skater fashion

Skater culture is becoming more immersed and influential in men’s fashion. Skating has once again captivated the public's interest, as it did in the 1990s and early 2000s. As a result, skaters and designers are now taking notice of each other.

Keeping up with the current skater fashion trends helps guarantee you acquire the proper gear to match the part while shopping for a new outfit. If you are ready to dress like you own the half-pipe, check out our guide to achieving the skater style.

What Is Skater Style?

Skater culture has left an indelible effect on men's fashion today. These concrete rulers have always possessed an inherent sense of urban elegance. Today's most prominent skater fashion men styles are grounded in skate culture, with their huge shapes, durable materials, and hyper-casual appearance. The ‘90s skater subculture look is making a comeback in mainstream fashion.

Skateboarding has always had a tough-guy image that is both protective and anti-authoritarian. Thick twill trousers keep the skin from being shredded by pavement, while a sweatshirt keeps the face hidden from cameras while skating in places you shouldn't. Even if practicality isn't high on most designers' priority lists, the underworld continues to fascinate them.

This implies that some of the most comfortable and long-lasting threads are also the most trendy for the average man. 

You can incorporate essential components of skater outfits into smart-casual ensembles and off-duty uniforms, fashionably adopting the trend without looking like you're trying to recapture your youth in the ‘80’s Skate Punk scene:

  • Choose loose, comfy, and functional styles.
  • On top, wear graphic t-shirts and mens lightweight hoodie.
  • Wear cargo or chino pants or shorts on the bottom.
  • Traditional skate sneakers like Vans or Converse will keep your look basic.
  • Tube socks, a branded cap, and a bag are good additions.

Skater style is no longer restricted to the ramps, and you don't have to be able to ride or own a skateboard to pull it off. But at the very least, you can make it appear as though you know what you're doing.

A Guide to Men's Skater Fashion

The anti-establishment aspect of the hipster skater style is informal and edgy. When it comes to dressing like a skater boy, there is a range of fashion trends and styles to select from:

Go Relaxed

Although skate outfits for guys have been modified for people who will never step foot on a ramp, the secret to sporting this look is to keep your shirts open and your pants relaxed. Skate fashion is still dominated by wide-legged cargos, large sweatshirts, and boxy graphic tees. Mix bulkier skate items with more fitted casualwear for a contemporary twist and a more balanced style. A thick sweatshirt may be worn over cropped trousers, or a fitted shirt can be worn with baggy utility pants.

You Can't Have Too Many Pockets

Today's skater aesthetic combines skateboard culture with the best of hip-hop and utility trends, for a skating look that's both utilitarian and casually stylish. Because of their great durability and numerous practical pockets, cargo and utility pants have long been a skater boy favorite. Choose a loose-fitting shirt and add some useful accessories like a cross-body or chest bag, clunky sneakers, or an industrial belt.

Skater Shorts Offer Comfort and Versatility 

Skate shorts were chosen because they were loose-fitting and long-lasting. Skater hipsters flocked to thick cotton shorts as a result of this. Skate shorts are loose and lengthy, in contrast to modern versions of men's shorts that are fitted and end above the knee. To create this look, look for a long pair of cargo shorts or a pair of chino shorts that finish at your knee.

Graphics are King

The graphic tee is one of the most prominent and long-lasting trends in skater fashion, and it perfectly complements the subculture's emphasis on creativity and uniqueness. Don't be afraid of huge logos in strong fonts, signature fire-flamed colorways, and bright stripes, and choose for a relaxed or looser fit that easily connects streetwear and skatewear — layer under an open overshirt or a loose hoodie as the weather dips.

Choose Footwear With Broad, Flat Soles

Skateboarding shoes are all about function, durability, and figuring out what works best for you. Low-top trainers with a vintage look and flat, broad soles provide the right blend between manly style and athletic support.

For decades, Vans and Converse have been iconic skater outfit guys mainstays. Still, today many athletic brands have paired up with up-and-coming skatewear designers to add new technologies and current colorways to the classic skater silhouette.

Don't Forget Your Hoodie

Hoodies have always been a skate style clothing must-have and an excellent choice for people who wish to check out the skater look without going overboard. They go with a wide range of men’s pants, including jeans, chinos, cargo pants for men, and cropped trousers, and may even be worn under a coat in the winter.

They're also functional and comfy, making them ideal for everyday use. To achieve the appearance, all you have to do is choose a loose, thick style. Consider one with a logo or graphic print on the front for that additional skating touch.

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