Men's Travel Pants

You probably think a lot about the kind of clothing to pack when traveling, especially if you’re trying to pack light. The trick to effective packing is selecting items that serve multiple purposes, as single-use clothing and other items can add up and lead to bulky luggage. If you’re planning for an upcoming trip, let us introduce you to your new favorite travel item: men's travel pants

What are Travel Pants?

When it comes to travel pants, men may wonder how they differ from regular pants. Travel men’s pants are functional pants that are sleek, stretchy, and versatile. These pants are meant to make travel as pleasant and comfortable as possible, and they combine convenient hidden pockets with creative technical fabric. 

You can easily wear them anywhere on your trip, including on the plane, a business meeting, or a sightseeing walk around the city. In the realm of travel pants, men’s departments incorporate elastic waistbands for maximum comfort during travel, and the technical fabric is meant to reduce wrinkles and moisture so you can look stylish for the entirety of your trip.

Why Should You Choose Men’s Travel Pants?

Wondering why you should choose men’s traveling pants for your next vacation or business trip? Men’s travel pants offer both utility and comfort during your travel, allowing you to pack one or two pairs of pants that work for any situation or occasion. Plus, they pair well with just about any style of men’s shirts, making it easy for you to dress and go! 

The Benefits of Tech Pants

Tech pants (or technical pants, used interchangeably with “travel pants”) offer a variety of benefits. One of the top benefits of tech travel pants is their water resistance or water repellency. Everyone hates getting rained on, especially while traveling, but when wearing men’s travel pants, they’ll dry fairly quickly. We all know how long jeans take to dry, so these are a convenient alternative.

Another benefit of these pants is the material flexibility. You have to be physically ready for anything while traveling, which is why it’s helpful to have a relaxed fit for whatever life throws at you. Durable fabric that stretches means that you will be able to wear these pants comfortably for years, even if muscle gain changes your body. Plus, it’s normal for weight to fluctuate during different parts of the day (especially while trying new foods on vacation!), and the stretchy fabric of tech pants is forgiving and comfortable. 

Versatility is the crowning glory of tech pants. The best tech pants make you feel comfortable and prepared for whatever the day or night brings, whether that’s travel, business, hiking, or simply relaxing. You may find these are the only pants you’ll need to bring on a trip because no matter where you wear them, you’ll always be stylish – from a city walking tour to a sophisticated dinner out.

Going somewhere warm? Tech pants offer the same features in both pants and shorts. Pants are usually best for traveling, as temperatures fluctuate when in flight, when transitioning between indoors and outdoors, and when going from one climate to another. But if you want the same great fit, fabric, and comfort in shorts for hot summer days, tech is the way to go.

Tech pants offer a number of other benefits, including abrasion resistance, odor resistance, and stretch for ultimate comfort.

The Best Men's Travel Pants

If you’re looking for the best travel pants for men, your search is over! Check out our list of go-to options: 

UNIONBAY Rainier UB Tech Travel Pants

These UB tech travel pants are excellent for wearing all year round, featuring nylon-spandex construction, a slim silhouette, and a water-repellent finish. These travel pants come in three neutral colors, including black, khaki, and charcoal, for versatile and frequent wear. The UB tech travel pants also feature zip back pockets, a zip fly with button closure, and a fixed waistband.

UNIONBAY Rainier Travel UPF 50+ Tech Pant

These tech travel pants are perfect for world travelers since you can easily wash and dry them on the go. You can also wear these pants in a variety of weather conditions, as they have UPF 50 and a water-repellent finish. The nylon-spandex pants also feature a classic silhouette, a hidden expandable waistband, zip back pockets, and a zip fly with button closure. They come in three versatile colors for frequent wear: black, charcoal, and khaki.

