Why are men’s dress cargo pants the in-thing this season? Because they’re fashionable, durable, and comfortable for everyday wear. Oh, and they also happen to look great!

We know what you’re thinking: Dressy cargo pants are a thing? Indeed they are, which is excellent news for fashion-conscious men looking for a few pairs of cozy multipurpose pants that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to style them and how you can incorporate dress cargo pants into your wardrobe rotation.

How to Style Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are perfect for cooler days when you want full coverage and maximum comfort. The first order of businesses is color. If you’re going to rock out in a pair of men’s cargo dress pants and score points for style, then the old military style pattern is out, and one-tone colors are in. There are many choices, but the most popular cargo dress pants come in neutral shades like black, brown, tan, khaki, green, and grey.

The rest comes down to the occasion and the specific look you want to achieve. Here are a few examples of how to make the most of a pair of dressy cargo pants.

The effortlessly cozy look – When worn with a pair of chunky lace-up boots and a thick woolen plaid shirt over a white t-shirt, you’ll have a winter look that’s both practical and appealing. Add a thick wool hat or scarf for even more style points.

The rugged athletic look – It’s easy to make a pair of dressy cargo pants look hip and carefree by wearing them with a hoodie. On cooler days, you could even wear an oversized flannel shirt on top to add a little color and flair.

The sexy casual look – Khaki’s, browns, and tans are perfect to pair with a polo shirt or v-neck sweater and a pair of sneakers for an effortlessly sleek, polished, and sexy look.

How to Dress Up Cargo Pants

There are some tried and tested ways to dress up cargo pants for a less casual look, but it’s not simply a case of adding a smart top. First and foremost, stay well clear of blazers and suit jackets. These are just overkill and will leave you looking like you’re trying too hard. Instead, play with the fit and style of your cargo pants to achieve a dressier style.

Contemporary dressy cargo pants are closer fitting than the loose, baggy styles of the past. A pair of slim fit or straight leg jogger cargos are all you’ll need to achieve a smarter appearance. Pockets and pocket positioning are also important factors. Modern men’s dress pants with cargo pockets don’t follow the traditional ‘more is better’ approach or make your pants look baggy by hanging around your knees. Instead, they feature off-seam pockets at the hip to give a casual feel with a tailored edge.

Date Night Cargo Dress Pants

We know, we know. You wouldn’t usually put cargos in the men’s fancy pants category. However, thanks to better tailoring, a wider variety of colors, and a shift towards twills, tweeds, and wools, dress cargo pants can easily be nice pants for men.

Once you’ve chosen a few pairs of staple cargos, play around with polo necks, v-neck men’s t-shirts, and collared shirts to see what looks best. Black cargo dress pants are a great go-to for date nights as they look more formal and can be dressed up further with the right combination of shirt and trendy men’s jacket. Plus, cargo dress pants are the perfect choice if you’re going on an outdoor date because they combine a sleek appearance with the practicality of comfort and easy movement. 

What to Wear with Dressy Cargo Pants

The possibilities are pretty limitless, but here are some examples of what to wear with your dressy cargo pants to create timeless looks with minimal effort.

A crisp white shirt – Extra style points if you team this with a pair of loafers and an elegant wristwatch.

A belt – No cargo dress pants ensemble is complete without a stylish leather belt.

A satchel – For brown, green, and khaki shades, in particular, an over-the-shoulder brown leather satchel creates a classical look worthy of several admiring glances.

A leather jacket – As you might have already noticed, the combination of leather with men’s cargo dress pants is a no-brainer on all fronts.

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