Regardless of the time of year, it's road trip season! Whether you're traveling to the Cape, across the Blue Ridge Mountains, or cruising along the Pacific coast, the wide-open road awaits you. Road trips are all about experiencing the world, deviating from the beaten path, and allowing adventure to lead the way. While road trips are meant to be spontaneous and have a “go with the flow” attitude to them, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. In fact, we recommend planning out your road trip clothing so that you’re sure you have everything you need and can travel in style — no matter what the road may bring. Here are some pointers for what to wear on a road trip, so that you can focus on having fun rather than what to wear.

Tips for Choosing What to Wear on a Road Trip

Put an Emphasis on Comfort

When it comes down to what to wear on a long car ride, these trips typically require spending a significant amount of time in a single seat with little to no legroom. All the more incentive to dress comfortably in your road trip clothes, so you can relax and enjoy the voyage.

Map Out Your Trip

After organizing arrangements and getting all of your plans in place, the next goal is deciding how to dress for your journey. After all, you can only decide on what to wear on a road trip after knowing where you're going and what you'll be doing. For example, if you're going to the beach, make sure to pack your bathing suit and flip-flops. Don’t forget your beanie and cardigans if you're heading to the mountains.

If you don’t know specifically what you’ll be doing on your trip, consider the climate of your destination. You should also keep in mind any rest stops along the journey. If you're going to stop for a walk or a swim in a lake along the way, keep that in mind while packing your wardrobe.

In addition, you may want to have a pair of boots or flip-flops in the rear of the car for convenient access (and a quick way to accessorize your roadtrip clothing) when you arrive at your destination. After all, you never know what adventures await you on your journey! It's also a good idea to calculate how much time you'll spend in the car, which goes hand in hand with knowing where you're going.

You'll want to be appropriately (yet still stylishly) clothed, whether while sightseeing or filling up gas. Here are a few tips for seasonal picks and must-have items for your next road trip.

Spring into Summer Road Trip Outfits

Pack a Tank Top

A tank top is ideal for warm summer days when you want to feel cool while looking hot! A super-comfy tank top makes you feel light and airy, making it the perfect travel companion. You can wear it with a pair of brightly colored jeans or simply some comfy leggings, and you'll be ready to go! You can spruce up your summer trip outfit with a stylish cardigan, which will add just the appropriate amount of charm to your overall ensemble. Check out UNIONBAY’s collection of women's tops to find your perfect fit.

Comfy Trip Outfits for Any Season

Don't Skip the Leggings and Joggers

Leggings and joggers can be the perfect travel companions, especially black leggings, which work with practically any top or sweater. Combine your leggings or joggers with a loose-fitting tank or t-shirt for a casual look, or add a jacket or coat for a striking finish to complete the ensemble. A patterned piece always adds a nice touch to an all-black ensemble. Browse UNIONBAY’s collection of women’s bottoms to find your new favorite pair.

The Ultimate Cute Road Trip Outfits

Overalls and Shortalls

Overalls aren’t just comfy, they’re also simply adorable. Wear the classic straight-leg overalls or go for the cinched waist shortall for some added flair. Additionally, you can pull off an adventurer look by pairing overalls with a cute crossbody purse and some aviator sunglasses! This outfit will ensure that your camera is ready for any stop you make along the road. For a truly adorable road trip outfit, you can’t go wrong with overalls for women.

Fall & Winter Road Trip Outfits

Sweaters and Boots

There's nothing like taking a road trip on your winter break or driving out to see the changing leaves in the fall. Choose a puffy woolen sweater that does the job on chilly days so you can cuddle up and keep warm. Loose and cozy sweaters and cardigans are classic staples that should be in every girl's closet. You can add a splash of color with a vibrant purse or a charming hair clip. To complete the winter road trip look, combine sweaters for women with dark jeans or a pair of leggings.

UNIONBAY: Take to the Roads in Comfort and Style

Road trip season is every season, which means you’ll always have options when choosing what to wear on a road trip. Whether you're embarking on an adventure into the mountains for some downhill skiing or packing up the VW for a trip to the beach, UNIONBAY has the best road trip styles. Browse through the collection today or check out our clearance for the best deals on your new favorite pieces!

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