loungewear outfit ideas

It’s totally acceptable to ask, “what is loungewear?”. The etiquette on how to dress for a lounge has certainly evolved over the years. In times gone by, lounges were smoky barrooms filled with stylish evening gowns, glittering jewels, and fur stoles. These days, however, loungewear includes any comfortable, casual clothing that is versatile enough to be worn in various situations, including home wear, work outfits, and social events.

Although modern women rarely need to consider what to wear to a lounge, that has not stopped the fashion world from being inundated with elevated loungewear styles. Taking comfy tops and bottoms and turning them into cute and glamourous combos that exude high-end appeal has become an art form. Check out our lowdown on loungewear outfit ideas for some inspiration.

How to Style Loungewear

Most of the best lounge outfit ideas hinge around pairing tops, jackets, shoes, and accessories around a comfy pair of shorts or pants.


Sweat shorts for women now come in such an extensive range of fabrics, patterns, and lengths that there’s virtually no end to the combination of ways you can dress them up.


Simply add texture, tone, and accessories to turn your favorite pair of women’s leisure pants into a trendy lounge pants outfit.

How to Dress Up Loungewear

Looking for tips on how to dress up loungewear? These loungewear outfit ideas use tried-and-tested methods that make turning your comfy sweats into an in-vogue outfit a breeze:

Combine Leisure With Lux - While it’s possible to dress up loungewear with matching tops and bottoms, it’s not easy. The best approach is to pair your shorts or pants with a higher-end knit, cashmere, or ribbed fabric top.

Pick Neutral Colors – Matching sets of monochrome always look smart. Avoid gaudy patterns like floral, and instead, focus on top-to-toe matching hues.

Layer Like Pro – For the ultimate in polished loungewear style, layering the right winter coat or women’s casual jacket is a must to pull your look together. You can even add funky knitwear like a trendy scarf and hat in cooler months.

Date Night Loungewear

Think you can’t turn lazy-day loungewear into a date night outfit? Think again! Knockout date night loungewear outfit ideas include:

  • Silky fabrics that are chic and sexy.
  • Fitted, figure-hugging tops over loose-fitting pants.
  • Combining killer heels with a classic pair of women’s crop pants.
  • Smart legging outfits that accentuate your curves.

What to Wear With Loungewear?

Let’s delve into some of the best items to pair with your loungewear for a look that endures.


Avoid combining too many loose fits. Pretty tops and blouses add class to any pair of loungewear bottoms. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, crewneck styles look smarter than hoodies.


You can make loungewear look chic with a range of wardrobe staples without having to completely overhaul your collection. Straight-cut jackets, fitted blazers, and oversized coats can all be tailored into a timeless loungewear trend.


Accessories are key to turning your yoga-vibe sweats into a ladylike look. Jewelry like chunky bracelets and gold hoops or chandelier earrings can completely transform a loungewear outfit. Pair with the right purse and a pair of stylish sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

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