how to wear a t shirt fashionably

What’s more classic than a white tee? T-shirts are the building blocks of a wardrobe — they are both the basics and the essentials. For some, they provide casual comfort and familiarity. For others, they provide a canvas for self expression.

Want to know how to style t-shirts in a way that keeps you feeling fresh and inspired? Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to step up your t-shirt game!

How to Wear a T-Shirt: Fashionably Chic Looks for Every Occasion

The beauty of the t-shirt is its versatility, great for binging your favorite TV show but also perfect for a night out on the town. If you’re hoping to freshen up your look, here are six cute ways to wear t-shirts:

Casual and Athletic

For casual comfort, you can’t go wrong with the classic T-shirt and ripped jeans for women. To add some flair, pair gold hoop earrings with a high pony. Both men and women can elevate the basic T-shirt with jeans, corduroy, leather, varsity, or bomber jacket. Need a laid back beachy look? Pair a crop top with comfy shorts for women! And of course, T-shirts are the go-to top for workouts and activewear. Pair them with athletic shorts and tennis shoes for exercising or a long walk.  

Fitted and Feminine

Fitted t-shirts can give a romantic and feminine look. However, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new set of fitted tees — you can use any old tee, even one that’s too big for you! To give yourself an hourglass shape with a midriff, bunch any excess fabric and tie it in a knot. The knot can be in the center or to the side. If you want to tie a knot but prefer to avoid showing your midriff, wearing t-shirt outfits with high waisted pants or shorts is your answer. To complete this feminine look, wear t-shirt ensembles with platform or strappy sandals. Simply add a blazer to make this outfit formal and office-appropriate.

Trendy and Oversized

As the baggy ‘90s aesthetic has come back full force, oversized tees are everywhere. You may be thinking that oversized tees are only for sleeping or working out, but these tees are all the rage! The laidbook look is trendy while emulating the ‘90s grunge era, perfect for a cute and relaxed look while running errands. Wear an oversized T-shirt with uniform pants, skater shoes, and a cute sweater (either over top or tied around your waist). This look is super comfortable and casual, great for any occasion.  

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As a Dress

Want to know how to wear a T-shirt fashionably as a dress? Yep, you read that right — you can turn your old t-shirts into dresses! If the shirt is so oversized that it becomes a mini dress, wear it with a cute jacket and thigh high boots. To give your oversized shirt some shape for some cute t-shirt outfits, belt it or tie a knot to the side at the bottom. For monochrome t-shirt dresses, pair with fun jewelry for a little more personality! 

Layered Underneath Overalls

Have you considered T-shirts as a layering piece underneath overalls? Wearing a T-shirt under overalls will keep you warm so you can wear spaghetti straps from the spring through the fall. T-shirts with sleeves that are not too boxy or big work best for this look, so aim for tighter tees as opposed to baggy. Wear a T-shirt under a pair of jean short overalls, a dress, or any kind of onesie. Cropped T-shirts work great for this layered look, especially for warmer seasons. 

how to style t shirts

Get Crafty

The T-shirt is named for its boxy T-shaped design with its short sleeves, crew neck, and standard one-size-fits-all body. Sometimes we buy T-shirts for the logo on them, even if the T-shape design is not ideal. So if you have a T-shirt with a logo that is important or sentimental but you hate the fit, it’s time to whip out your scissors and get crafty:

  • Snip off a few inches around the bottom hem to create a ragged, casual crop top look. (You can re-hem it afterward for a more polished look.)
  • Turn the crew neck into a deep V.
  • Cut off the sleeves to make it sleeveless.

Tuck It In

For even more ways to wear a shirt, experiment with tucking it in! This is an easy way to style T-shirt outfits to make them look intentional and sophisticated. Here are different ways to tuck in your T-shirt:

- Fitted tees hug your figure more than a standard t-shirt. Wear them fully tucked in.

- For baggier T-shirts, you have more extra material to work with. You can tuck just one side, creating a diagonal line across your waist and hips, which adds visual interest from the soft draping effect.

- Only tuck in the front to show off a belt. This is called the French tuck.

Whichever style you choose, wearing a shirt tucked in is an easy and fast way to elevate your look.

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