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The low rise jeans aesthetic is making a major comeback from the early 2000s. Now, they’re the latest trend in fashion! They’re a versatile option for any season, making them a must-have for your closet. Girls in low rise jeans look fashionable and polished, especially when the jeans fit right and are paired with the right accessories. 

If you’re at a loss for how to rock low rise jeans outfits, we’ve got you covered! From tops to shoes to accessories, there are countless ways to make this style your own. In this article, we’ll teach you how to style low rise jeans and classic items to pair this fashionable denim with. 

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how to style low rise jeans

How to Style Low Rise Jeans

Thanks to their unique cut, you may be wondering how to wear low rise jeans in a way that’s both flattering and shows off your personal style. We’re here to help you try this new fashion trend with confidence. Try these cute low rise jeans outfit ideas to help you find a look you’ll love! 

Go Chic with Low Rise Jeans & a Button Up

If you’re worried about how to wear low rise jeans without a muffin top, pairing them with a button-up shirt is a great way to go. Go for the “cool girl” loose and baggy look to camouflage any areas you want covered. If you’re more confident about your waistline, tuck it in for a polished and professional vibe.

Button-up tops come in a variety of styles. You may want to get a few to create different looks with your low rise jeans. You can never have too many outfit options! UNIONBAY sells a variety of button-up shirts to wear with your low rise jeans. Browse our collection of cute women’s tops today! 

Keep it Chill with Low Rise Jeans & a Graphic Tee

Kick it old school with a graphic tee and low rise jeans. This casual look is perfect for going to the mall or hanging out with friends. Wear the shirt how you typically would — no need to tuck it in or crop it.

Graphic tees come in a variety of cuts and lengths. Choose tees that make you feel confident and cool when paired with low-cut denim. UNIONBAY sells a variety of women’s shirts so you can create the perfect low rise jeans outfit. 

Stay Casual with Low Rise Jeans & Flannel

Flannels are comfortable and work great for almost any season. Wearing a flannel with your low rise jeans creates a casual vibe while adding an eye-catching layer to your look. This is a great trick, especially if you’re still getting used to a lower waistline.

Flannels can either be tucked in or left to hang out. If you tuck it, leave it loose for a comfortable fit. For a casual-chic vibe, flannel shirt jackets are a must-have! 

Go Trendy with Low Rise Jeans & a Crop Top

Wearing low rise jeans and crop tops is a great way to stay on trend. This spring and summer look is perfect for women who want a relaxed look while still keeping it fresh. To make it more fashionable, add a knitted sweater or cardigan over your crop top.

Crop tops come in a wide variety of cuts and styles. Choose one that best suits your body type. It may take some trial and error to find the best option, but once you do, you won’t stop trying to catch glimpses of yourself in the mirror! 

Embody Sophistication with Low Rise Jeans & a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket adds a little extra umph to any look, especially when paired with something casual like jeans and a tee. Wear your low rise jeans with a bomber jacket for a unique look for the mall, coffee dates, or a quick trip to the store. 

For a trendy look, try a neutral-colored bomber instead of the traditional black. Wear a crop top, T-shirt, or button up underneath and you’ll look edgy and sophisticated. Shop women’s jackets today! 

Make a Statement with Low Rise Jeans & Strappy Sandals

If you’re wearing your jeans in the summer, pair them with strappy sandals for a relaxed look. Choose neutral colored sandals to wear them with any top or go bold with bright colors and accents! 

This combination works best during the spring or summer, when the weather is warm and inviting. Shopping tip: winter, early spring and fall are good times to buy sandals, since they’re usually on sale. Find the perfect shoes for your outfit today! 

Stick to Basics with Neutrals

Wearing a neutral color with your low rise jeans creates a basic aesthetic that’s perfect for nearly every occasion. Neutrals pair well with any kind of jacket, shoes, or accessories — offering endless styling options! 

The most basic neutral outfit consists of low rise jeans and a plain T-shirt. You can add a jacket if it’s cold out, but this look is complete without one if the weather is warm enough. Shop UNIONBAY’s neutral-colored tops for women

Keep it Simple with Low Rise Jeans & a Tank Top

Tank tops might seem like a more basic item of clothing, but patterned or ribbed tanks can make a statement. Even plain tank tops can look good with low rise jeans when paired with the right accessories. Your tank top can either be cropped or full length — either will work for this look.

To keep this style from looking too simple, spice it up with heels that match your tank top. This will draw attention to your outfit and add a little extra pop of color. Shop our women’s tank tops today! 

Go Grunge with Distressed Low Rise Jeans 

Take this look back to the 90s with distressed jeans. Like low rise denim, the grunge look is also making a comeback, so now is the opportunity to try this fun aesthetic. When paired with a flannel, bomber jacket or simple tee, this look can be dressed up or down for any occasion! 

You can opt for light-wash, dark-wash or black jeans with holes to create a true grunge look. Find the perfect pair of distressed jeans today! 

Look Cute in Low Rise Jeans & a Romantic Blouse

Blouses and denim always look good together, and low rise jeans are no different. Style your jeans with any kind of blouse you’d like for a cute, put-together look. Opt for light pastels, fun patterns, or monochrome classics — the options are endless! 

The best blouse for this outfit ends right above the waistline, showing off your waistband without too much exposure. UNIONBAY sells a variety of women’s blouses so you can find the right one for this classic pairing. 

low rise jeans and crop top

How to Wear Low Rise Jeans: Styling Tips

Now that you know what to wear with low rise jeans, we’ll offer some additional styling tips to create the perfect look every time. Low rise jeans aren’t hard to pull off, but there are some things that will make them easier to wear. Try these tips for the perfect low rise jeans outfit

Avoid Blue Tops

Since denim is considered neutral, you can wear almost any colored shirt with them. However, you may want to avoid wearing the same color blue as your jeans because it will match too well. Monochromatic looks are fashionable, but they don’t always look good with denim.

Wear Bootcut Jeans

Believe it or not, low rise tight jeans are trending out of style. These days, bootcut jeans or flare jeans are back in style. Wearing well-fitted flare jeans shows off your silhouette and boosts your confidence every time you step out the door. If you’re not comfortable wearing flare jeans, a straight leg style may be more suitable for you.

Tuck Your Shirt In

When it comes to shirts to wear with low rise jeans, it matters whether or not you tuck it into your pants. Tucking a shirt into the waistband will show off your silhouette, creating a polished and put-together look. 

Wear a Statement Piece

A statement piece makes your low rise jeans outfit stand out. Whether it’s a bold pair of heels, an eye-catching top, or trendy sunglasses, every outfit needs a focal point. This will draw attention to your outfit, show off your personal style, and make you feel cool and confident. 

Wear a Jacket

To make low rise jeans look a bit more intentional, pair them with a nice jacket. Similar to wearing a flannel, a jacket can make your outfit look more sophisticated. Choose a neutral colored jacket for the best effect, like suede or black.

Relax and Be Confident

The best accessory you can add to your outfit is your confidence. Low rise jeans may feel daunting — but with the right top, anyone can pull them off! There’s always a great styling hack to keep you on trend and feeling great in your clothes. There are so many ways to wear low-rise jeans, and you’re bound to find a look that fits your comfort level. 

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