Overalls are a classic style choice that, like almost every other garment ever invented, has gone in and out of fashion and evolved in appearance and design over the years. In fact, overalls have a history that extends back several centuries, believe it or not.

While the most iconic overall style today is easily the denim one popularized by the fashion industry in the late 19th century, the garment has been in America since at least the early 18th century when it was worn by workers and known as “slops.” However, the earliest version of the overall comes from Dungri, India, where their famously durable calico cloth was used in the 17th century to create what would become known as “dungarees.”

Hilary Swank - UNIONBAY Ad (1994)
Hilary Swank in UNIONBAY Ad (1994)


Amazingly, overalls are still part of the style lexicon even after all these years. They’re currently on a hot streak in fashionability, so if you’re interested in taking part in a style moment several centuries in the making, now is the time. And the best part is that overalls make up most of your outfit by themselves, making getting ready and out the door much easier.

However, you'll need to carefully consider one crucial aspect of your overall outfit — footwear.

6 Best Shoes to Wear with Overalls

You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to what shoes to wear with overalls, but you don’t want to just throw anything on. This is an opportunity to elevate your entire outfit through footwear. To help you do that, take a look at this list of the best footwear and overall combinations.


Overalls can have a certain boldness that pairs well with a pair of boots. Whether you’ve got some sleek boots to go with a sleek-fitting style of overalls or some more rugged ones to go with a more rugged style of overalls, it can be a match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong with a stylish work boot

Beyond the aesthetic synergy, the overalls with boots pairing also make sense for their practicality. You might be throwing those dungarees on because fall weather has rolled around, and you’re looking for something a little warmer during outdoor activities. If that’s the case, then a solid pair of boots can be the perfect match, thanks to the added support and protection from the elements they offer.

And although overalls can have a casual feel, that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate them to something a little more fashion-forward with a rolled-up ankle and a nice pair of ankle booties. You may even consider overalls with cowboy boots if the mood suits you.

 UNIONBAY Overall with Boots

High Heels

The versatility of overalls can easily be underestimated, as is the array of shoes that look good with overalls. Try to avoid getting it in your head that your dungarees are only suited to laid-back looks and outdoorsy styles because they can very quickly be glam if matched with the right pair of high heels.

The contrast here is critical and can really make your outfit stand out. There are all kinds of heels to wear with overalls, be it strappy or stiletto, open-toe or pointed, hot pink or black, cow print or leopard. The simplicity of overalls creates a blank canvas that makes the heels stand out without becoming too much.

When it comes to picking which high heels shoes to wear with overalls, you can go just about anywhere. The only keys are to get creative and make sure you roll the ankle up or go with overalls with a capri cut. You want your heels to be the show’s main star, which is a lot harder to do with an overall that covers the ankle.

And if you’re looking for what shoes to wear with wide-leg jumpsuits, the very same high heels you can wear with your overalls are your best bet, which means grabbing a pair (or three) is actually quite the practical spending decision. 


The most versatile shoe of them all makes a fairly obvious pairing with overalls, and it also makes for one of the best. Is there a more classic pairing than denim and sneakers?

You can do so much with this combination that you can hardly go wrong with any pair of sneakers you have or can dream up. A faux fur sneaker is a fun choice that will contrast nicely. All that denim can use some eye-catching elements to contrast your outfit, so don’t be afraid to be bold about colors and patterns.

Low-cut sneakers are some of the best shoes to wear with baggy overalls, but if you’ve got mid or high tops, you’ll probably want to show them off with a more form-fitting pair that can be rolled up at the ankle. And if you do that, your socks become an important element of your look. You can add some extra color or pattern with high socks or keep the sneakers in focus by wearing ankle socks.

UNIONBAY Overalls with Sneakers


Loafers may be your best option if you’re looking for work shoes to wear with overalls. These shoes offer a more business casual look than most other options and are comfortable and easy to slip on. They make an effortless but aesthetically pleasing pairing that you really can’t go wrong with.

Much like with the other styles of shoes that pair well with overalls, the wide range of loafers will generally be a good match for your outfit. If you’ve got some classic penny loafers or even a faux fur moccasin slipper, you have the perfect pair of shoes to wear with overalls.

Regarding colors, neutral-colored loafers with overalls can offer a classic look, and some bright and interestingly colored loafers can give you something a bit funkier. Go wild with it, or keep it classic. It’s your choice.


Perhaps the ultimate laidback style of shoes to wear with overalls is a simple sandal. You can rock strappy sandals or go with platforms or open-toed sandals. There are so many possibilities, and the look will likely be adorable and effortless.

When the warm weather rolls around, this can be your number one footwear option with your favorite overalls. The right pair of sandals can keep you looking beachy and fun while keeping you cool and giving you enough support for your day in the sun.

And if you’re also looking for what shoes to wear with denim jumpsuits, then you’re in luck because the same sandals that will go well with your overalls will most likely go just as well with that jumpsuit.

Overalls with Sandals


So you want all the breezy benefits of a flat sandal, but you’re headed somewhere that demands a bit more dressiness? There’s a simple remedy to that issue, and it’s a nice pair of wedges. These shoes are the middle ground between sandals and high heels, chill and chic, laidback, and formal.

The unique balance between casual and dressy that wedges offer means you can get a lot of mileage from combining them with overalls. You won’t feel out of place wearing that outfit to a friendly backyard gathering or heading out on the town later that evening. Go bold with the colors and materials if that speaks to you because pretty much anything will look great against that denim canvas.


Flats and overalls are a match made in heaven. First of all, let's talk about practicality. Overalls are already a statement piece, so adding fancy high heels might feel like overkill. Flats, on the other hand, bring a casual and comfortable vibe that perfectly complements the overall's laid-back style.

But it's about more than just practicality. Flats and overalls also share a common denominator: versatility. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

And let's not forget about the effortless chic factor. There's something undeniably cool about the combination of relaxed overalls and simple flats. It's like saying, "I didn't even try to look this good, but here I am, slaying the fashion game."

If you’re wearing shortalls, consider a ballet flat for added style and comfort.

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The overall is a classic look that offers an amazing amount of versatility when creating outfits. The array of shoes that match them allows you to get creative, chic, modern, and more while retaining that classic feel.

UNIONBAY can help you put together the perfect overall, shortall, and shoe combination. Take a look at our online store today and start making your statement.

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