Flannel Shirt DIY Repurpose Your Old Plaid

Hi-Lo & Studded Flannel Shirt DIY Tutorial

Looking to spice up your wardrobe this fall? Grab an old flannel shirt (or one from a thrift shop) & try this flannel shirt DIY!

Materials Needed

Old Flannel Shirt


Pyramid Studs


Iron-On Studs


Flannel DIY Measure

1.  Use ruler to measure 6″ from the underarm seam.

2. Cut along a straight line (follow a line in the plaid pattern).

3. For a hi-lo look, cut across the front side,  ~1″ under last button (again, you can follow a plaid line).

Hi-Lo Flannel Shirt DIY

4. Place the pyramid & iron-on studs on desired areas of the shirt & collar.

5. Grab the excess flannel material to put in between the iron-on studs and iron. Iron down firmly on both sides of the shirt to ensure firm application.

Studs on DIY Flannel Shirt

6. Done!

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Steps for a Flannel DIY Project

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