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Cargo Pants: A Must-Have Wardrobe Staple

Cotton cargo pants are one of the must-have items for everyone's closet. They bring style, comfort, versatility, utility and are super easy to add to any outfit for a casual and pulled-together look. There are all sorts of men's cotton pants  out there, but nothing beats cotton cargos for sheer wearability and easy-going design. You can dress them up, dress them down, use them for outdoor adventuring or a classy picnic-in-the-park date.

Let's take a look at why these pants need to find a permanent place in your wardrobe.

Why Cargo Pants?

If you're asking yourself what makes men's cotton cargo pants so special, we have a lot to tell you! First of all, these pants are not just for workmen or carpenters. Although these multi-pocketed trousers were first used by British military personnel, they have come into mainstream fashion in a big way. Cotton cargo pants are really hot right now, and both designer and casual labels are finding all sorts of uses for them in collections for every season.

Cotton Cargo Pants: The Ultimate Style for all Seasons

In fact, not only are men's lightweight cotton cargo pants a perennial fashion favorite, they are also great in any kind of weather. Because they can be made out of a variety of fabric weights, they work well when it's cold or hot, making them a perfect choice no matter what time of year it is! Here are just a few reasons why cotton cargo pants truly are the ultimate style for all seasons.


When it comes to clothes you love to live in, cotton men's pants always top the list. The thing is, not all of them are tailored or cut for a comfortable fit. Cargo pants for men are comfortable not only because they are usually made of a soft cotton but also because they have a cut that looks flattering but never feels tight or fussy. They are very forgiving for all sorts of frames, without ever looking overly baggy. You'll want a pair of 100% cotton cargo pants in every shade so you can wear them again and again, all year long.


How is it possible that such a comfortable and flattering pant can also be incredibly durable? Since they originated as military clothing, cotton cargo pants have a utilitarian aesthetic that means they were made to last through everything, even battle. While you won't be putting yours through boot camp, you can count on cargos to outlast many of your other pants. Just one more reason these pants are such a great choice for your closet: you'll save money because you won't have to replace them as often!


Remember how we said these pants could be dressed up for a classy night out or worn on a casual weekend hike? Well, it's the truth. Just take a look at men's dress cargo pants, for example. They have all the benefits of cargos, such as comfort and durability, but they can also take you to a more upscale setting where you might typically choose a pair of cotton dress pants. Granted, they won't make the grade at a formal event, but they can definitely make a splash in a room full of cookie-cutter jeans. With their unique style, dress cargos help your look stand out from the crowd to make a great impression.


At this point, it might seem impossible for cotton cargo pants to get any better, but wait: they can! No-iron cargo pants are wrinkle-free cargo pants. That means they are totally wash and wear. The textiles used to make the pants have been treated so that the fabric resists creasing. This means no more dragging out the ironing board! Just grab your favorite pair and head on out in wrinkle-free style.

How to Style Cotton Cargo Pants

If you take a look on social media or anywhere online, for that matter, you'll see that cotton cargo pants are definitely back and in some really unexpected ways. It's easy to style cargos for any occasion. Try these ideas:

Streetwear: pair baggier cargos with an oversized hoodie

Tailored: a slim-silhouette cargo goes great with a more fitted shirt

Classic: style your cargos with a casual men’s top for a timeless look

Date night: try a flattering pullover or button-down with a fun print

Work aesthetic: grab a pair of construction boots for a full-on utilitarian statement

UNIONBAY has Cotton Cargo Pants for Every Occasion

Now that you've got all these ideas for new looks, all that's left to do is pick your favorite pairs of cotton cargo pants. We also carry men's big & tall cargo pants for a wider size assortment. UNIONBAY makes it easy with a fantastic selection of stylish cargos in a variety of classic colors and comfortable fits. Check out the online catalog at UNIONBAY to find your next go-to pair of cargo pants for men for any season. Looking for an option on warmer days? Be sure you check out our men's cargo shorts!

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