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Top Trends in Women's Jean Shorts

Denim shorts are a summer classic that works from morning until evening, taking you from sunny days at the beach to lazy warm-weather dinners outdoors. Jeans are comfy and versatile, and when the weather gets hot, you can trade your favorite pair for a shorter version.

If you don't already have at least one pair of women's jean shorts in your closet, now is the perfect time to go shopping! With so many different styles available, you can get a few pairs and have a different look every single day. Let's look at some of the top trends in jean shorts to help you find the best styles for you.

Jeans Shorts Trends for Women

Although jean shorts for women never go out of style, there are always different trends that give this classic a new twist. Some of the best trends in women's denim shorts might already be in your wardrobe. If not, check out this list and see which ones you want to add this year!

Short Jean Shorts

Short jean shorts make for a trend that has a lot of staying power in the world of women's jean shorts. In fact, this style is so popular that it might be one of the most common you'll find when shopping. This length is perfect for shorter women because it tends to give the legs a longer appearance. Short shorts generally have an inseam of around 1.5 inches. They often come in the form of cut-off denim shorts, with fringe hanging from the bottom to give them a more lived-in look.

Mid-Length Shorts

Next on the list in terms of length are mid-rise shorts, which generally have an inseam of about 3.5 to 5 inches. This length tends to be universally flattering because it is neither too short nor too long. If you're in doubt, this is a good length to start with.

Long Jean Shorts and Skimmers

Long jean shorts, sometimes called skimmers, are a fun look. When it comes to women's jean shorts, they are definitely in a category of their very own. They can be rolled up for a shorter look or kept long. These are perfect for wading along the shore!

Distressed Denim

Distressed denim is a great look, especially with ripped jean shorts. "Distressed" means the jeans have been treated to seem like vintage denim or your favorite cozy pair of well-worn jeans. They are super comfy and go with a wide variety of tops.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans, also known as high-waisted or high rise jeans, are perfect if you like your waistline to fall slightly below your rib cage. They generally have a 10.5-inch front rise and sit about 3 inches above your belly button. This is a cool trend to try out in women's jean shorts because it has come back in style in a big way recently. It can also be very flattering because it tends to balance out your hips and elongate your legs.

White Denim

White denim is a perfect summer choice in jean shorts for women because it has such a clean and crisp look. White and light-colored denim are good choices for warm weather because they absorb less heat from the sun, so they'll keep you cool all day long. White denim is also a bit dressier than typical blue jean shorts. Try white denim shorts if you’ve never dared to go for a full-length pair of white jeans. You'll probably end up loving them.

Rompers or Shortalls

Rompers do double duty because they're like a short version of overalls, or shortalls. All you have to do is pair them with a cute shirt underneath, and you've got yourself a complete outfit all ready to go. An interesting look with these jean shorts, especially on the beach, is to pair rompers with a crop top or throw on a pair over your bathing suit. Keep a pair of rompers in your beach bag, and you'll always have the perfect lightweight cover-up.

Denim Bike Shorts

Bike shorts look amazing in denim. They have a long 8-inch inseam and are usually slim-fitting like a typical bike short. Oftentimes you'll see this style with a raw edge, giving it that "I just cut off my favorite pair of jeans" feel. These women's jean shorts look fabulous with a pair of summer flats or sandals.

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