Womens Jackets: All Seasons Fashion Collection

Women's Jackets

Shop UNIONBAY’s selection of jackets for women! Every woman needs a jacket for every season. And it is an ideal time to update your wardrobe with a selection of casual outerwear from the UNIONBAY women's casual jackets selection.

Choose from a large and varied assortment of open-front jackets, vests, bombers, denim jackets and utility jackets. Our selections are created from premium fabrics such as cotton, polyester, denim, and linen. They are a wardrobe necessity and not only keep you warm, but they help showcase your sense of style. If you need something cozy or just a light layer to keep the evening wind at bay, take a look at UNIONBAY’s jackets for women. Pick from our favorite windbreakers or denim jackets for just under $40!

If you’re looking for some inspiration of what to wear with UNIONBAY jackets for women then check out our collection of women's tops and women's bottoms. 

Women's Jackets: All Seasons Fashion Collection

Stay on Trend with these Women's Fashion Jackets

When it comes to women's jackets, there are so many choices it can be hard to know which ones should be staples in your seasonal wardrobe. However, the best women's jackets are trendy year after year and you can be sure they will keep you warm and looking great in all kinds of weather. When you know the classic trends in jackets, women's fashion opens up to all sorts of coordinating looks.

Utility Women’s Jackets

Utility jackets have an aesthetic similar to that of cargo pants because they are fashionable and functional at the same time. In terms of women's casual jackets, utility jackets are at the top of the list because they have a low-key vibe and a relaxed fit. They often have multiple pockets, so you can keep small items close at hand, and incorporate design features such as snaps and an elastic cinched-in waist to make them fuss-free.

Button-Front Casual Women’s Jackets

Another trend in cute jackets is a button-front casual jacket that has tailored accents such as a smocked hem at the waistline or pockets with button closures. Jackets that button down the front come in a wide range of different fabrics, making them great for warm and cooler weather. They have a laid-back style and are perfect for seasonal layering. With designs that range from solid colors to stripes, you can mix and match with a variety of outfits.

Zip-Front Women’s Jackets

Zip-front jackets are an alternative to the button-front style described above. The zip closure is more casual than buttons, so it’s best for looks that have a relaxed vibe and don't need to be too dressed up. Zip-front jackets for women are the perfect go-to when you need something quick to keep by your front door for dashing out on an errand or throwing into your bag for a layering solution when the weather is mixed. This look is typically common in lightweight seasonal windbreakers as well as heavier winter styles.

Top Fabrics for Women's Fall Jackets

Women's fall jackets have to be ready to face quickly changing temperatures, from the warm days just following the summer season to the colder days as winter approaches. When choosing women's jackets for fall, look at the fabric to determine whether it’s best suited for just after summer or for windier and rainier autumn days. Women's rain jackets in particular should have waterproof or water-resistant fabric. To help you make the right choice, let's look at the differences in top fabrics for women's fashion jackets.


Linen is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for warmer weather. A linen jacket goes great in fall when you need a bridge jacket to take you from the heat of summer to the early days of crisp fall weather.


Denim is a really versatile fabric for many garments, and a trend we really love is women's jean jackets. Denim is heavy enough to keep you warm in cooler weather, but it can also be paired with a light top such as a tank or a t-shirt on warmer days. Denim fabrics are a staple in jackets, women's fashion in general, and a huge variety of casual looks.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

When you're shopping for a women’s rain jacket, make sure you know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant fabrics and treatments. Waterproof is stronger than water-resistant and is designed to hold up in a strong rainfall. Water-resistant jackets will keep you dry in light rain for a short period of time but aren't made to endure long hikes in downpours.

Cotton and Sateen

Cotton is a great all-purpose fabric for women's jackets because it provides breathability and is easy to care for. Sateen is a type of fabric that uses cotton but incorporates a mercerization treatment and a satin weave structure, resulting in a softer feel and a more durable structure. Cotton and sateen in particular work well for women’s fall jackets because they combine the practical nature of a lightweight jacket with the durability of a heavier-weight fabric, all while being easy to care for in terms of washing and wearing.

Find Affordable Women's Jackets

UNIONBAY has a selection of affordable women's jackets that suit any budget. Affordable jackets don't have to sacrifice style and a fashionable fit. The choices of cute jackets you'll find in the UNIONBAY collection combine the best in fashion trends with practicality that won't break your bank. You can also find women's jackets on sale for extra savings.

Shop UNIONBAY for Women's Jackets

The UNIONBAY collection of women's jackets has a great selection for fall weather. Choose from lightweight linen or durable cotton styles in a variety of colors and fits. With UNIONBAY, you can be sure that affordability comes together with style, based on the brand's core beliefs around the freedom of youth, experimentation, unpretentiousness, and originality. Shop the online selection of best women's jackets at UNIONBAY to find your perfect fall jacket today and don’t forget to pair them with some stylish women’s pants or women’s capris.