While the sun and fun of summer is nice, there’s no doubt that the changing weather of fall allows anyone who is focused on fashion a chance to shine. Layering to stay warm gives you opportunities to blend colors and fabrics that fit the changing landscape. But you also want to make sure that you’re look is modern and up-to-date.

To help, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 fashion trends you’ll want to know about for fall 2019. This is not an exhaustive list, nor in any kind of order, but it’s a great guide for integrating these styles into your own personal look. Check out these fall trends below!

Gingham Prints

These are everywhere! This fabric pattern is found nowadays on tops, shoes, and especially shirts. This is especially true in men’s fashion, with Vox doing an extended piece on Gingham. Gingham makes sense because it’s so basic and so easily goes with many fall looks.

2019 fall fashion trends - gingham prints

Cowboy Hats

Ironically, various styles of cowboy hats are now seen as bold statements, especially in urban settings. This enduring trend has never really gone away. Variations on styles of cowboy hats are easy to switch out and make sense for all kinds of weather. This is a timeless style choice for fall style 2019. Going for the utilitarian look? Try our men's cargo pants this fall!

Western-style Belt Buckles

No, they’re not as obnoxious as you think, this is one of the classier fall fashions trends for 2019.  Made in silver and often quite lovely, western style belt buckles can show terrific artistry. Done subtly in pewter or silver, or more boldly in turquoise, belt buckles can be matched with jewelry for a great, harmonized look.

Snake Prints

Of the many fashion trends for fall 2019, this stands out as a bold look. You can find snake print or actual scales on belts or various styles of boots. This definitely gives a strong western vibe, but it’s great for a casual, everyday look, especially if the western elements of an ensemble are toned down. This looks great with skirts, belts and shoes.

Fall Trends - Snake Print Booties

Pearl hoop earrings

Pearl hoop earrings have been trending strongly on Etsy for the past year, according to HuffPost.  We feel it’s because of a larger trend towards all things pearl. Pearl colors are soft and luminous and look great with any outfit. Pearl jewelry pieces are also something anyone can afford. This is one of the more sublime 2019 fall fashion trends.

Corduroy skirts

The corduroy skirt has always been a great option for either evening wear or for office use. In recent years the corduroy trend has made its way to the front of the fashion pack. Either in solid colors or in leopard print, this skirt adds a layer of soft glamor and shine to the silhouettes that these dresses and skirts provide. These skirts can flatter anyone. Make sure to include this in your fall style.

 2019 fall fashion - corduroy skirts


Capes have been on the runway for a few years and now explode into 2019 fall fashion. These are an easy-to-do look in solid colors and are wonderful as part of an outerwear silhouette. Don’t listen to Edna Mode - we love capes and they can make you look heroic!


Western Inspired Boots 

By “western-inspired”, we mean any type of shoe or boot that uses cowboy boot elements without being any a classic cowboy boot. Short booties and knee highs are working in design elements from classic cowboy boots, such as stitching, heels, and buckles. This is a nice trend because it allows for interesting boot styles. Also, expect many more pairs of classic cowboy boots on the streets. This is a must have for fall fashion 2019.

fall style - western inspired boots

Square Neck Milkmaid Tops

This creates a romantic look that harkens back to Emily Bronte’s period novels, to romance covers and idealized heroines who rise from common circumstances. This is actually a look that has been heavily pushed by many big fashion houses over the past 4 years or so, and is often found on celebrities. It’s a harkening to the nostalgia found in 19th century styles. This romantic look leads the pack for 2019 fall clothes.

Flared Jeans 

This is definitely a more retro look! Related to the oversized denim trend, flared jeans work great with western-inspired boots of all kinds as well as other various footwear. Not into denim? We also have some flared twill pants in our women's uniform pants shop.

fall looks - flared jeans

Hair accessories

Clips, barrettes, and scrunchies are all coming back fiercely in 2019. This is where several trends converge – several hair accessories can be found inlaid with pearl, silver and turquoise, while scrunchies are making a strong comeback with a variety of prints and patterns (such as the aforementioned leopard print.) All of these fall trends are fun and great additions to your look.

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Trends for Fall Fashion 2019