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crop top and jeans(photo credit: @gabielyns)

Jeans and a crop top is the ultimate cool girl outfit. But it can be more than that: this look exudes confidence, and anyone can rock it in any season! You just need to know how to style it. If you’re feeling intimidated by this look, let us guide you through the world of crop top and jeans outfits.

Types of Crop Tops

First, what makes a shirt a crop top? Generally speaking, a crop top covers the chest and exposes the waist, stomach, and/or torso. There are as many kinds of crop tops as there are kinds of shirts. Some crop tops just expose the midriff, while others expose the entire torso.

A crop top with high-waisted pants can be casual or formal, simple or accessorized. Here are some of the most common styles:

  1. Turtleneck: This is the most formal kind of crop top. It keeps the neck warm and can be worn comfortably in the autumn and paired with high-rise pants for business casual looks.
  2. Spaghetti straps: The ultimate summer choice.
  3. Halter top: A deep-V of a halter top is flattering for all body types.
  4. Tube top: This Y2K classic is making a resurgence.
  5. T-shirt: A cut-off tye-dye, patterned, solid, or graphic tee goes great with all types of jeans.
  6. Tank top: A tank-top-style crop top is sporty-chic.
  7. Long-sleeved or sweater crop top: The perfect choice for cooler temperatures.
  8. A bralette or sports bra: Great for festival wear, stylish workouts, and hot temperatures.
  9. DIY: If you’re crafty, you can cut off the bottom of an oversized shirt to create your own crop top. Or if you’ve still got a shirt from when you were a kid, try it on! As an adult, it may fit you well as a crop top!

How to Style a Crop Top with Jeans

There are several ways to style a cute crop top with jeans, whether you’re looking for a laid-back vibe or a high-fashion glam look. Bonus: with nearly all crop top high-waisted jeans ensembles, women’s shoe options are quite flexible.

1.   Fun and Flirty High-Waisted Jeans and Crop Top

High-waisted pants crop top combos are perfect for date night, especially when worn with a platform strap sandal, funky purse, hoop earrings, and a leather jacket. While low coverage crop tops are fun, flirty, and casual, high coverage crop tops are better for more formal affairs.

2.   Dressing Up a Crop Top and High-Waisted Jeans

Although a crop top is inherently casual, you’ll look business chic in a turtleneck style crop top with high-rise dark wash jeans. Add a loose-fitting vest or blazer as the final layer. A pair of heels or flats are appropriate for almost any formal occasion or to wear at the office.

3.   Uber-Casual: Shortalls or Overalls

Overalls for women are one of our favorite pairings with a crop top for a fashionable yet casual look. In the summer, opt for shortalls!  They will cover up your midriff but still allow for a cool breeze on hot summer days.

Denim shortalls and overalls give a cool and casual impression – whether you’re moving into a new apartment, walking the dog, painting the house, or just lounging around. This look exudes confidence because it combines the practicality of overalls with the flirtiness of a crop top for the perfect summertime combination. To maintain the casual theme, sandals pair very well with shortalls and overalls.

4.   When It Gets Chilly

When the weather gets cold, you’ll need a cute jacket to throw on over your crop top. This will also keep you prepared for when summer nights get cool or when you enter an air-conditioned space. Best of all, jackets mean you can still enjoy crop tops into the fall.

A bomber jacket keeps things casual. Or you can rock jeans-on-jeans with a denim jacket. If extra pockets are needed beyond what your jeans offer, a quilted jacket will have room to store keys and your phone.

Select a long-sleeved, turtleneck, or sweater crop top in a darker color when the temperatures go down. Autumnal colors include burgundy, burnt orange, hunter green, and mustard yellow. As for the shoes, ankle boots and combat boots are perfect for fall, and go with any style of jeans.

Common Styling Mistakes with Crop Top and Jeans

There are no real rules when it comes to fashion. In fact, fashion is all about breaking the rules and defying the norm in order to express yourself. But as Pablo Picasso said, it’s helpful to “learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

So, here are some common fashion pitfalls to avoid when it comes to styling crop top high-waisted pants outfits:

Getting the Wrong Size Top or Jeans

Too-small jeans and a top that squeezes too tight will just make you uncomfortable – especially if you’re committing to the outfit for the full day. But it can also be unflattering.

Complement your body by buying the right size for your body as it is right now. Bodies change over time, so be open to getting new clothes if yours become too big or too small. The labels Small, Medium, Large, etc. are subjective. So if you’re unsure of your size, whip out a tape measure and check if your retailer offers what you need.

Pairing the Wrong Accessories

How would you accessorize a deep V-neck crop top? With deep V-necks, it’s easier to show off a longer necklace. For a crew neck crop top, a choker will be on full view. On the other hand, a necklace worn over a busy patterned crop top won’t feature. Bracelets hidden by a long-sleeved top won’t be visible. And an anklet obscured by any shoe other than sandals or flip-flops won’t work.

Additionally, smaller, minimalist accessories and patterns flatter smaller statures and larger accessories and patterns are proportional for larger statures. This applies to accessories such as belts, scarves, jewelry, and purses.

Selecting a Fit That is Not Aligned with Your Body Type

High-waisted jeans and crop tops look great on everyone, but the cut and fit is important. If you have broad or rounded shoulders, a crew neck crop top will make them look even more rounded or broad. In that case, a V-neck crop top is your friend. Regarding jeans, a wide leg is ideal for long legs, but will swallow a person of petite stature. Those with short legs should also avoid cropped pants.

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