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Cargo shorts are shorter versions of cargo pants, which were created with a legitimate utilitarian purpose. They were introduced in the 1940s during World War II and used by the U.S. Air Force to access supplies during flights or ammunition when hiding on top of mountains.

Today, cargo shorts have become a breezy and comfortable fashion choice. In terms of use and flexibility, they are more versatile than your average pair of shorts. Why? That's because you can easily pair them with any casual wear – be it a t-shirt or sweater. Plus, they are super comfortable.

However, over the years, cargo shorts have faced backlash. The Wall Street Journal reported that the cargo shorts style is mocked by the partners of people who wear them, and they've even been banned at golf clubs. So, are cargo shorts out of style?

Read on to find out.

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What Are Cargo Shorts?

what are cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are essentially the short version of cargo pants, with the legs typically reaching a length near the knees. Both cargo pants and shorts have gained popularity as casual urban clothing, thanks to their comfortable fit and practicality for carrying extra items.

Cargo shorts have become a wardrobe essential not just for men, but for women as well. Not many clothes serve both a stylish and practical purpose, but the cargo shorts tick both of these boxes, making them a must-have summer essential. Cargo shorts creatively combine style and functionality. For years, they have been an essential part of an active lifestyle.

Want to make your cargo shorts the showstopper of your wardrobe? Choose the right ones that match with your unique personal style. You may opt for a longer pair of cargo shorts with a relaxed fit or a more naturally vintage and clean-cut fit. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find them in our extensive collection of men’s cargo shorts.

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Are Cargo Shorts Out Of Style?

Let’s be honest: Pop culture in general does consider cargo shorts to be out of style. But we all know how there’s normal backlash against any style that becomes popular. Remember how cargo shorts were a rage in the 90s? That’s mainly because cargo shorts offered the unique outdoor experience, owing to versatility and style.

These shorts have tons of advantages. Apart from being funky, they are super comfortable to wear. Most importantly, cargo shorts allow free air circulation, giving you a cool feeling even on a hot summer day. They are well-stitched with a strong material, which makes them useful when it comes to outdoors. You can play basketball, do sports, or just move around with unbelievable ease.

Going out for a picnic or camping? A pair of perfectly fit cargo shorts is all that you need. This is because these shorts are made to last and do not stain easily. In addition, the pockets are accordion-like and expand to give more room to carry items with you without having to carry a bag.

Though cargo shorts enjoyed popularity through the 2000s, the first half of this decade saw a bit decline in their sales. Still, there are many diehards who consider the cargo shorts a way of life. They consider cargo shorts convenient, comfy, and all-around fine to wear for all occasions.

So, are cargo shorts out of style? We believe “out of style” is relative, and going with the overwhelming public opinion is never the way to approach fashion. You’ll find tons of cargo shorts out there, and while some may look ridiculous, others have a more streamlined style. For instance, men's cargo shorts come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors. Our cargo shorts are a very versatile option that go well with plenty of casual wear ideas, so styling them is pretty hard to mess up.

Even though cargo shorts fashion has faced some backlash, they're still massively popular, especially during summer. It clearly shows the staying power of these pairs of shorts. What makes cargo shorts work is having the perfect fit. Most of the fashion disasters with these shorts occur when people wear them two sizes too big. If they fit right, cargo shorts can be fantastic and comfortable.


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No matter what, men's cargo shorts prove that you’re a truly independent thinker who isn’t scared to make their own decisions about what looks good or doesn’t look good. A nicely fitted pair of cargo shorts can be worn with a t-shirt and sneakers or dressed up appropriately with a casual button down shirt and some boat shoes.

So, are you daring enough to challenge public opinion on what’s in and what’s out? Shop our vast collection of men’s clothing now. The best way to wear cargo shorts in style is with a UNIONBAY pair. We promise you'll never run out of outfit ideas!


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