UNIONBAY Wanderer Five-Pocket Tech Pant

Another great pair of traveler pants designed for performance is the Five-Pocket Tech Pant. You’ll have plenty of room to store valuables or snacks in the five pockets — perfect for when you’re on the go. The belt loops double as a place to hang a thermos with a keyring if you’re on an all-day excursion. The slim fit with flexible fabric allows you to take the stairs two at a time, or sprawl out during a picnic. The UPF 50+ keeps you protected from the sun while looking stylish. The black, charcoal, and dugout color options are all machine washable. 

UNIONBAY Active Tech Jogger Pant

In our selection of travel pants, men have many options, but the Active Tech Jogger Pant stands out thanks to its laid back style with a drawcord instead of a belt loop. Velcro back pockets with a flap top give more security for your credit cards or passport than regular open pockets. The absence of front pockets means less bulkiness, which allows for more streamlined movement and a sleeker look. These pants are machine washable, and come in navy, black, and charcoal. 

How to Choose Travel Pants for Men on the Move

Comfort is the number one criteria when choosing men’s travel pants. But you should also look for travel pants that are versatile, cling-free, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, water-resistant, breathable, and lightweight. And we recommend finding men’s pants with a flexible fit and deep pockets. Here’s more information on what to look for in the best men’s travel pants:

  • Breathability. Beyond comfort, the most important factor to look for when choosing travel pants for men is the breathability of the fabric. When you’re constantly on the move, you don’t want to spend all day sweating in thick fabric that doesn’t breathe well. Make sure to find breathable travel pants for maximum comfort and less sweat, no matter how hot it is in your travel destination.
  • Deep pockets. Deep pockets are crucial when you’re on the go, especially while traveling. You don’t want anything falling out of your pockets in the airport or the taxi. When you have deep pockets, you can easily hold your phone, wallet, change, and anything else you need without fear of losing anything while on the go.
  • Water resistance. It’s highly recommended that you choose water-resistant men’s travel pants. Most traditional pants are not water-resistant, and when traveling, you can end up in weather situations you’re not used to, like severe thunderstorms. If you packed lightly, you don’t want the only pair of pants you brought to get soaked in a downpour. Water-resistance ensures that your pants stay as good as new, even in a rainstorm, and that you can easily wear them again the next day.
  • Quick-drying fabric. Quick-drying fabric is one of our favorite parts of travel pants. Whether you get caught wearing your travel pants in a rainstorm or you want to be able to wash your pants in the hotel sink and hang dry them, they need to be able to dry fast so that you can wear them again the next day.
  • Fit and Style: Choose what works best for your body and comfort level. Think about the activities you’re most likely to perform while traveling and choose the fit and style accordingly. Relaxed, pull-on joggers provide maximum comfort for long car rides or walks. Going on a business trip? Perhaps you’ll prefer a more formal and sleek slim fit. It’s important that you’re comfortable while traveling, so choose a waistband that works for you – drawcord, fixed, or expandable.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant: Wrinkle-resistant pants mean you don’t need to worry about ironing in between deplaning and going to a business lunch. Attending a wedding out of town? With wrinkle-resistant pants, there’s no need to make a quick change from the car to the venue. Pair travel chinos with a nice button-up, and you’ll feel as smooth as you look. 
  • Men's Travel Pants for Every Occasion 

    Our travel pants for men aren’t just made for new adventures, they’re perfect for everyday use, going into the office, or hitting up formal events. 

    Sightseeing: For a casual day of sightseeing and new experiences, pair your pants with a t-shirt and sneakers for superior comfort on the go.  

    Business Meeting: Dress them up for a business meeting by wearing them with a dress shirt. Travel pants are a comfortable and easy way to dress to impress!   

    Night Out: For a night out on the town, wear them with a stylish vest and a pair of dress shoes. Opt for slim-fit pants and a bomber jacket for an elevated look. 

    At UNIONBAY, we understand that your personal style and your lifestyle play a major role in the clothes you choose to wear. That's why we offer a variety of options for any occasion. Need help with styling? Our customer service team is here to guide you. Check out our latest arrivals for more inspiration and complete your look today!

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