While summer men's fashion choices tend to be fairly pragmatic, with options generally hinging on what will result in the least amount of sweat, fall is when guys can be more expressive with their clothing selections, dress in layers, and accessorize. The clothing options available through the summer may have mostly been t-shirts and shorts, but men's fall clothes include: 

  • Vests
  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Pants

With so many more opportunities for mixing and matching, fall styles for men explode with a plethora of contemporary combinations. The fall outfits in men's clothing stores allow guys to indulge in bold, autumn-appropriate colors and fabrics. When you’re looking for the exact outfit you need to make a statement, keep the following clothing ideas in mind. 

8 Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials for 2023

If you’ve followed trends for men's fall fashion 2023, you’ve undoubtedly seen a new wave of classy, upscale styles emphasizing a tailored, proper-fit look. That’s not to say the new, trendy fall clothing is stuffy or uncomfortable, though. Far from it! In fact, soft and comfortable fabric choices are trending for 2023. 

As for colors, traditional fall hues such as oranges, browns, tans, and dark blues are still appropriate, though the palette is more muted and includes broader variations of neutral tones, which are all the rage right now. In other words, pairing a beige cardigan with some well-fitting and faded jeans will be both stylish and comfortable.

But don’t be afraid to wear bold colors, too! Ultimately, the goal is to indulge in fashion choices that make you look confident and contemporary. If you find an orange hoodie that looks killer, wear it like you’re on the runway in a Paris fashion show. 

Let’s explore some fantastic men's fall fashion essentials to guide your style journey.

1. A Quilted Vest

The great thing about vests is that they warm up your torso while exposing your shirt sleeves for the world to see. That lets you mix and match shirts for more personal flair than you get with traditional-sleeved jackets. 

While coats often give off a utilitarian vibe, even flashy ones, the quilted vest perfectly balances function and form. They usually snap up in the front; some even come with an attached hood. They are built for movement but versatile enough to feel like a fashion accessory. Vests can be soft and cozy yet very masculine.

Casual men's fall outfits give the impression that they would be as comfortable indoors as outdoors and straddle the line between practical and aesthetically pleasing. Pair a quilted vest with a plaid shirt for a rustic, upscale “weekend in the mountains” appearance. If frost is in the air and Christmas music is on the radio, wear it over a neutral-colored long-sleeve shirt for a cozy seasonal vibe.

2. Baggy Cargo Pants

What was once a practical design for the military, cargo pants have taken hold in popular culture, particularly as an early 2000s throwback. In contrast to many current styles, cargo pants are usually baggy and loose-fitting, and you often see them matched with an oversized jacket. The extra pockets offer more usable cargo space and are critical to giving that youthful, rugged, yet refined feel.

Fabrics for the 2023 men’s fall style tend to be soft cotton for a lighter, more breathable experience. Rather than being stuck with shades of blue denim, you can explore more diverse colors with tan, orange, gray, and brown options to create exciting contrasts. Additionally, you can carry more stuff in those cargo pockets! And that’s definitely a win.

3. A Heavy-Duty Flannel

Early 90s grunge bands showed the world that flannel was cool. Just as cargo pants have come back around, so have flannel shirts. Men's fall attire rarely offers more variety of color and pattern than it does with flannel shirts, and they’re every bit as helpful in battling cold weather as they were when they were lumberjack work shirts.

No matter your color requirements and how you want to mix and match outfits, a heavy-duty flannel shirt should be a wardrobe staple. Men's fall fashion trends in 2023 also allow for many ways to wear flannel shirts, whether you prefer to wear them open to expose an undershirt, with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, or everything buttoned up and trimmed.

4. A Pair of Joggers

Sweatpants come with the stigma of being useful yet style-free “workout clothes.” However, joggers strike a balance between comfort and appearance. They are fantastic garments for the physically active, but they also inform the viewer that the wearer wants to be fashionable while being comfortable. There’s still a drawstring to achieve the desired cinch, but the slim fit removes the one-size-fits-all impression left by sweatpants.

Joggers are lightweight and come in more compelling colors than sweatpants, usually gray or a combination of bright hues and patterns. You can pair joggers with other trendy items to create many exciting men's fall looks.

5. A Classic Hoodie

The classic hoodie is an article of clothing that undoubtedly began as a pragmatic item but has become a fashion statement through association with lifestyles and cultures that permeate the public consciousness. Whether you prefer traditional gray hoodies or you want to branch out with alternative fabrics such as corduroy or microfleece, there’s an option for you.

And that’s to say nothing of colors! The creative minds that develop fall styles for men continue exploring various patterns and shades, transforming hoodies from conveniently comfy jackets into an area to express a sense of style.

6. Sporty Sunglasses

A great look isn’t complete without the right accessories. The autumn sun may be less intense than in mid-July, but it can still do a number on your eyes. Sunglasses are an essential accessory; you’ll want a pair that coordinates with your well-appointed men's fall casual outfits

In addition to style, consider practical features such as UV protection, and make sure they’re comfortable for all-day wear. To avoid combining black frames with brown hues, you may want to choose sunglasses with fashionable contrasts.

7. A Backpack

A backpack not only provides convenient carrying space, but it’s also an excellent fashion accessory. At least, as long as it’s as stylish as the rest of your wardrobe! Backpacks of leather or canvas will provide the earthy tones you need to match your fall attire. And don’t forget the pragmatic aspects of this essential gear. Make sure it can fit your laptop and is water-resistant.

8. A Wallet

Consider a new wallet if you go to the trouble of upgrading your wardrobe for the season. Whether you wear cargo pants or joggers, it should work with your ensemble. We recommend getting a leather wallet to make an impression as the weather cools. Brown leather is a timeless classic for the fall season.

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