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For those who are used to mid-rise or low-rise pants, super high-waisted jeans can be intimidating. But there’s a reason why this style is so well-loved by multiple generations. They create an hourglass figure by showing off that tush and buttoning up the smallest part of the waist. Some high-waisted pant styles are skin-tight for a glam look, while others are loose-fitting for relaxed, everyday wear. Read on for all the ways to style this versatile wardrobe staple!

How to Style Super High-Waisted Pants

From the crotch seam to the waist band, high-rise is considered between 10-12 inches. Where does super high-rise clock in? Right at the top of that range at the 12 inch mark. Here are some ideas and tips for how to style high-waisted jeans or ripped jeans for women.

Wearing Tees with Ultra High-Waisted Jeans

A high-rise flared jean is super cute with a T-shirt tied in a knot at the waistline, exposing a hint of midriff. This look has a casual and laid-back feel, and when paired with a chunky boot and some bangle bracelets, you’ll look like a rockstar.

A tucked-in T-shirt looks great with both skinny high-rise jeans and high-waisted cropped jeans. Whether you rock jeans with a classic zipper or button-fly high-waisted jeans, tucking in the T-shirt makes the whole look appear polished and intentional. Adding a leather jacket gives some structure to a loose-fitting T-shirt. Complete this look with studded earrings and either sneakers or boots.

Distressed, deconstructed, ripped, and/or light wash jeans have a very casual vibe that naturally pairs well with T-shirts. This kind of outfit is perfect for any activity, whether it be running errands or lounging around the house.

Long-Sleeved Shirts with Super High-Waisted Pants

Women’s tops, from button-down flannels to boho flowy tops, pair well with high-rise pants. Tuck in a tank top and leave the flannel unbuttoned with high-rise pants for a cool girl vibe. When wearing a loose-fitting top, it’s best to pair it with high-waist slim-fit jeans.

You may look like you’re drowning in your outfit if you combine wide-leg pants with a loose-fitting top. So go for a tight-fitting long-sleeved henley or turtleneck if you want to wear wide-leg high-rise pants. Wide-leg pants go well with heeled boots and heels.

If you feel confident combining a tight-fitting top with skinny jeans, go for it! With two form-fitting pieces on the top and bottom, you can add a jacket, sweatshirt, or sweater on top. You can take the jacket on and off throughout the day, depending upon what makes you feel most comfortable.

Shoes That Pair Well with High-Waisted 90s Jeans

‘90s jeans are typically straight leg and not stretchy. Some might call them the “vintage mom jean” but boy, are they back in style! Belt them with a gold buckle and pair with ‘90s-inspired women’s shoes like chunky, brightly colored sandals or combat boots.

For a cute grunge look, go for combat boots with your light wash baggy ‘90s jeans. Don’t forget the dark red lipstick, black eyeliner, metallic jewelry, and black tank top! For an everyday look, throw on a hoodie with your straight-leg jeans and sneakers.

Super High-Waisted Pants for Business Casual Looks

If you want a bit more give to your pants, stretchy high-waisted jeans are the way to go. During long meetings, high-rise stretchy jeans will definitely be more comfortable. A stretchy fabric lessens pressure on your midsection. As your weight fluctuates throughout the day, month, and year, stretchy material ensures you’ll be both stylish and comfortable.


Women's high-waist straight leg jeans in a dark wash can be work appropriate. Non-denim women’s pants options are great for the office too, especially in neutrals like brown or black. A skinny pant with a cardigan or blazer, paired with heels, loafers, or flats is a classic office go-to. Remember: avoid hats, chunky jewelry, and clothes that fit too tightly.

How to Style Cropped High-Rise Pants

Cuffed cropped jeans go great with sneakers or sandals. This look is equally perfect for hanging out at home or going out on the town. This comfy outfit goes with hoodies, tank tops, three-quarter length tops, and T-shirts.

For date night, dark wash high-rise cropped jeans can be dressed up with strappy heels or chic sandals. Rock a crop top or any blouse that you feel confident in. For the final touch, add a funky textured purse or cute earrings! 

Common Styling Mistakes with Super High-Waisted Pants

While super high-waisted pants are super trendy, there are some common mistakes when it comes to styling these fashion staples. Avoid these traps when it comes to high-waisted pants.

There is Such a Thing as Too High

If your pants come up almost to your bra line, the rise is too high. Yes, your legs will look long, but you won’t look proportional. But it is okay if the top of the pants reaches the bottom of your rib cage.

Over Accessorizing

When it comes to accessories, less is more — especially if you’re wearing a top with some flair. You're in good shape if you have just one statement piece of jewelry for the eye to gravitate toward. An overpowering scarf, too many bracelets and necklaces, or an extra large hat will clutter the look.

Pleats are Hard to Pull Off

Because pleats make wide-waist jeans look wider, pleated pants need to be paired with a tight-fitting top, like a bodysuit. Pleated pants tend to look dated or like uniform pants. If you’re new to the high-waisted pants game, steer clear!

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