Sunglasses: Best Selections For Men And Women

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Sunglasses: Best Selections for Men and Women

Trendy Sunglasses Styles

Several styles of sunglasses are making waves for the summer, with trendy looks that complement a wide variety of beachwear and casual warm-weather outfits. We've gathered a few of the top trends here for you to up your summer style this year.


Aviator-style sunglasses take their name from their original purpose: they were first designed in the 1930s for use by pilots. Previously, military pilots had to wear heavy, cumbersome flight goggles, but these slick aviator shades were much lighter and did a great job of deflecting the light. Aviators, which sometimes have a mirrored coating, work great as sunglasses for men and sunglasses women will love as well. They provide excellent glare protection as well as a timeless and infinitely trendy look.


Cat-eye sunglasses get their name from the distinctive shape of their frames, which are slightly curved and pointed at the temples. This gives them a unique appeal and makes them universally flattering for all face shapes, because they can have small or oversize lenses depending on your preference. Popular colors for cat-eye sunglasses include tortoise shell and black, but bolder colors like pink and red are available for those who prefer a brighter color palette. While the cat-eye look tends to be more of a trend for women, sunglasses with this sleek shape can quickly create a flattering and high-fashion look for anyone.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangles are making a splash in sunglass trends, especially flat-top styles with acetate frames. Tinted lenses are also making a comeback in popular styles of sunglasses, with romantic pink-blush hues and throwback light blue shades. Rectangular sunglasses can be retro or modern depending on the particular style you choose. They can also evoke a classic sportswear look, so pair them with your favorite tennis outfit or joggers or sweatpants for an on-the-go appeal.

Choosing Sunglasses for Summer

There are two main considerations to focus on when choosing sunglasses for summer: UV protection and shape/style. Both are important because sunglasses should be both functional and fashionable.

UV Protection in Sunglasses

When it comes to protection in your sunglasses, make sure you understand what you're getting. One of the first things to look for when you buy is a label or marking that specifies "100% UV Protection" or "100% UVA and UVB Protection" so you know the lenses are doing their job blocking those harmful rays. The best sunglasses not only look good but also keep your eyes safe behind the lenses.

Color of Lenses

In addition to the style and shape of the frames, sunglasses can have a variety of colored lenses. You can find tinted lenses, in shades such as amber or blue, and you can also find mirrored lenses that reflect on the surface much like a mirror. You can choose based on your preference, or buy different pairs to mix and match with your outfits.

Top Sunglasses for Men

The most popular men’s sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and styles, with rectangular and aviator frames being the most prominent. However, within these two trends, there is a wide range of styles and lenses to choose from. Here are a few of our picks for the top sunglasses men will want to wear this summer.

Rectangular Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Metal aviators go great with everything in a man's wardrobe. They can dress up a more casual look or put the polish on more formal attire, which makes rectangular metal aviator sunglasses a staple for any man's collection.

Blue Tinted Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses are a classic look for men, working just as well on the beach as they do driving or running errands in the summer sun. Blue-tinted lenses add a unique touch that goes great with swim trunks or a cool t-shirt design, making them the perfect finish for a casual summer look.

Top Women's Sunglasses

Women’s sunglasses range from fancy to casual, with everything in between. With such a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors, it's easy to create an entire sunglasses wardrobe so you can have different selections for every occasion. Here are a few we think would go great in your beach bag or in your purse for everyday use.

Rose Gold Square Sunglasses

Rose gold sunglasses are a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, giving off a warm glow and subtle sophistication. Their square shape has a modern flair that takes its inspiration from a classic look. Square sunglasses are a fantastic look for people with a round face shape, because their bold look provides contrast and balance.

Two Toned Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are striking and evoke a vintage feel. Two-toned lenses add interest, and accents such as rhinestones add sparkle and elegance. Black is a classic color that works on everyone, and durable plastic rims hold up to daily use.

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