Denim Jeans for Women & Juniors

Women and Juniors Jeans:

Shop UNIONBAY’s selection of jeans for women and juniors! Discover the newest trends from UNIONBAY with a wide selection of women and juniors jeans styles: denim, destructed, stretch, crops, and bootcut. Our jeans for women are designed to fit all types of figures. UNIONBAY overalls have also made a major comeback. 

UNIONBAY’s jeans for women and juniors are designed around proper fit and elements of convenience. Find different closures in our denim based on the needs of the pant, from the traditional zip and button fly to a double hook-and-bar closure. Look for classic five-pocket styling for quick storage, or choose buttoned pockets for added security. Select stretchy denim with special construction for a slimming effect, or go for our cotton/spandex blend for ultimate comfort. Shop women's and juniors jeans for $35 and under!

How to style high-rise skinny jeans

UNIONBAY’s jeans for women are an excellent year-round choice for a timeless look. Our high-rise skinny womens jeans come in the classic color and a blue camo print. These denim jeans for women provide a skinny fit and cropped length offering a modern and trendy style.

High-rise skinny jeans are perfectly paired with a black top color palette to add a touch of color to a dark wardrobe. To break up the shape, you can add a chunky belt to add a touch of personality and flair.

You can adopt a more casual, laid-back style by enjoying those summer days in your womens blue jeans and a crop top.

How to style distressed jeans 

If you’re looking to add some distinction to your wardrobe, UNIONBAY’s distressed Hart skinny jeans will round out your clothing selection with an above-the-ankle crop and raw hem. 

You can wear your distressed women's jeans with an animal print pullover and a pair of black pumps for a modern chic look. Adding a dark leather jacket and a clutch will pull together the ensemble for a hip evening out. 

If you’re already dealing with fall weather, you can still pull off a comfortable cozy look by pairing your distressed female jeans with a blanket scarf, suede booties, and an oversized bag.

If you’re shopping for jeans for juniors and want to keep the outfit cutesy then you can add a floral scarf with a light-colored tee-shirt. If you want to make it a little more mature than the addition of gold jewelry and earrings can go a long way. 

How to style denim overalls 

Overall jeans for women are back and ready to make their mark. With these jeans, women can enjoy the cotton blend, true blue color, and cute straps. Packed with storage pockets, you can go about your day without having to bring along a purse. 

You can have the perfect look by combining your denim overalls with a black tee-shirt and some comfy work shoes for a practical and stylish outfit. 

If you’re looking for something on those breezy summer nights, you can pair your Siouxsie denim overalls with a different toned (a lighter blue and a darker hue of blue) denim jacket, giving you a stylish all-American look. Combine this outfit with a neck scarf and some black boots and you have a look that’s ready for anything. This look will allow you to stand out amidst the sundresses at the BBQ.

How to style denim shorts 

Juniors jeans denim shorts should be part of every girl’s collection. These Delaney denim shorts are always in style if the weather permits. If you want to add instant flair to it, go with an off-the-shoulder top with a nice graphic to give you a new summer style. Couple this with some oversized shades and some sneakers and you’ll be ready for anything from festivals to house parties.

If you want to give your junior jeans shorts a complete upgrade, try them with a classic white button shirt tucked in or tied in the front. This is the perfect outfit to wear about town or just hanging out with friends. This gives you a boost to your normal casual look while still looking effortless.

How to style jean jackets 

UNIONBAY's denim jacket comes in two tones that are versatile enough to pair with any outfit. You can have these perfect outfit toppers in white and deep blue. This Brendan denim jacket makes it easy to pull together an outfit whether you’re wearing jeans for women or a skirt, and by popping the collar, you can add that extra little flair.

If you’re looking to create a more casual look, think about adding a pair of work boots. Or you can throw them onto a plaid shirt and Capri pants to give you a relaxed look. You can even layer the jacket under a winter coat to give your ensemble a pop of blue.

How to style shortalls 

UNIONBAY is letting you elevate the standard overalls by giving you a cool summer option with shortalls. These shortalls come with racerback straps that can be adjusted to size, left to hang free, or just have one strap hanging off-the-shoulder. 

Pair your Mario denim shortalls with a striped tee-shirt or white buttoned-down to give yourself a classic, elegant look. You can even let the bib hang loose for that casual touch. 

If you’re expecting a chilly night, you don’t need to leave your shortalls at home, instead put them over a pair of black tights.

Shortalls are the perfect jeans for women who love crop tops for women but are too nervous to go out showing their midriff. With shortalls, you can pair it with a crop top with the bib up, just giving a slight peek of your midsection. 

How to style mom jeans

UNIONBAY has the perfect pair of jeans for women looking for a higher rise and looser fit. These “mom” jeans are making a comeback in a big way, and the black denim Julianne jeans are the perfect way to accent your silhouette. 

If you’re looking to make an impression, try combining your Madonna high-waisted mom jeans with an animal print top. Otherwise, you can go for a timeless look and pair it with a solid turtleneck womens sweater to give you an air of confidence and style.

If you want a relaxed “everyday” look, then try wearing your mom jeans with white loafers and a button-up cotton shirt. If you want to add a touch or worldly-ness then you can even throw on a blazer for good measure.