Denim Lunch Bag DIY Tutorial

Tired of mistaking your lunch bag for someone else’s? Make your own! Our denim designer’s came up with a crafty solution using an old denim pant leg. And it’s easy… We swear.

Materials Needed

Old Denim Pant Leg (& make sure to wash it one last time!)

Children’s Thin Belt



Leather Straps



Heavy Top Stitch Thread

Sewing Machine (optional)

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Materials

1. Cut pant leg (approx. 18″ in length from the bottom).

2. Use chalk to mark 1″ squares in the corners of the pant & then cut.

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 1

3. Turn inside out & use sewing machine (or hand sew) with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 1

4. After the end is sewn, pinch the corners.

5. Pin the corners & sew again to create a “T” shape.

6. Turn inside out, again!DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 3

7. Fold the bottom of the pant leg over (roughly a 4″ fold over).

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 6

 8. Take the leather piece and cut to the length that is needed to fit the belt through the loop.

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 3

9. Use push pin to make holes on each side of the leather loophole.

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Step 4

10.  Use chalk to mark the location for leather loopholes. Then sew down on each side (make sure to sew through just one layer of the denim).

11. Feed belt through the loopholes.

12. Done!

DIY Denim Lunch Bag Done

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