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Jeans vs. Cargo Pants: The Ultimate Debate

In the world of casual go-to attire, jeans and cargo pants are at the top of the list. As a hybrid, jean cargo pants try to capture the best of both worlds, but the truth is that each one stands on its own as a fashion icon. So, in the eternal jeans vs. cargo pants debate, which one wins? Let's have a closer look at what makes them both unique.

Cargo Pants: Introduction

Versatile cargo pants for men are useful in all sorts of situations where you need extra places to store small items, such as when you're working on DIY projects or in the garden, or when you're camping or on a hike. Blue jean cargo pants for men take this workwear aesthetic and blend it with the relaxed comfort of denim.

Jeans: Introduction

Who doesn't have a favorite pair of jeans? Denim comes in all colors and styles, including blue jean cargo pants. Jeans are a perennial favorite for their comfort and because they can be dressed up or dressed down. The ever-changing shape and style of denim is a constant trailblazer.

Cargo Pants vs. Jeans: The Ultimate Debate

In a showdown between cargo pants vs. jeans, there are definite pros and cons on each side. Jean cargo pants, which are basically jeans with cargo pockets, try to bridge this gap. It all comes down to finding which pants are most suited to each occasion. Cargo pocket jeans are one iteration of these two favorites, but each one can reflect your personal style.

Pros and Cons of Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are adored by everyone, from carpenters to soccer moms to fashionistas sporting the latest streetwear look. In fact, sometimes they’re referred to as carpenter jeans, which is another way of saying blue jeans with cargo pockets. However, traditional cargo pants are not made out of denim and usually come in colors such as khaki or olive green.

Cargo Pants Pros

Here are a few reasons why we love cargo pants.  They are:

  • Full of space for holding things!
  • Lightweight with an all-purpose fit that's never too tight.
  • Simple and utilitarian, these are no-fuss workhorses.

Cargo Pants Cons

On the flip side, cargo pants, and by default jean cargo pants, have the following flaws: 

  • Too many pockets and belt loops can overpower the look.
  • Large pockets at full capacity can make the pants heavy.
  • They sometimes have a bulky fit that isn't flattering on all body types.

Needless to say, regular cargo pants and jean cargos work best when used in an environment that calls for function over form.  This plays out really well in outdoor activities and DIY projects but less so in more formal settings.

Pros and Cons of Jeans

Cargo jean pants share many of the same pros and cons as regular blue jeans. Although denim works in a wide range of places and events, there are some areas where it doesn't quite measure up compared to traditional cargo pants. Let's have a look.

Jeans Pros

There are a few reasons why we value our beloved jeans.  Jeans come in:

  • A variety of styles, cuts, and fits to flatter every body type and fashion preference.
  • Different washes and finishes such as destructed, distressed, raw and dark wash. This makes jeans a versatile choice for any kind of outfit.
  • Rugged or polished looks depending on the style and embellishments.

Jeans Cons

Although blue jeans have a lot going for them, they also have drawbacks to consider.  These include:  

  • Decreased breathability and comfort, especially in skinny jeans.
  • Certain washes and treatments can transfer dark dyes to skin and other clothes.
  • Less give and elasticity in rugged denim, making some jeans less forgiving in terms of body weight changes, fit, and size.

So, jeans and jean cargo pants have their upsides and downsides as well. It all comes down to what you're looking for in your particular pants. But what about an alternative that brings together the pros of both types? For that, we have utility pants!

What are Utility Pants?

When you take the most comfortable part of jeans material, a rigid twill, and blend it with the functionality of cargo pants, you get the unique alternative known as utility pants. This option gives you all the style, and flair jeans offer, with the exceptional functionality of cargo pants. In the end, both jeans and cargo pants win out!

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