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The Best Men’s Hiking Shorts: Options for Your Outdoor Lifestyle

If you love the outdoors and live an active lifestyle, hiking shorts are for you. Ultralight hiking shorts for men are specifically designed to be comfortable, cool, and durable when you are hiking, engaged in other outdoor activities, or spending a busy day running errands.

Let’s talk about some of UNIONBAY’s best hiking shorts for men and why you should check them out! These are the best men’s hiking shorts for 2021.

The Benefits of Hiking Shorts For Men

As there has been a trend in recent years towards more casual styles, hiking shorts have become a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. Hiking and cargo shorts let you engage in activities like walking, biking, and of course, hiking while maintaining a fashion-forward look. Hiking shorts are also an excellent alternative for social activities, as opposed to running pants or, more overtly athletic gear. After a ten-mile city hike, you can join your friends for drinks and still look great. Finally, hiking shorts are comfortable and perfect for leisure activities.

Another benefit is that the best hiking shorts are designed to be comfortable and constructed from breathable cotton.

How to Style Men’s Hiking Shorts

One of the reasons men’s hiking shorts have been on trend for the past few years is their versatility. Since men’s hiking shorts often come in neutral colors, it’s easy to combine them with casual shirts as well as vibrant, trendy prints.

When paired with a stylish top, a cool pair of shades, and the right pair of shoes or boots, hiking shorts for men can be a versatile fashion foundation. You can create looks for any number of occasions, no matter if it’s hiking a beautiful trail, enjoying the beach, or at dinner with friends.

The Best Men’s Hiking Shorts

UNIONBAY’s men’s shorts are all machine washable, ruggedly designed, and look great.  Check out these terrific styles.

Cordova Cargo Messenger Short (Regular and Big & Tall)

This versatile short comes in a wide variety of neutral colors, making it easy to pair with white, dark, and other neutral tops. Both the regular and big and tall variants come with below-the-knee drawstrings and double side pockets. This feature makes this short perfect for a day of exploration or hanging out at the beach. This style is cotton and has a classic fit. A belt is included. All of this combines to create one of the best walking shorts for men.

Cordova Cargo Messenger Short

Survivor Cargo Short (Regular and Big & Tall)

This multi-pocket style rests just above the knee and is made from heavyweight cotton. It can be worn with tanks and T-shirts during warm weather and long sleeve shirts during fall. These shorts are built to endure. Colors include black, true navy, and grey goose. This style comes with a belt as well.

Survivor Cargo Short

Alfie Twill Cargo Short

A classic constructed from UNIONBAY’s vintage twill fabric, this short comes with ample pocket space. As a result, you can carry everything you need to bring with you throughout the day – phone, water bottle, and/or car keys. They’re also durable, long-lasting, and machine washable. The Alfie Twill Cargo Short is one of the best shorts to hike in.

Alfie Twill Cargo Short

Cordova Printed Cargo Messenger Short (Regular and Big & Tall)

This unique short is a below-the-knee style that comes in a printed camo pattern with a woven belt that can be worn with any number of looks. Like all UNIONBAY’s men’s shorts, it is made from durable cotton with a vintage wash. It is a versatile short that features slanted hand pockets and double-stacked cargo pockets.

Cordova Printed Cargo Messenger Short

San Juan Belted Cargo Messenger Short (Regular and Big & Tall)

Multi-stitch detailing makes this short an updated version of the classic cargo messenger short. Multiple pockets and durable cotton create  great option for outdoor lifestyles.

San Juan Belted Cargo Messenger Short

The Best Shorts for Hiking and Swimming

All of these shorts look great, but what is best for intense outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking?

  • The Alfie Cargo Short in both Regular and Big & Tall is an excellent choice for the beach, swimming, or hiking due to its sturdy vintage twill construction. You can go all day, and these rugged men’s walking shorts will keep pace with you.
  • The Survivor Cargo Short will work for you while white water rafting or jogging with your dog on the beach. These practical shorts are made from water-resistant cotton and are not only comfortable but look fantastic no matter where you go.

UNIONBAY – Your Choice for Men’s Hiking Shorts

UNIONBAY is a lifestyle brand that provides you with affordable, stylish, well-designed menswear. Check out our selection of men’s hiking shorts as well as other men's cargo shorts today. When the weather is cooler, another popular mens bottoms choice for hiking is our cargo pants for men

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