Men’s Jackets

The Rise of the Men’s Shirt Jacket

Chances are you’ve seen shirt jackets popping up all over the place — so what’s the deal with this latest trend? These cool jackets for men look and feel just like a shirt, but function as outerwear. Also known as “shackets,” shirt jackets typically button up the middle for a casual, laid back look. They are commonly made of a warm and sturdy material, but are not overly bulky. Simply put, the shirt jacket is so popular because it’s warm, functional, and super easy to style. 

When it comes to warm yet light jackets for men, UNIONBAY’s Woodsman Microfleece Shirt Jacket is the perfect shirt + jacket hybrid. The microfleece exterior’s chest pocket, cuffed sleeves, and plaid design are perfect for staying stylish and comfortable on those chilly fall and winter days. Don’t believe it’ll keep you warm? The interior is made of cozy sherpa. 

Looking for a layer for warmth that is more suited to movement? In these cases, a vest is always a good alternative to a shirt jacket. If it is just not cold enough to warrant a full jacket, a vest is a perfect layer to add just a little extra warmth across the torso. Alternatively, if it’s very cold outside, you can pair a vest with a jacket — either layering it underneath or over your coat. 

Getting the Flannel Look Right

As for flannel, what’s not to love about this timeless and classic shirt? It is soft and cozy yet masculine at the same time. Flannel is inherently casual, but can be dressed up for a family dinner with some nice chinos, dark wash denim, or new corduroys. Any casual pants work with flannel, whether you wear them with or without a men’s jacket. 

Winter jackets for men can be layered either on top of or under flannel shirts. Naturally, bulky insulated puffer coats layer best over top. When wearing a flannel as a shirt jacket, a monochrome men’s hoodie looks great underneath. When wearing a flannel as a shirt, pair it with a vest for a sophisticated-casual vibe.

Want more flannel styling tips? Get some inspiration with these quick and easy tips! 

  • When wearing a flannel as a shirt jacket, consider leaving it totally unbuttoned. This allows it to act as a layering piece. Underneath can be a graphic tee, plain V-neck or crew neck tee, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, or tank.
  • Alternatively, you can leave the flannel partially unbuttoned. This shows a bit of the shirt worn underneath. On warmer fall or spring days, no shirt is needed with a casually 3/4 buttoned flannel and the sleeves rolled up.
  • For more formal occasions, button the flannel all the way up. Keep the sleeves buttoned and cuffed, or neatly roll them up slightly, depending upon your personal taste.
  • For an alternative skater or musician-inspired look, tie the flannel around your waist. This is mostly an aesthetic choice, but it is also practical: you can always put it on if you get cold. 

How to Look Your Best in a Vest

Not sure how to style vests? Vests are essentially lightweight, casual jackets for men that are sleeveless. They complete outfits with their versatile, rugged, and outdoorsy feel. They allow for an unrestricted way to keep warm without committing to heavy coats or bulky material. 

There are a few different ways to wear vests: 

  • Wear a vest as a layer on top of a long sleeved shirt. With men’s joggers and sneakers, this is a perfect outfit for a morning walk.  
  • Wear thinner vests that lie flat with warm jackets for men over top. In this scenario, the vest acts as a light yet insulating layer, but can still be shown off when the overcoat is left unbuttoned. 
  • Wear quilted vests over top of fleece jackets for men. Snap the vest closed and keep your hands warm in the pockets, or leave it unbuttoned in mild weather. Pair with cargo pants for men for a modern, rugged look. 


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