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What are the Best Women's Pants for Hot Weather?

When the temperatures climb, your wardrobe has to be ready to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what. This year, we need to prepare for going back to work in the office, where shorts aren't permitted. Slacks and tight women’s jeans are unthinkable for the summer. So what do we do?

Luckily, there are many different kinds of pants to choose from for your summer wardrobe, all of which will keep you feeling cool and comfortable,  whether you’re dealing with high humidity or dry heat. We've pulled together a collection of the best women’s pants for hot weather so you can look great and stay comfortable all summer long.

What to Look For in Hot Weather Pants

The key to planning your summer wardrobe, especially when choosing warm weather pants, is to focus on breathable pants. Women's fashion offers an endless variety of fabrics and styles to accommodate the hot weather while keeping you looking great.

Here are a few key elements to keep in mind:

  • Breathability helps regulate temperature as it lets air pass through more readily rather than trapping heat;
  • Lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen are smarter choices than something heavy such as denim or wool;
  • Shorter pant lengths, such as crop or Capri pants, are more casual but can keep you cooler than full-length pants;
  • Certain cuts, such as wide-leg, increase breathability.

While not all pants styles popular in the summer months are necessarily suitable for the office, there's no doubt you can find a great pair of work pants to get you through the heat without breaking a sweat.

8 Best Women's Pants for Hot Weather

The best lightweight pants for hot weather combine all the above elements for a style-conscious choice you can wear at work or other places where more casual summer styles such as shorts aren't appropriate. Here, we've gathered a list of eight of the best women’s pants for hot weather, including lightweight work pants for summer. Women's fashion offers a wide range of fantastic choices that don't compromise comfort in the name of style.

1. Gauze Crop Pants

One of the top choices in breathable pants for hot weather is a lightweight gauze cotton in a crop cut to allow lots of air circulation. Gauze crop pants, especially in light color palettes, are a classy alternative to plain cotton pants, and with a drawstring waist, they’re also extra comfy.

2. Roll-Cuff Stretch Pants

Roll-cuff styles are excellent hot weather pants because they allow you to adjust the hem and change the length. Made with a stretchy cotton/spandex blend, they allow for breathability while maintaining a sophisticated look that fits in perfectly at the office or in meetings.

3. Cropped Sweatpants

Although sweatpants might seem like the last option you'd want when considering pants for hot, humid weather, the truth is that sweatpants with a generously cut, cropped leg can actually be a great summer choice. Tie-dye styles have a fun, beachy vibe and are excellent for lounging on lazy warm-weather afternoons.

4. Classic Cotton Pants

Cotton is one of the most popular go-to fabrics for the summer months, and most of the best women’s pants for hot weather incorporate cotton or some kind of cotton blend. Uniform pants made of cotton are perfect for the office and different cuts, such as bootcut, offer ample room for breathability.

5. Denim Overalls

Have you ever considered denim overalls as cool pants for hot weather? Overalls are extra breathable, and denim is made of cotton, so it won't trap heat. When paired with a lightweight summer crop top or a linen button-up shirt, denim overalls can be dressed up or down and keep you cool in the heat. Ripped jeans for women can also give you the extra air flow needed on a hot day!

6. Tech Jogger Pants

Tech pants make excellent women’s pants for hot weather because they are specifically made to wick moisture with quick-drying fabrics. Any type of lightweight hiking pants will usually fit the bill for comfort and breathability when you're looking for the best women’s pants for hot weather.

7. Linen Pants

Very similar to the gauze cotton pants in this list, linen pants are a classic summer choice. Linen is a highly breathable fabric and will keep you cool in the hottest temperatures. The most traditional type of linen pants are white linen, which means they go with everything. Pair them with a tucked-in button-up or a t-shirt for a casual yet stylish look.

8. Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg styles are great for hot weather because they allow for maximum breathability. They’re a trendy choice that goes well with all kinds of tops, from blouses to sleeveless tanks to graphic tees or lightweight oversized sweatshirts.

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