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Women’s casual jackets never go out of fashion. Plus, they are an essential item for summer evenings when the temperature drops and you want to stay warm without sacrificing your sense of style. Some summer jackets are adaptable enough to be worn across the seasons, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of our favorite must-have casual jackets for women.

7 Casual Jacket Styles Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Versatile, practical, and able to be dressed up or down to suit a range of different looks, you’ll probably want to invest in a few different summer jackets. Women’s ranges for this season include various designs, cuts, and fabrics so you can mix and match to find a suitable option for every occasion.

1. Linen Jacket

This lightweight and breathable material creates an effortlessly casual look, making linen a popular fabric choice for a light summer jacket. Women’s linen coats come in a variety of styles that suit virtually any summer activity, from a relaxed barbeque or restaurant meal to wedding attire. Cute buttons, tailored pockets, and smocked hem waists are just a few of the design features that can add an element of flair and panache to your look.

2. Leather Jacket

Every woman should own a leather jacket. Fact! A well-chosen leather number helps you ooze confidence and glamour, but when paired with the right outfit combinations, it can also serve as a standard black casual jacket. Women’s fashion lines have been promoting leather jackets since the ’70s, so it’s unlikely this iconic trend will be going anywhere anytime soon. Just as well, because leather is so durable that one purchase will likely last you several years.

3. Denim Jacket

Practical to wear throughout the year as a casual jacket, women’s denim designs typically feature two vertical pockets on the front for small items and a couple of side pockets for your hands. Epitomized by smart stitching and chunky brass buttons, the beauty of a denim jacket lies in its comfort and durability while still remaining relatively lightweight. Denim never wrinkles, and it’s possible to customize your look by rolling up the sleeves on warm summer days.

4. Hoody Jacket

The ultimate casual jacket for a woman, trendy zippered hoodies are a staple in wardrobes across the land. Styles range from slouchy fits that are super comfortable over a pair of jeans or joggers to funky cropped designs that can be paired with leggings or high-waisted jeans for a more edgy look. Whether you’re headed out for a walk, a light jog, or just a trip to the store, nothing beats the coziness or casual feel of a hooded jacket.

5. Utility Jacket

A year-round favorite and one of the most practical of women’s casual jackets, utility styles offer the same fashionable yet functional feel as your favorite pair of cargo pants. Utility jackets feature a relaxed fit, and most have pockets where you can keep essential items like cash, keys, and lip balm. Some even have pockets big enough for your phone and wallet if you decide to ditch your handbag and go hands-free. Made from high-quality and durable fabrics, this is the perfect summer jacket for women on the go.

6. Waterproof Jacket

An essential item for any practical and casual woman, jackets that keep you dry on showery days are a vital component of any wardrobe, no matter the season. A waterproof jacket doesn’t need to keep you warm, just dry. As such, summer raincoats are typically thin, adaptable to most of your outfits, and can be worn throughout spring and fall too. Waterproofs have a reputation for being a little frumpy, but that needn’t be the case. Design options include classic trench coats, mackintoshes, parkas, and old-school anoraks, so there is something to suit every look and occasion. 

7. Long Coat

Women’s casual jackets don’t have to be short. In fact, there’s something to be said for longer styles that can serve many purposes in your summer wardrobe while also providing a little extra protection from the elements on cooler or windy days. We’re not suggesting anything too thick, insulated, or formal. Just a lightweight, tailored number that you can pair with solid or ripped jeans for women, shorts for women, or any other outfit you see fit. If you want to make a fashion statement in your long coat, try switching things up with a pop of color or experimenting with an alternative style like an oversized shirt jacket.


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