We often see advertisements on TV or the internet from major retailers promoting the latest winter fashions for women. But, when it comes to winter looks for men, inspiration isn’t always as readily available. Thus, men are often uncertain about which men’s winter fashion trends to follow.

Thankfully, by following a few simple pointers, guys can find timeless men’s winter fashion essentials that can be worn for multiple years— reducing shopping time and ensuring they get the most bang for their buck.

Here are 8 Essential Men’s Winter Outfits That Stand the Test of Time

Casual Sweater and Sturdy Pair of Mens Pants

During the cold season, it’s important not to compromise function for fashion. Instead, you want to find pieces that combine the best of both worlds. A semi-casual sweater, like the Suncadia Sweater Hoodie from Unionbay, is a fantastic choice when it comes to good winter outfits for guys. The textured knit and button details give this sweater a classic appeal, while the thickness of the fabric provides a greater level of protection from the cold. Complete your look with a pair of weather-resistant pants, like our Luca Slim Twill Utility Pant, for a finished ensemble that is both stylish and practical.

Winter Style Men - Casual Sweater and Sturdy Pair of Pants

 A Long-Sleeve Polo and Quilted Vest

On those days where it’s too cold for just a sweater but not quite frigid enough to require a full parka, a quilted vest is a convenient and fashionable option. Try pairing our Cameron Canvas Quilted Vest with your favorite long-sleeve shirt, a patterned scarf, and a fur-trimmed trapper hat to create one of our preferred winter outfits for men.

 A Collared Shirt and Fleece Hoodie

This is one of our favorite mens casual winter fashion choices. By pairing a fleece hoodie with a button-down shirt, the outfit becomes less “throw on and go” and more “classy comfort”. Try our Turner Zip Fleece Hoodie if you’re looking for a pull-over sweater that’s soft, toasty, and in style.

Winter Looks for Men - Camo Fleece Hoodie

Chelsea Boot and Slim Pants

Chelsea boots are known for the simple, smooth, and classic spin they give to any outfit. When paired with slim-fit pants, they really get their moment to shine, as the cut of the pant allows the shoe to be more visible. You can pair our Rye Slim Twill Utility Pants with your men’s Chelsea’s for a sharp, yet approachable mens winter fashion look. 

A Modest Dress Shoe and Cargo Pants

When it comes to formal male winter outfits, cargo pants for men typically aren’t the first item that comes to mind. But if styled appropriately, these handy britches can be a daring, yet dapper, choice. We recommend coupling our Sebastian Cargo Jogger Pants with a hefty, unassuming boot for a men’s winter fashion ensemble that will turn heads.

A Plaid Shirt Jacket and a Wide Brim Hat

When planning a winter outfit, you should be looking to hit that sweet spot between practicality and photo-worthy. This look achieves both! A plaid shirt jacket is the perfect second layer for added warmth. Throw it on over your favorite long-sleeve for extra insulation and add a wide-brim hat for a modern, sophisticated twist.

Men's Casual Winter Fashion - Plaid Shirt Jacket

A Puffer Vest and Suit Jacket

On exceptionally chilly days, winter outfits for guys require additional layers in order to be functional for everyday life. This is why it’s important to be bold when building your personal men’s winter style guide. Even items you wouldn’t typically consider stacking, like a puffer vest over a suit jacket, can have a contemporary and modish appeal if chosen strategically. Try adding our Elkhorn Quilted Vest over a tweed suit jacket for a realistic, yet debonair ensemble.

A Knitted Sweater and Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an ideal way to add masculinity and mysterious, risk-taker appeal to any outfit. But when worn over a thick, knitted sweater, it becomes the perfect blend of “bad-to-the-bone” and beating the cold. Try wearing our Thorton Textured Hoodies for men under a classic biker jacket, for a look your friends will copy when planning their own men’s winter outfits.

At Unionbay, we know that when developing their winter style, men want to avoid looks that require too much fuss. They want sharp, easy-to-assemble outfits that serve their purpose, and that won’t be considered outdated before they get their money’s worth of wear.

This is why we focus on producing outfits for cold weather that men can afford and enjoy for multiple winter seasons. We want our customers to feel 100% satisfied, knowing they’ve invested in a piece of clothing that won’t fall apart within a few weeks or quickly go out of style.

Browse our online selection of men’s clothing today to find budget-friendly, buildable winter apparel items that will enhance your look.