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Yes, it’s possible to look put together and casual at the same time! You also don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Shirt jackets are a trending essential that every man should have in his wardrobe. You may already have the pieces you need to create the shirt jacket style, making it even easier to pull off this look.

Creating a shirt jacket outfit is easy. We’ll show you how it’s done.

What is the Shirt Jacket Style?

Also known as a “shacket,” the shirt jacket style is exactly what it sounds like, a cross between a jacket and a shirt. Typically, the jacket will be lighter than your average winter coat. To achieve this style, you’ll simply leave your jacket unbuttoned with a T-shirt, polo, or any shirt underneath. You can pair this look with many different things, making it unique. 

An ideal shirt for a shirt jacket is typically heavier than a regular shirt but lighter than a jacket. This is to ensure that you’ll still stay warm without wearing a full-fledged jacket.

A shirt jacket look can be achieved in a few different ways. For a lightweight shirt jacket, you can wear a cotton shirt over your underlayer. Denim and suede shirt jackets are also an option, as well as military-style shirt jackets with utility pockets. On colder days, throw on a wool shirt jacket. 

When to Wear a Shirt Jacket Outfit

Wearing a jacket with a dress shirt is the perfect solution for when it’s too hot for a winter coat but too cold for just a T-shirt. The best season to wear your outfit with a shirt jacket is early fall or mid to late spring. When winter rolls around, you can still wear your shirt jacket under your warmer layers. In the summer, add a lightweight jacket to your outfit on chilly or windy nights for extra comfort. 

Where to Wear a Shirt Jacket Outfit

In addition to knowing the best season to wear your shirt jacket outfit, it’s also essential to know where to wear it. This outfit would work well for school—it’s not too formal, but you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed. The T-shirt and jacket look is also suitable for hanging out with friends, especially when you pair them with tech pants or men’s cargo pants. You might be able to wear this outfit at a bar, too, depending on how casual the bar is. 

This outfit might not be suitable for work, depending on your workplace. If you’re not sure, talk to your boss or HR department to see if a shirt jacket outfit is appropriate for your job. When appropriate, try a suede or cotton shirt jacket as opposed to more casual materials (like denim).

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Shirt Jacket Men’s Fashion Ideas

You can pair your shirt jacket outfit with other pieces to complete your look. For example, chinos would look great with a men's shirt jacket outfit. If you don’t have chinos, khakis will also work well with this outfit. 

You can also add a stylish, neutral watch for extra flair. Colors like black and white look good against most other colors, making them safe options for your outfit.

Don’t forget the shades! In the spring, the sun begins to shine a bit brighter, making sunglasses a necessity on some days. Pair them with your shirt jacket to look a bit more suave—especially if your shirt jacket is suede or white.

Jacket With T-Shirt

The easiest way to pull off a shirt jacket outfit is to wear a jacket and T-shirt. This effortless yet stylish look is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy on the eyes. Your T-shirt can be a solid print or include a graphic. The choice is yours. 

T-Shirt and Jacket Look: Classy or Casual?

Shirt jackets can be both classy and casual. How casual your look is will depend on what kind of shirt jacket you’re wearing. Wearing a suede shirt jacket will definitely look classier than denim, which gives off a more casual vibe. Cotton shirt jackets can be either simple or a bit more refined, depending on the shirt. For example, a white cotton shirt jacket will look classier than a red, green, or blue one.

Tips for Wearing a Shirt Jacket Outfit

Shirt jackets are versatile, so there’s no right way to wear them. However, there are a couple of things you can do to create looks that appear thought-out. Here are some tips for wearing a shirt jacket outfit:

Neutral T-Shirt

Wear a neutral colored T-shirt for men (like gray) underneath a jewel-toned shirt jacket for a look that won’t overwhelm or underwhelm. This works especially well with military-style and cotton shirt jackets. 

You can also wear neutral colored T-shirts with other materials. Black T-shirts work well with suede shirt jackets, and white T-shirts work well with denim jackets.

Be Careful With Jeans

In theory, you can wear jeans with your shirt jacket if you’re going for a more casual look. However, this may look a bit too casual and can clash with your colors, depending on what shirt jacket you’re wearing. If you’re going to wear jeans, do so with a neutral-colored shirt jacket. Make sure your jeans fit well and are not too baggy. 

Consider the Weather

Shirt jackets are not as warm as regular jackets, so you’ll want to wear a material that will keep you warm on breezy days. Wool, military-style, denim, and suede may keep you warmer than cotton, depending on how thick the cotton is. Fleece could also work on cold days. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to overheat in your shirt jacket on warm days. Choose a more lightweight material on days without much wind. Cotton will likely be suitable for warm weather.

Know What Color Shirt Jacket to Wear

The best colors for your shirt jacket may depend on the material you’re wearing. Wool looks great in neutral colors, whereas military-style shirt jackets will likely be olive green. Denim comes in blue, gray, or black—experiment with which colors pair best with the shirt you’ll wear under it. Quilted and cotton shirt jackets look good in jewel tones, black, and white. To prepare an ideal outfit with a shirt jacket, browse Pinterest for ideas on what colors might look good together.

Shirt jackets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a casual yet classy look. Perfect for fall and spring, you can wear a shirt jacket for a variety of occasions. 

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