Who doesn’t love a chic pair of stilettos? However, even though we might enjoy wearing high heels, there are times when we need to rest our feet. It's simply not possible to be in heels all the time, whether you’re visiting new brunch spots or dancing the night away. Finding a nice pair of shoes that is both attractive and comfortable always presents a challenge. After all, high heels are the epitome of “dressed up.” On the other hand, flats can add a sophisticated touch to any ensemble, whether it be for a romantic date night or a cozy holiday gathering with family and friends.

If you're looking for trendy alternatives to heels that will take you from day to night, check out these expert tips on how to wear flats with a variety of outfits.

Why Are Flats Good Alternatives To Heels?

Because booties tend to give off a more casual vibe, flats are definitely the only shoe option that will look sophisticated with formal wear. It has evolved from the go-to pair for casual and daily use to a trusted option for business, formal, and even runway wear throughout the years.

Flats have grown incredibly popular and can radiate the same amount of style and elegance as heels.

Women wearing flats are generally seeking a chic and sophisticated look, while still prioritizing comfort. Flats are the safer option as compared to high heels when it comes to wearing them for longer periods of time. However, wearing flats all the time can pose problems as they give relatively little support to the foot since they are, well, flats.  So, what are the options for handling these issues? The good news is that there are a variety of ways to wear your beloved flats while also making them more comfortable.

Always break them in before going out.

Before spending an entire day running around in a new pair of shoes, consider wearing them a few times at home. Breaking in your shoes at home gives you a secure spot to take them off if they become uncomfortable, as well as allowing your feet to acclimatize to the pair. Nobody likes developing a blister while on the go. 

Line your socks with 'invisible' liner socks.

These socks are frequently composed of thin material that comes in a variety of colors to match your shoes or skin tone. Additionally, these socks won’t show over the edge of your flats, and the cotton portion of the socks will assist in absorbing moisture.

Invest in a pair of gel insoles for added comfort and protection.

With gel insoles, you can wear flats while still getting the support of heeled shoes. Most stores, both online and in malls, have them in a variety of sizes. Put these gel insoles in your shoes, push and hold to keep them in place. After just a few minutes of walking, you’re sure to see the difference!

How To Wear Flats For Every Occasion

High heels are the pinnacle of class and elegance. But it’s no secret that they can quickly become uncomfortable, especially after a long night of walking or dancing. However, you can just as easily find sophisticated flats as alternatives to heels that exude glamor and style. Whether it's for a day at the office or an evening stroll down cobblestone streets, a stunning pair of comfortable flats are a must-have fashion accessory for any woman (because who would dare stroll down cobblestone streets in heels?).

Here's how to wear flats for any occasion:

If you're in a hurry, then you'll do best with an outfit that takes less time to put together. Pair a pair of flats with separates like a cool T-shirt, denim shorts and your favorite jacket. Keep accessories minimal, including your bag. An oversized tote may not be the best choice for this look.

A pair of flats is a great choice for a casual date night outfit. If heels aren't your jam, then stick to skinny jeans and a pair of flats. You can opt for an easy date outfit by pairing it with your favorite cozy sweater and finishing off the look with subtle jewelry.

Take your outfit up a notch on Sunday by wearing a beautiful skirt with a pair of flats. If you're going out, try pairing it with some knee-high boots or some gladiator sandals. We love the idea of adding a cute jacket to really round out this ensemble.

A pair of flats come in handy for running errands around town. Keep your accessories minimal and easy to carry, like an oversized handbag and crossbody bag.

Business casual or casual women's uniform pant outfits typically consists of slacks, a button-up shirt, and flats. Throw on a blazer to dress up the outfit for more formal events.

Jeans are a neutral staple in many wardrobes so wearing a pair of flats with jeans is an easy way to upgrade your look. Pair them with a denim jacket, tee and boots for the ultimate cool girl style. If you want to tone it down, pair your jeans with a maxi skirt or even shorts. 

Check out these cute women’s shoes to find alternatives to heels that will keep you looking stylish any time of day!

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