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Coachella is the most iconic arts and music festival in the United States. For two back-to-back weekends in April, music lovers gather in the California desert to enjoy some of the biggest headliners and other fun festivities. It’s an event known for music and an opportunity for celebrities, influencers, and the public to show off their best festival wear.

It’s a chance to unwind, strut your stuff, and take photos against the desert sunset showing off your Coachella style.

The festival draws thousands of attendees from all over the world. With such an eclectic mix of people, it's no surprise that fashion plays a significant role in the event. Looking fashionable at Coachella isn't just about looking good – it's also about expressing your unique and individual style. From edgy to vintage-inspired looks, the possibilities for style at Coachella are endless.

So, what makes an outfit Coachella-ready? Whether you’re going to Coachella to dress up or down, we’ve got you covered with these iconic looks.

11 Coachella Outfit Ideas You Should Consider

The best Coachella clothes strike the perfect balance between fun and practical. You’ll be out in the sun all day, so you don’t want your outfit to make you uncomfortable. Equally, your clothing should match the carefree vibe of the most epic music festival of the year!

If you’re searching for Coachella outfit inspo, consider the following styles to ensure you’re festival ready!


Make a statement at Coachella with a pair of stylish shortalls or overalls! From the '90s and 2000s to now, overalls are the perfect statement piece for any wardrobe.

Overalls are not only fashionable, but they're practical too! They're basically a complete outfit on their own, and with endless ways to style them, you can mix and match no matter the festival weather.

Show off your playful side by pairing them with an open-back tank top, sandals, and a floppy hat. Or dress them up a bit more with some booties and bold accessories.

Regardless of how you style them, shortalls and overalls will surely become one of your go-to Coachella looks!

Denim Shorts

You can’t go wrong with denim shorts at Coachella.

They are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and practicality. Coachella concert sets run for hours, and a comfy pair of denim shorts ensures discomfort doesn't ruin a magical night.

Whether you opt for light wash or dark wash, there is no denying that denim shorts are a festival staple. Rock them with a cropped tank top, layered jewelry, and your favorite sandals for an easy but stylish look.

Denim Jackets

Add some edge to your Coachella outfit with a denim jacket! This fashion staple is perfect for those chilly desert nights when you don’t want to sacrifice style for warmth. Throw on over a crop top and jeans, or keep it simple, minimalist, and effortless with a plain white tee and shorts.

While people often think denim-on-denim is a no-go, we beg to differ. Rock a crisp and cool vibe by pairing white jeans with a white denim jacket.

Trust us. This edgy and effortless look will bring your Coachella outfit together.

Hunt for Styles in UNIONBAY 2 - Coachella

@huntforstyles in UNIONBAY Jean Jacket and Jeans

Lightweight Button Ups

Looking for a wardrobe staple that will never let you down? Button-ups are the answer! These classic pieces can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect choice for festival attire.

A lightweight button-up is the ideal way to stay cool while still looking chic at Coachella! Wear it tied around your waist, open with a tank underneath, or tucked into some denim shorts for a classic look.


Bring your festival outfit to the next level with a stylish pair of booties! Whether you’re rocking them with overalls or jeans, booties will surely add a touch of sophistication to any Coachella ensemble. Plus, they’ll provide some much-needed cushioning when navigating that sandy terrain. Channel your cowgirl flair with a chic faux suede bootie. This trendy footwear will transform your outfit into a stylish western-inspired look that will turn heads!


No matter what style you opt for, sandals are essential for surviving the sun and heat at Coachella! From platform to multi-strap sandals, there is no shortage of options for finding your perfect pair.

Don't be afraid to choose a sandal in a fun, bold color. Wearing one says you’re not scared to make a statement. And Coachella is the perfect opportunity to get a little wilder and more experimental in your personal aesthetic. To make your look really pop, rock some toenail polish that stands out, too.

If you want to keep your look more understated, go for a sandal in a neutral color like black, brown, or grey, which pairs well with any outfit.

Cargo Shorts

Add some flavor to your Coachella outfit with a pair of cargo shorts! They are the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable while still looking stylish.

Not only are cargo shorts stylish, but they're also incredibly comfortable. With free air circulation, cargos will help you stay cool even on the hottest concert days. These shorts are made with sturdy materials and strong stitching, making them the perfect choice for this special outdoor adventure.

Rock them with a graphic tee and some classic sneakers for an easy but oh-so-chic look.

Printed Short-Sleeve Button Ups

Show off your personal style at Coachella with a printed short-sleeve button-up! Whether you opt for bold patterns or subtle designs, this is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your festival outfit. Plus, it’ll help keep you cool in the desert heat.

Lightweight Hoodies

Have you ever wondered why hoodies are so comfortable? Well, it's all about the soft, cozy material they're made from. Seriously, it's like wearing a warm and snuggly blanket. No wonder people can't resist the comfort and coziness of their favorite hoodie.

Keep it cool and casual at Coachella with a lightweight hoodie. They’re perfect for layering over a t-shirt or wearing on their own. Look for hoodies in fun colors, prints, and fabrics to add some flair to your outfit!


Don’t forget the all-important shades when creating your Coachella outfit! Not only do they keep you safe from the sun, but they also add a touch of glam to any look. Plus, your concert selfies will be on point.

Look for fun and funky styles that will elevate your look. From classic and two-tone aviators to statement-making cat eyes, there is something for everyone when it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. So grab some UV-blocking shades to keep your eyes protected and your outfit elevated.

Boho Tops

Get inspired by the fashion of Woodstock Festival 1969: flowy, natural, romantic cuts and styles are forever a festival vibe. A loose-fitting boho top is super comfortable and lightweight. As far as shoes go, platform strap sandals pair great with bohemian Coachella outfits.

Find the Best Coachella Outfit Ideas at UNIONBAY

No matter what style you wear at Coachella, rock one of these Coachella outfits!

We know that getting ready for the event of the season can be a bit overwhelming, but choosing styles from UNIONBAY can make the process easy.

When it comes to Coachella outfits, women have a world of choices. Have fun, and don’t overthink it! Ultimately, there are no rules about what to wear for this event. Some attendees prefer to keep it low-key and minimalistic; others choose to go all out. Stay true to yourself.

Since Coachella lasts several days, that means putting together several female Coachella outfits! Feel free to create your own ensemble, combining UNIONBAY’s essentials and partywear! Since 1981, UNIONBAY has been providing iconic American sportswear built upon the ideals of youth, freedom, and originality. Browse our clothing and accessories and see what inspires you.


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