how to style overalls


Are overalls in style? Absolutely!

Discovering how to wear overalls for a 90s-style look is the next fashion trend to watch this fall. As overalls increase in popularity, they have crossed over from bohemian and artsy to trendy and chic. Now, as you browse through fashion magazines and watch runway shows, you’ll see overalls make an appearance. A wardrobe mainstay of the 1990s, this comfy and casual icon has made a “glow up” comeback. Available in pants, shorts, and dress styles, overalls are incredibly versatile. If you want to capture or remix the look of the 90s, your overall outfit can be dressed down for brunch with girlfriends or glammed up for a dinner date. 

Whether you want to pull together a cute overalls outfit or elevate them for a more sophisticated vibe, your favorite pair can form the centerpiece of many outfits. It all depends upon your overall style! And the best part? Overalls work for various body types, allowing you to celebrate your unique beauty. Wearing overalls can bring a new sense of style and confidence into your life, reflecting your fashion journey.


If you love overalls, these outfit ideas will inspire you, no matter the occasion. Read on for our hot take on how to style overalls. We include tips on styling black overalls, trendy ideas for a denim overall shorts. 


denim overalls outfit

How to Style Classic Denim Overalls

Denim overalls are the most timeless version of this fashion basic. As such, they are the easiest to wear as the base of your outfit. Remember, you need to be careful with your overall style to avoid looking frumpy or off-trend. Below, we’ve outlined some styling tips for styling overalls for all varieties of denim. If you are interested in creatively styling your denim overalls, these outfit ideas are sure to make a statement!  

Straight Leg Overalls

Loose-cut denim overalls like UNIONBAY’s Siouxsie look great with a fitted, black long-sleeved shirt and black loafers for a polished urban look. Or, throw them on with an oversized white tee and stylish trainers for a casual morning of running errands. If you want to channel your feminine side, you can make your overall style a bit more unique with a flowy peasant blouse and pretty sandals.


Skinny Overalls

Knowing how to style overalls, particularly skinny ones, involves a few simple touches. To dress up your skinny overalls outfit, try rolling up the bottom cuffs and strapping on a pair of flirty high-heeled sandals. With a shimmering, fitted top and a chic clutch, you’re ready for a night on the town. If the evening gets cool, add a leather jacket for an urban edge. Another dressy option is to pair your denim dungarees with a pretty button-down silk blouse and ballet flats. Again, you’ll want to roll up the bottom cuffs of your overalls to give them a more trendy shape.


Black Overalls

Denim overalls don’t have to be blue. You may be wondering how to style black overalls for a fresh, hip look. If you need a timeless black overalls outfit for a summer weekend, pair them with a striped t-shirt, sandals, and an oversized, slouchy bag. If you’re not sure what to wear with black overalls to create a streetwear-inspired look, try pairing them with black ankle boots. To elevate your black overalls, explore shirts to wear with overalls that enhance your look. An oversized hoodie or a chunky turtleneck sweater in a neutral tone can add a cozy yet stylish touch.  Stumped about how to wear black overalls for a nighttime look? All you need are some classy heels to heighten the look and a satin or sequined top to catch the light.


White Denim Overalls

White denim overalls are also on trend this year because of their summery, picnic-in-the-park spirit. For a great white dungarees outfit, pair your overalls with a bright, solid-colored tank top and matching canvas sneakers to achieve an eye-catching, forever-young look.

Styling Short Overalls

If overalls are making a comeback, short overalls are leading the charge. When considering how to style overalls, especially short ones, our Helen and Mario women’s shortalls offer a variety of denim shades, from dark to bleached to lavender. You can choose between distress and rip-free overalls that are easy to style and comfortable to wear.

Pair your beach-ready shortalls with sandals, an oversized striped t-shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat for a casual, California-inspired look. You can also dress up your short overalls with a fitted, lacy top, strappy heels, and a tiny clutch for the perfect mix of casual and chic. 

What Tops to Wear with Overalls

The right top can make or break your overall style. Since women’s denim overalls can tend toward the childish or rustic, you want to steer away from frilly tops that are too girly or flannel shirts that are too country. Instead, try to play with extremes, pairing a loose-cut pair of overalls with a fitted top or skinny overalls with an oversized t-shirt or women’s womens sweater. You can also dress up your style with a lace or sequined top beneath distressed denim overalls to create a dinner-date outfit.

T-shirts are the most timeless tops for women to pair with overalls, and striped tees are great for a summer look that is both fresh and fun. Stock your closet with nautical blue-and-white stripes, bold stripes in the season’s colors, or even vertical stripes for a more vintage look. When it comes to how to style overalls, men should stick to classic, fitted tees rather than button-down shirts to avoid looking like a scarecrow.

How to Style an Overalls Dress

Overalls dresses work much like short overalls since most styles, like UNIONBAY’s Mario Throwback Denim Skirtall, stop above the knee. Another summer staple, the overall dress is fun and flirty, both dressed up or down. Try it with a classic t-shirt and spotless white sneakers for a relaxed weekend look, or opt for a button-down blouse and strappy sandals for dinner and a movie. 


Now that you have a range of inspiring overall style ideas for classic denim overalls, short overalls, and overall dresses, browse the choices in UNIONBAY’s women’s collection. Our selection will help you choose the perfect pair to fit your personal look and stay on trend this summer. Shop from a variety of our cute and comfy outfits for summer!