Cargo pants have made a big comeback, and they’re just as practical and trendy as your favorite jeans. Men's robust, outdoorsy pants with military origins are creating a name for themselves in the fashion world. As a result, men's cargos are the ideal choice for your next wardrobe shift.

But while cargo pants are comfortable, are they acceptable for business casual settings? It all depends on your industry and whether or not your employer permits the elusive business casual cargo pants. Let’s delve deeper to see if cargo pants for men are right for your next meeting. 

Are Cargo Pants Business Casual?

cargo pants business casual

While cargo pants are mainly intended for casual settings and activities, certain employers permit their use in office environments. Therefore, cargo pants have the potential to be worn in a business casual setting.

Cargo pants are khaki pants with two or more pockets, and they often come with a canvas or drawstring belt. They're great for outdoor work or keeping a mid-afternoon snack, and they're both comfy and stylish. Cargo pockets aren't as inconspicuous as the hip pockets seen on most jeans. Instead, they protrude and are frequently secured with large buttons or zippers. Essentially, cargo pants are defined by the pocket(s) below the hip pocket. Men's casual cargo pants are ideal travel pants for all kinds of adventures like trekking, exploring, and everything in between. But because they’re so comfortable, many men want to wear them to work as well. So can cargo pants + business casual go together?

Always double-check your company's dress code guidelines. Employers will have varying perspectives on cargo pants depending on the sector. Some offices require ties and slacks, while others may have a more relaxed approach to the dress code. If you’re lucky enough to work for a small firm with a liberal dress code, feel free to incorporate cargo pants into your work attire. Luckily, it appears cargo pants for men are gaining traction in the professional world, as many organizations have begun to relax their dress standards, and remote work is increasing across many industries.

A Guide to Business Casual Cargo Pants

Because cargo pants are booming back onto the fashion scene, let’s go over how both men and women can get in on this comeback trend.

For Men

Men are constantly walking the line between too business or too casual. So what is business casual for men? Whether or not a man wears a tie is frequently the dividing line between professional and business casual. Because each office is unique, there may be a wide variety of what qualifies as business casual. As a result, there are certain basic recommendations worth considering when deciding whether or not you should head to the office in business casual cargo pants for men.

●      Shirts

Men should wear polo shirts and button-downs in various colors and styles. However, if you want to pass off your cargo pants for business casual, you should pair them with a collared shirt. Even though it may not feel like the simplest option, the lack of a tie gives it a more relaxed impression while still being office-appropriate. Browse the UNIONBAY collections of men's shirts to find your next office look.

●      Blazers and jackets

While a jacket or well-cut blazer isn’t always required, it adds a professional touch to your dress pants / cargo pockets ensemble. If you're worried that a button-down shirt alone makes you look too casual for work, it may be helpful to throw on a well-fitted blazer. When picking a coat, stick to classic hues like blue, black, and gray. These muted tones will help you stay in line with a business appearance while still rocking an east coast business casual look.

●      Sweaters

In most offices, sweaters or sweater vests are permissible. In the winter, chunky-knit sweaters are perfect. Still, in the summer, fine-knit sweaters with exposed collars may be worn over shirts or button-downs for a more classic men's work casual look, allowing a seamless down transition to your formal cargo pants.

For Women

Cargo pants have long been a staple of men's wardrobes, likely because these pants were designed to be worn by troops in the military. However, women's fashions of business cargo pants are really coming into their own. Their versatility means that even if you can't choose which color or pattern is right for you, there's a good chance you can dress it up regardless of which one you settle on. Here are a few tips for styling women's bottoms:

●      Go Dark

The easiest way to make cargo pants fit a business casual scenario is to pair them with darker pieces. Try them on with black leather shoes, a black shirt, and a black leather jacket to maintain a smart-casual appearance.

●      Throw Together a Matte Look

Another suggestion is to keep things simple and uncomplicated. For example, combine khaki green business casual cargos with a cream-beige cable-knit sweater and stylish ankle boots. Add a large matte black leather purse and black aviator sunglasses to finish the look.

●      Blazers

Blazers are a classic professional staple, a universal characteristic of appropriate workplace attire for both men and women. It's helpful to have a variety of blue, gray, black, and other colored blazers in your closet, as it gives you a chance to mix and match them with your business casual cargo pants.

●      Blouses and button-downs

To get the most mileage out of your business casual cargo pants, pair them with a well-fitted, flowing, and pressed blouse or button-down that is always suitable for the work environment. There are lots of options to mix and match cargo pants with sophisticated women’s tops.

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