Women’s Pull-On Shorts With Trendy Designs For Sale

Women’s Pull-On Shorts 

Think about your last summer vacation. Your toes are in the sand, the water is calling your name, and the sun is beaming down in golden streaks. Now think about what you were wearing.

It was probably something comfortable, right? Lightweight, breathable fabrics. Flip flops. Sundresses. These summer clothing staples aren’t just popular because they're fashionable — they’re also cool, comfortable, and convenient to wear.

The scorching temperatures and endless activities associated with summer require us to dress in a way that’s both stylish and suitable for what the day will bring. After all, no one wants to feel restricted or uncomfortable while living it up at the beach!

In these situations, pull-on shorts are always a smart choice.

Whether you need to remove your bottoms quickly so you can cannonball into a pool or you want to do a quick wardrobe change into shorts for an afternoon run — it’s all possible thanks to the elastic waist in these handy cut-offs.

UNIONBAY’S Women’s Pull-On Shorts

We get that summer is all about feeling light, breezy, and carefree, so we design our pull-on shorts to be worn while having fun in the sun.

Here’s what you can expect from each pair:


We make all of our ladies' pull-on shorts with featherlight fabrics that feel gentle and refreshing against your skin because you shouldn’t have to worry about changing your clothes due to discomfort when you’re in the middle of making unforgettable summer memories. From pure, cloud-like cotton to free-flowing linen, you’ll love the airy feel of our women’s pull-up shorts.


Our pull-on shorts for ladies come in various styles, lengths, and fabrics, so there’s always a pair to match your preferences. Whether you’ll be waterskiing, lounging, exercising, or running errands — we’ve got you covered with trendy shorts that can do it all!

Flattering Fit

Yes, there is a way to enhance your natural curves without sacrificing comfort! With our pull-on shorts, women’s fashion is no longer the cramped and confining experience it has been for far too long. Our shorts come with an elastic waistband or draw-string closure, offering a gentle and comfortable hold for a smooth, streamlined look that feels as good as it looks. 

Types of Women’s Pull-On Shorts

Double-Weave Cotton Shorts

Get ready to revolutionize your summer wardrobe! These slip-on shorts are soft to the touch and built to last. The double-layered weaving technique provides a plush feel without the added warmth. Plus, with their drawstring waistband, there’s no need to worry about belts or buttons digging into your skin. Trust us. You won't want to take them off once you try them on.

Solid Fold-Over Shorts

Can’t decide between low-waisted or high-waisted pull-on shorts? Well, now you don’t have to! With our signature fold-over waistband design, you get to choose how you wear your shorts. Simply fold it up or down to experiment with different looks and customize your fit. 

Sateen Pull-On Shorts

With these pull-up shorts, women's fashion reaches a whole new level of laid-back chic. They’re on trend yet still feel smooth against your skin — so you can make a summer fashion statement without missing out on any fun. Wear them with a racerback tank top and flip-flops for a laid-back style, or elevate them with a flowy blouse and wedges for a chic evening ensemble!

Loose-Fitting Drapey Shorts

Do you tend to gravitate toward oversized shirts and boyfriend-fit jeans? Then you’ll love the ample space and loose silhouette of these pull-on shorts for women. They’re the ultimate hassle-free style! The flowy design allows for a maximum range of motion while gently skimming the body and providing an effortless elegance. And did we mention you can easily dress them up or down? That’s right — you’ve got options, girl!

Convertible Cotton Shorts

What’s the only thing better than pull-on cotton shorts? Pull-on cotton shorts with an adjustable hem so you can change their length whenever the mood strikes. It’s like having two pairs of shorts in one! Roll them up if you’re wading in the water, roll them down to shield your thighs from the sun — whatever you want to do, these shorts make it possible.

Pull-On Shorts: Shopping Considerations

Make sure you get the perfect pair with these shopping tips:


It’s important to remember that women’s pull-on shorts tend to fit a little looser than those with the traditional button and zipper. (Especially designs with an elastic band!)

Don't forget to check the sizing chart, measure yourself if needed, and when in doubt, buy a size down if it’s an elastic waist.


The length of your shorts will greatly impact how they feel and how comfortable you are in them. Always consider your style preferences and the activities you'll engage in while wearing your shorts. You want to choose an option that’s tasteful and on-trend but also comfortable and fitting for the environment you’ll be in. 


We all know that dreaded sticky feeling that comes with wearing heavy, dense fabrics in hot summer weather. It’s awful! Which is why you should always look for clothing made from natural fibers like cotton and linen, since they provide more airflow and maneuverability. 

Whether you’re searching for casual shorts for women or styles with a little more flair, UNIONBAY has you covered! Browse our collection now!