What To Wear To Meet The Parents

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Thanksgiving is one of those special seasons that we wait all year for — it's a day when the entire family comes together, which can be a rare occasion for some. And whether you’re going with your partner to meet their parents for the first time, or just sitting down to eat a family meal with everyone present, you'll want to honor the occasion by bringing the best of your personal style to the table.

Let’s be honest, the holidays can be stressful. And if you and your partner are trying to figure out outfits to meet the parents for the first time, then they can be more than a little nerve-wracking. What to wear to meet the parents? It goes without saying that you'll want to make a good first impression, but that's not always an easy task. Which is why we've compiled the ultimate guide to the best Thanksgiving wear for men.

Want to put together your outfit with ease so that you can just focus on being your charming self? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Comfort First

When it comes to sitting down to eat Thanksgiving dinner, let's be honest — sometimes the focus is on nothing but the food, so no one's really looking at your outfit. If you're headed to a cozy family gathering and need men's thanksgiving outfit ideas, don't stress. Simply pair a comfy pair of jogger mens pants with a classic t-shirt, and you're set! We recommend you avoid wearing white though, because all that cranberry sauce is just a stained shirt waiting to happen.

Want to really lean into the Thanksgiving family-spirit for your meet the parents outfit? Throw on a hoodie and see if anyone's up for a game of catch or a family walk to work off all that turkey. Don't forget to tie together your comfy and practical winter outfit with a pair of winter boots!

Cozy But Stylish

We all know Thanksgiving goes hand-in-hand with cold weather: part of the joy of Thanksgiving is cozying up with loved ones while the weather outside is frightful. There are tons of 2020 Thanksgiving outfit ideas for men that focus on keeping warm and cozy, but to make a great first impression, you'll want to pick something that makes you feel confident and stylish as well.

Slim fitting jeans are a classic fashion choice that look sharp but don't skimp on comfort. This is especially true if you pick a pair of jeans with stretch — which is pretty much essential when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. When you need to find a cozy but chic top, layers are key. You'll probably want a simple long sleeve or t shirt as your bottom layer for optimum comfort, but you can enhance your simple look by adding a stylish focus piece, like a killer jacket or a layered shirt that shows off your personality. 

For keeping warm and cozy with your layers this thanksgiving, try a quilted vest or a flannel plaid shirt. Finish off your look with some thoughtful accessories like a stylish scarf, and elevate the cozy-but-stylish outfit with a polished pair of shoes.

For the Formal Dinner

When it comes to thanksgiving wear for men, sometimes the occasion calls for a little polish. For some families, Thanksgiving is a formal and respectable meal — especially if the whole extended family is gathered. If you're set to meet the parents around this time of year, you'll want to put your best, most put-together fashion foot forward.

The chino is the king of comfortable yet sleek when it comes to pants. Aim for darker colours of pants, as these have a more formal tone. Pair it with a button-down shirt, but don't be afraid to let your personal style shine through with a pattern or your favourite colour. For an even warmer holiday vibe, you can keep the look sophisticated with a pull-over sweater layered over your dress shirt. Shop our selection of men's tops to find the pairing that works for you.

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Ready to meet the parents? Choosing the best first impression outfits will be a piece of cake if you follow these simple tips and tricks to dressing well for Thanksgiving this year. 

But remember, the best way to make a good first impression with your outfit isn't really about what you wear — it's about how awesome you feel in the clothes you picked. So whether your Thanksgiving festivities include tossing around a football and kicking back on the couch, or tucking in your shirt and minding your Ps and Qs, you'll want to pick an outfit that lets you feel like your best self.

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