It’s no secret that black cargo pants are a wardrobe staple. They complement a variety of colors and textures, and their “blank slate” quality lets other pieces shine. While the pants blend well into any ensemble, their stellar comfort and functionality give them a subtle star quality.  

Black cargo pants are incredibly versatile — combining the inherently casual look of cargo pants with the more formal color of black. They offer a slightly elevated feel compared to their khaki cousins. 

Let’s discuss some styling options for a black cargo pants men’s outfit without further ado!

How to Wear Black Cargo Pants: Men’s Outfit Ideas

Black is neutral, so it pairs well with any other color. That makes black cargo pants one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you’ll own. Take your black cargo pants men’s outfit in any direction you’d like! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Oversized T-Shirt

Which types of men’s shirts best complete a black cargo outfit? Men may opt for an oversized T-shirt paired with athletic shoes for a casual streetwear look. Whether the T-shirt is a statement graphic tee or a layer underneath a jacket, cargo pants and T-shirts go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Stay on-trend with color-blocking tees and a relaxed fit for shirts and pants. Finally, throw on a snapback or baseball cap with sunglasses. 

But how can you distinguish an oversized shirt from a loose one? It’s not an exact science, but if you’re specifically going for an oversized look, choose a shirt two sizes up from your regular size. It should be several inches longer than usual.

A Corduroy Shirt

Of all the men’s shirts to wear with a black cargo pants outfit, men’s corduroy shirts add maximum texture and comfort. Perfect for fall and winter, these collared button-downs are a step above a T-shirt. Feel free to wear a T-shirt under them. 

Layer a long-sleeved plain tee underneath a corduroy shirt on extra cold days. This classic shirt is suitable for various occasions, from dates to errands to casual holiday get-togethers. 

Corduroy shirts offer many styling options. Wear them buttoned up for formal occasions and pair them with Chelsea boots. For a more casual look, keep them halfway unbuttoned with no shirt underneath for a confident, skin-baring look that shows off a display of necklaces. Or leave them totally unbuttoned to show off a tank or T-shirt underneath. Coordinate T-shirt colors with corduroy shirts to show you put some thought into your look. 

A Flannel Jacket

Grunge is an on-trend, throwback style for your men’s black cargo pants outfit. Naturally, flannel jackets lend themselves well to grunge looks, especially when tied around the waist. High-top sneakers and a beanie complete this ensemble. 

Flannels are also synonymous with autumn — they are the perfect thing to wear to a cookout, campfire, or football tailgate. Choose a microfleece flannel jacket for extra warmth on those cooler nights. Pop the collar to keep the neck warm. 

Layer with a long-sleeved shirt or pullover underneath. Flannels and cargos form the perfect go-to outfit every day of the week. Simple and easy — but always on trend. The visual interest and cozy feel of flannel will always be in style.

A Basic Hoodie

A black cargo joggers outfit with a hoodie and a new backpack is perfect for returning to school or traveling. Pair with combat boots for an authoritative look, or add visual interest with some multicolored sneakers. 

You can also style a hoodie under a jacket for extra warmth. When an outfit has three pieces to it, it looks more intentional. For example, wearing just a hoodie and pants could make you look unstyled. The third piece — even something as simple as a jacket over a hoodie — shows you put thought into your look. Just make sure the patterns on the hoodie and jacket don’t clash.

Foundation for a Halloween Costume

With fall in the air, Halloween is right around the corner! You can complete many Halloween costumes with black cargo pants. If a spooky mask or a poncho-style top is the focal point of your costume, you’ll want some reliable black pants. For example, wear them underneath a white sheet to be a ghost! 

Is spooky not your scene? Simply throw on a costume over your black cargo pants to go from day to night. Black cargo pants are also a natural fit for real-world-inspired black cargo pants costumes like a secret agent, government official, intrepid explorer, or a military-inspired look. Don’t overlook this super versatile must-have for last-minute costume parties; it doubles as daywear! 

Vest for Winter

There are many black cargo pants winter outfit options for outerwear. Like in autumn, layers are essential in winter. For example, layer a crew neck sweatshirt under a sweater hoodie. Or throw on a quilted vest over a microfleece jacket. 

As mentioned above, a third piece in your outfit boosts personal style, and a vest is that perfect third piece. Plus, it gives you even more pockets! Warm boots under the pants and a wristwatch complete this comfortable yet stylish combo. 

Lean into dark, cozy colors for winter outfits. And yes, it’s okay to wear black with navy! It’s a sophisticated color-blocking look, though many overlook this color combination as an option. But remember, cargos are cotton, so they are best for milder winter days. Extra warm accessories can help mitigate the cold.

A Button Down Collared Shirt

Pair your pocketed cargo pants with a class shirt! And since the cargos are solid black, they open up a world of patterned possibilities for button-down collared shirts. Whether striped or floral printed — short or long-sleeved — top off your ensemble with sunglasses and a bucket hat. Roll-up long sleeves for an effortlessly casual vibe. Keep the cuffs buttoned for more formal occasions.

Go for a baggy streetwear look with an untucked or loosely tucked shirt into your baggy cargo pants outfit. Men can elevate their cargo pants ensemble with tucked-in shirts or more fitted shirts. 

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