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Have you noticed the rising popularity of baggy jeans, but are unsure of how to wear them? Perhaps you’ve gotten so accustomed to skinny jeans that you don’t know if you can pull off the baggy jeans look. We’re here to tell you that baggy jeans are for everyone!

Baggy jeans can look grungy, formal, or somewhere in between, depending upon the denim wash and what you wear with them. With our style guide below and a few specific outfit ideas for what to wear with baggy jeans, you’ll be ready to rock this effortless, cool-girl-chic aesthetic.

Keep reading for inspiration! 

The Rise of Baggy Jeans

Today’s teens are rediscovering the baggy jeans outfit aesthetic and making it their own. Baggy jeans were all the rage in the 1990s, seen in movies, TV shows and music videos. As fashion trends in the ‘90s and early ‘00s have made a serious comeback, we’re seeing more and more people falling back in love with the comfortable and versatile baggy jean look.

Naturally, the great thing about baggy jeans is how non-constricting they are. The polar opposite of skinny jeans, which hug every curve, baggy jeans are loose-fitting, which allows air flow and easy movement. They’re comfortable to wear all day while traveling, at school, at work, or out and about. Comfort took priority in fashion during the stay-at-home days of the pandemic, and that trend is ongoing as folks continue to work from home.

But chances are you’ve already noticed not all baggy jeans are the same. There are different fits, sizes, flares and more. Within the umbrella of baggy jeans styles, there is overlap with other styles, such as boyfriend, wide leg, high-rise, and even tapered (tapered baggy fit loosely in the middle of the leg and taper at the ankle). Baggy jeans fit more loosely than a straight leg cut.

There are lots of ways to style loose jeans, like the intentional too-long skater look that crumples over the shoe. Or they may be high-waisted for a more fitted and refined look (the voluminous legs really accentuate the waist). That’s the beauty of baggy jeans — they’re perfect for any style!  

how to style baggy jeans

How to Style Baggy Jeans

Ready for some style inspo on how to wear baggy jeans? Here are some of our favorite baggy jeans outfit ideas for every occasion.

Skater Girl Look

Like cargo pants, low-rise baggy blue jeans are a hallmark of skater style. Especially when worn with an oversized sweater and flat-soled sneakers. Under the sweater, wear a patterned sleeveless crop top. This look is functional for skateboarding and as a go-to outfit for any casual occasion. To top it off, a snapback or baseball cap ties this effortlessly cool look together.

Formal Wear

Yes, it is possible to style baggy jeans for formal wear! This works best with dark wash, black denim, or white baggy jeans. Contrast the loose-fitting jeans with sleek touches, such as a slicked back pony, gold hoops, strappy heels, and a cute jacket that fits you well. Wear a simple layering tee or blouse underneath and accessorize with gold rings, dainty necklaces, and bracelets. Formal outfits with baggy jeans can be worn to the office, or whenever you want to look a little extra stylish.

Gender Neutral Look

Voluminous baggy jeans are a great option for those who prefer a more gender neutral approach to fashion. While men have historically been associated with baggy jeans, women are now adopting this fashion staple. Pair masculine baggy jeans with a feminine women’s top for a gender neutral aesthetic. One of our favorite fall-casual looks is a pair of baggy jeans, a white form-fitting tee, and a loose flannel women’s jacket. Don’t want form-fitting? Pairing oversized tops and jackets with baggy jeans for a feminine menswear vibe is a purposeful and powerful look.

Classic Streetwear

With their roots in streetwear, today’s baggy jeans naturally lend themselves to the classic urban streetwear look: baggy jeans with gold hoop earrings, a white tank, and jean jacket. The tank or jacket can be cropped, fitted, or oversized with low, mid, or high-rise baggy jeans. Most women’s shoes complement this look: strappy heels for going out, or sneakers for comfort. The finishing touch? A crossbody shoulder bag to pay homage to the fanny pack of the ‘90s.

Simple Loungewear

Go for comfort over all else when you wear baggy jeans as loungewear around the house. Try ripped jeans for women with sandals and a cozy cardigan or knit sweater. Want to go full 90s? Capture the look with a pair of laid-back baggy denim overalls! A T-shirt or striped cotton long-sleeve shirt completes this everyday ensemble, perfect for tending to your garden, doing a little spring cleaning, or simply enjoying a glass of wine with a friend. 

Ready for Winter

Usher in winter with high-rise, dark wash jeans and deep, dark colors like burgundy, forest green, or classic black. A slim fitting black turtleneck sweater with baggy jeans and combat boots is the perfect outfit for winter. This can be dressed up with silver jewelry or a watch. Or, keep it casual and cozy by throwing on a beanie. Add a trench coat and leather gloves and you’re all set for the holiday season! 

Be a Jetsetter

Baggy jeans make for the perfect travel outfit: they tend to have pockets for storage and their loose fit means you can easily run in them to catch a plane. Wear baggy jeans with dark sunglasses, a cross body bag, and platform loafers — you’ll be ready to be photographed strutting off the airplane runway like it was a fashion runway!

Belt It!

Picture this: a collared button down shirt, belted and tucked into baggy jeans. A statement belt is not only a functional way to secure loose-fitting baggy jeans, it also makes your outfit stand out. Tuck in the shirt halfway, all the way, or just around the belt buckle. Wear this classic look for work or running errands. Don’t have the time to pick out a color palette for your shirt and shoes? Going monochrome is a quick and easy way to elevate any jeans outfit. Don’t overthink it!

Bold from Head to Toe

There’s room to play with colors, prints and textures when it comes to baggy jeans. Go for all black with dark jeans, black boots, and a dark women’s top, or go full technicolor with a bright blouse, colorful heels, and ripped jeans for women. A heeled shoe is great for a modern and sophisticated look, giving extra height and elongating the pants, while flats or sneakers are better for more casual vibes. Either look works with baggy jeans as long as you are intentional. And for a boost of extra confidence, a bold red lip makes any ensemble pop!


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