8 Best Camping Gadgets For 2020

cool camping gadgets- Photo by Kun Fotografi from Pexels

Tired of the busy routine at work? Wouldn’t it be great to take a break and go camping? Imagine yourself enjoying the free time around nature and simply letting your stress go. Who doesn't want that, right? But before you go camping, you might need to get your hands on some outdoor gadgets to make your mini-vacation a more exciting experience. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 8 cool camping gadgets that can enhance your camping experience.

1. Water Filter Bottle

The first and the most important thing that you need for your survival during camping is a personal filter bottle. This will help you use any water around and make it drinkable in case you are met with an accident during camping. A water filter bottle helps you have access to clean water all the time, as it will automatically clean contaminated water and make it safe for you to drink.

2. Pocket Torch Lighter

One of the best camping gadgets is a pocket torch lighter to help you get the campfire going quickly and easily — leaving you with less time spent lighting smoky kindling and more time spent eating smores! You'll want to have one on you at all times so that whenever and wherever you plan to set up your tent, you can use this to create a bonfire.

3. First Aid Kit

If there’s one thing that you’ll always find in the camping gear of outdoor pros, it has to be a robust and comprehensive first aid kit. Just like food and water, a first aid kit is an absolute must when going to remote areas. You can't always control where and when you may get hurt during camping, but you can always be prepared to treat minor injuries with a portable first aid kit. You’ll find plenty of ultra-packable medical sets that include an LED flashlight along with everything you may need in case of an emergency, from painkillers and antiseptic wipes to tweezers and nitrile gloves.

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

4. Camp Smoker

It’s pretty cool to see that camping hiking gadgets continue to go up a level up each year with so many different options of innovative gadgets to choose from. A camp smoker will help you and your friends cook great meals while camping. The best thing about a camp smoker is that it is easily portable and can also be used for a stationary campsite. We all know how cooking is a big issue when you go out camping for long periods of time, as you can’t just survive on packed food. So it’s best to carry a camp smoker to cook food of your own. 

5. LED Tent Lights

An LED light tent is one of the coolest camping gadgets that you must have when planning an adventure into the woods. It’s easy to forget how dark things get at night when you are away from the light pollution of the city, so you want to be prepared when the sun goes down. An LED tent light can be hung within your tent and will make finding anything you need quick and easy. Without one, you’ll be stuck only being able to illuminate small sections of your tent with a handheld light.

6. Satellite Communicator

Next on our list of great camping gadgets is a satellite communicator that will help you navigate off-grid, and will aid you in getting oriented in case you lose your way. Make sure that you do some research and purchase a waterproof model. This will ensure that you can always carry it in your pocket to be on the safe side.

7. Cargo Shorts

One of the handiest things you need to add to your new camping gadgets list is a pair of men's cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are not only stylish to look at, but also have enough pockets and room for you to carry all your important gadgets — like a satellite communicator — with you at all times. And the best part is that they are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and at affordable prices.

8. Solar Power Charger

A solar power charger is easy-to-use and ideally suited for sparking conversations about eco-friendliness. Simply place it in direct sunlight, and once it’s had time to catch some rays you can charge a completely dead phone to full power in just a few hours. Camping is definitely a time to switch off from the many electronic devices we use, but a portable solar charger is one of the smartest camping gadgets to invest in.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels


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