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How to Find the Perfect Pair of Men’s Summer Shorts

Men’s shorts are an excellent, fashionable way to keep cool during the summertime. With the ability to dress them up or down, you can wear shorts for almost any occasion, especially with so many styles available. From khaki shorts to cargo and linen, men have a variety of comfortable but sleek shorts to choose from day to day.

What are the Best Shorts for Men?

Enhance your style with the latest men’s summer shorts. You can beat the heat in light, comfortable fabric shorts while still appearing fresh and on-trend. Cool shorts for guys are not just for hanging out at the beach. You can adapt your wardrobe to wear shorts for casual or formal occasions so you’re not stuck wearing heat-trapping pants or heavy denim during the hotter months.


When deciding on which nice shorts for men to buy, focus on fabric and style. You don’t want to sacrifice quality and fashion for comfort, as you want to present your best self each day. What’s great about UNIONBAY is that we combine these interests into effortlessly simple but high-quality products. Made with lightweight cotton and cotton-blend fibers, our shorts will sustain wash after wash so you remain confident and chic.

How to Style Men’s Summer Shorts

For a more laid-back style, opt for men's cargo shorts with a plain tee shirt. This go-to daily look can include diverse pieces from your closet, or prompt you to create a minimalist capsule wardrobe of simple and well-made pieces that go with everything.


Some of the best men's casual shorts include Unionbay’s Survivor Cargo Shorts for Men in Military Green. Pair it with the Blue Striped Pocket Tee Shirt in Adrift. Not only will you have ample pocket space for storing your wallet, phone, or other personals, but you can feel stylish and comfortable.

Another great versatile choice includes selecting UNIONBAY’s classic men's cargo shorts in khaki, navy blue, or grey goose, which are fantastic for day wear or evening wear. The best khaki shorts that will last through spring, summer, and fall include the Survivor Cargo Shorts for Men. This functional but classy pair can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. For instance, you can combine these breathable, popular men’s shorts with a more upscale top such as the Pier Chambray Woven Shirt in Dusty Orange. The pop of color makes this outfit fun while still versatile for numerous events or everyday style.

Trendiest Men’s Summer Shorts

The best men’s summer shorts for outdoor adventures, going out on date nights, or running errands are the Cordova Cargo Messenger Shorts. Offered in twelve different colors ranging from white to black, you can remain cool in a lighter color like Grain or White, or look more upscale at night in Black or Flint.

Match these trendy bottoms with a patterned tee shirt, sweater, jacket, or button-down shirt throughout the seasons. For a burst of color to contrast the minimalist shorts, go with the Napa Burnout Hoodies for Men in Dive or Green Sea. You’ll have everyone asking where you shop.

Most Comfortable Men’s Shorts for Work From Home Routine

The best pair of men’s comfy shorts flatter your frame while allowing you to finish your daily tasks. It’s important to establish a routine while working from home, and that includes dressing for success. By upgrading your wardrobe, you’ll feel more productive during your work hours so you can complete your to-do list efficiently.


You may be wondering which men’s shorts in 2020 can help you accomplish your goals while keeping you comfortable—UNIONBAY has got you covered. With cotton and cotton twill cargo products featured on our online catalog, UNIONBAYs best mens shorts are lightweight, comfortable, washable, and durable. Fabrics woven with twill tend to stain, chafe, and wrinkle less, so you can wear these shorts all day and then throw them in the wash without concern.

Length of Men’s Short: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Take stock of your waistline measurements as well as the length you prefer shorts to be before ordering apparel in a specific size. This takes out the guesswork, ensuring you feel comfortable and that nothing fits too loose or tight around your waist, thighs, and knees.

For starters, measure the waist of your favorite pair of shorts from the left end to the right end while everything is buttoned, zipped, and fastened. Next, measure shorts from the waistband to the hemline to see where you want them to end. Do you prefer them to end above the knee, below the knee, or otherwise? Make sure to lay them flat on a surface for best results. Finally, if you want leg openings to fit a certain way, measure openings from one side to the other.

Shop UNIONBAY’s Men’s Summer Shorts

Browse UNIONBAY’s online shorts for men catalog to add sophisticated, comfortable pairs to your wardrobe. Mix and match the best men’s casual shorts in a myriad of colors so you can look and feel your best during summer outings.