When you think of camo, you probably think of traditional camo colors that would blend in with forested surroundings: forest green, beige, brown, and black. But there are several camo varieties, including shades of tan and fashion camo made up of pink, blue, or even purple shades. Camo can be printed on any article of clothing or accessory.

But for this style guide, we’ll focus on camo shorts for men and women. There are more ways to style this print than you may think! If you’re stuck on what to wear with camo shorts, you have come to the right place.

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6 Cute Camo Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

Camo shorts may be any length, from cutoffs to falling around the knee. They might be compression shorts, loose running shorts, or cargo style in a low, medium, or high rise. The following outfit suggestions work with any type of camo shorts.

Crop Top

A crop top of any color is a flirty and fun way to balance out a camo shorts outfit. Pastels like baby blue, lavender, and light pink provide a soft touch to traditionally masculine camo patterns. Wear a fitted crop top with baggy shorts or a loosely flowing crop top with fitted shorts. Rock a crop top with trendy low-rise shorts and sneakers, or try thigh-high boots, high-waisted camo shorts, and a halter-style crop top.

Coordinate with Like Camo Colors

One way to identify what goes with camouflage shorts is to choose a color in your camo shorts to match your shirt. Wear a black tank with camo shorts and combat boots for an army-inspired look.

Some camo colors aren’t in the traditional olive green color family. Whether your camo print mixes shades of pink with neutrals or is all tan and brown, choose a shirt color that coordinates. To top it off, a slouchy sweater is perfect for a low-key day of studying, or wear a denim jacket for a night out on the town.

Neon Colors

Typically, orange and camo are worn together by hunters. This combo might not be evident to those outside the hunting community, but it is a common pairing. So for a hunting-inspired look, pair any shade of orange with your camo shorts.

In addition to orange, what colors go with camo shorts? Any neon or brightly colored top, shoes, or sunglasses add fun and flavor to a camo shorts outfit.

Experiment with Prints and Patterns

Usually, people pair solids with camo shorts since camo is a print. But this is not a hard and fast rule. A small and neutral pattern will look like a solid from far away. Neutral prints may feature navy, shades of white, gray, black, beige, or even denim.

Louder prints and patterns can work when styled intentionally. Show your commitment to bold patterns by cuffing sleeves or shorts or tucking in the shirt. This shows you have put thought into the look and are not pairing random patterns together.

Cool and Casual

An often-overlooked style option is a long-sleeved shirt worn with shorts. A long-sleeved deep V-neck tee, ankle booties, and camo shorts is the ultimate transitional outfit for those days that alternate between warm and cool temperatures. Toss on your jacket of choice – leather jacket, bomber jacket, or hoodie. Elevate your mid or high-rise camo shorts with a metallic buckle belt. Grab a crossbody bag, and you’re ready for anything.

Dress It Up

Camo shorts are inherently casual – perfect for everyday attire or any casual event. But any ensemble, camo shorts outfits included, is instantly dressed up with heels and a blazer. Classic accessories like a watch, bangle bracelets, dark sunglasses, and a dainty necklace solidify the dressed-up camo look.

A solid color blouse with neckline detailing completes this outfit. Wear any heels that fit your personality: heeled mules or sandals are great for this summer look. Finally, choose a purse that gives a pop of color.

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6 Stylish Camo Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

Men’s camo shorts often have a similar fit to men’s cargo shorts – loose fitting with plenty of pockets. But not always! Let the following outfit ideas open your mind to more camo shorts and men’s fashion styling possibilities.

White or Graphic Tee:

So, what matches with your camo shorts? The reliable white tee truly goes with everything. Wear a V-neck or a crew neck with camo shorts – whichever best compliments your physique. To add some personality, pair your look with a necklace or chain.

For more visual interest, try a graphic tee. It will look especially coordinated if some colors in the graphic design match your camo shorts. To complete the casual look, go for sandals. To elevate it a bit, opt for a nice pair of loafers.

Flannel or Button Down

Don’t get too hung up on what color shirt goes with camo shorts. Keep it simple with neutral colors in a flannel; it won’t overpower the camo shorts below, whether plaid or checkered. Plus, flannels offer the most versatility in a garment. Wear a flannel as a casual, light jacket with a tee underneath. You can also wear flannel as a shirt, fully or halfway buttoned. It caters to many different styles and occasions.

Though most men’s camo shorts fit loosely to the knee, others may be slightly shorter or more fitted. Lean into this tailored look by dressing up your camo shorts with dress shoes and a button-down. Leave part of your button-down untucked for a cool, carefree look, or button it up and tuck it in for a more polished aesthetic. Like flannels, button-downs offer optimum styling versatility.

Bright Colors

If you feel constrained by neutrals, instead of asking what matches camo shorts, ask what goes with camo shorts. Coordinating instead of matching will open up your camo styling possibilities in a huge way! In that spirit, break out the orange for a hunting-inspired look!

Pair this unlikely color combo with a baseball cap; this athletic look is excellent for hiking or outdoor events. A bright shirt might be counterintuitive to the camo look; after all, camo is meant to camouflage! But as previously noted, hunters often pair neon orange with camo to stay visible to other hunters, so it’s quite a standard combo. Whether it’s a bright shirt, cap, shoes, or jacket, have fun with bright colors and stand out.

Bomber Jacket

A fitted or oversized bomber jacket looks great with nearly every outfit, and camo shorts are no exception. Rock a bomber jacket with its fitted cuffs over any of the men’s shirts above. Whether it’s a two-tone varsity style letterman jacket or a solid color bomber, this timeless type of jacket elevates the casual nature of camo shorts. Finish out this classic look with some dress shoes or white sneakers. 

Low Key Hoodie

Finally, a hoodie with camo shorts is perfect for a chill day at home. A light-heather gray hoodie lightens up dark-tone camo shorts. Likewise, a dark hoodie or sweatshirt balances out a beige-dominant pair of camo shorts. What can make this low-key outfit stand out? Some stunning shades, eye-catching sneakers, or a design on the hoodie.

Of course, a hoodie’s pockets can’t fit everything. A belt bag worn across the chest will have you covered for going out. Coordinate your shoulder bag with a matching camo print.

Corduroy and Camo

Corduroy men’s tops come in the form of jackets, long-sleeve button-downs, and hoodies. This soft textured essential pairs wonderfully with camo shorts, especially in solid colors. A solid shirt color will ensure the texture of the top combined with the camo print won’t be too visually overstimulating. Some may relegate corduroy to strictly fall and winter, but it’s lightweight and cozy all year round.

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Camo shorts offer more versatility than you might think for men and women. Not only is it the perfect thing to wear on a laid-back day, but a few choice accessories can also easily dress up this casual essential.

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