Happy Friday! We’ve asked Mollie from Mollie in Seattle to break down her blog, personal style & whether or not she is a Birkenstock-lover.
What inspired you to start your blog, Mollie in Seattle
A few things inspired me to start my blog. My passion for fashion, writing and sharing things I loved with others. Throughout college I became the person friends came to for fashion advice and beauty recommendations, I ended up sharing a lot of the same answers over and over, and finally thought that if I started a blog I could help share things on a broader scale.
      How would you describe style? How has living in Seattle influenced your look?
My style is tough to describe because it always seems to be evolving and changing, however, overall I’d say its classic with a twist. I’ll take risks every now and then with a bolder brighter color or perhaps go for a more minimal look in all black, it all depends on the time of year and my mood. Seattle has influenced my style in that the weather can dictate what I wear, I own a couple pairs of Hunter rain boots that have come in handy many times here in Seattle. I’m also inspired by the outdoors and colors of flowers in Pike Place Market.
  Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
Gosh, I know it’s vague to say everywhere but really, everywhere. Sometimes I’ll be walking through Pike Place Market and see something that inspires me to share a post about Seattle, or I’ll be browsing through Pinterest and see an outfit or color scheme that inspires me to create a similar look.  My sister, Katia helps too, she’ll tell me about a new pair of earrings she found or about a new mascara she’s loving, I look to her for a lot of things and blog post inspiration is definitely one of them. I’m also inspired by my readers! They email in great questions that end up making sense to create content around.
   What other blogs (fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.) do you follow obsessively & why?
A few blogs I follow religiously are Pink Peonies, Gal Meets Glam and Smitten Kitchen. I like them because they have excellent photography. They all share unique and interesting information from food recipes to outfit inspiration that I enjoy learning more about. Uncrate.com is another lifestyle/shopping website I read often, it’s more of a men’s site than women’s but they share some really cool products over there. Otherwise I browse through Pinterest a lot and end up finding new and interesting blogs that way!
    What is your favorite trend for the SS15 season?
I have two, head to toe white and shirt dresses. Though, I don’t religiously follow trends, I like to wear colors and patterns that are my favorite and things that make me feel stylish and comfortable.
    With $100, would you rather buy an outfit or a single piece? Where would you go shopping?
With $100 I would rather buy a single piece. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found value in spending a little more money on really nice pieces that will last me for a long time. Some of my most treasured items in my closet were on the more expensive side but I’ve been able to enjoy them for years and years. For example, I spent about $348 on a DVF dress, not exactly cheap, but I’ve had this dress for 10 years now and worn it to many special occasions, work and just for fun. I bet if I calculated the cost per wear on this dress over the last 10 years, it cost me less in the long run to buy versus spending $50-$60 every year on new dresses. Typically my go to place for shopping is Nordstrom.
    Birkenstocks… Yay or Nay?
For me personally I say yay! I think Birkenstocks are extremely comfortable and they come in a fun variety of colors and patterns that help me express my personal style. I have a couple pairs currently, a pair in pink and a pair in metallic silver. They’re great for throwing on when I’m in a hurry to get out the door, and they go with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts and more. A win for me!
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