sweater vest, consider wearing loosely fitting pants, such as baggy cargo or straight-leg pants. Conversely, if you wear a loose sweater vest, fitted jeans will balance out the look. However, trends these days favor the loose and laid-back vibe. So going for an oversized fit on the top and bottom of your outfit is not only super comfy, it’s fashionable as well.

When you shop for sweaters, remember that sweater vests are a great transitional piece to have in your wardrobe for spring and autumn. They keep the body warm and snug, but the sleeveless quality adds a little extra flair to any ensemble. Want the best of both worlds? Layer a cardigan on top of a sweater vest for a stylish and cozy look!

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